Chapter 6

"The day has come" Ron thought. Ron was in the kitchen when he heard a knock at the door. "Harry" Ron said, "your early." " Yeah I know, I thought I could help with some things before we head out on our little adventure" Harry said extremely happy. Ron took notice and gave Harry a kiss. The twins saw this and said " Now you boys don't get started with out us." Harry and Ron blushed for a few seconds and then went about getting ready for the "picnic." So while the four of them were heading out to the forest, Harry asked a very stupid question, " Don't you think we should get condoms?" The twins and Ron laughed. " What?" asked Harry confused. " We don't need condoms, all we do is cast a spell for that, plus were guys its not like we can get pregnant" Ron said laughing and trying to make a joke out of it. Harry just got embarrassed and blushed. So on the way there they talked about what they would like to do. Ron said " The whole orgy thing sounds great to me". " Well I am still a virgin" Harry said, " I want to start slow and then get rough". The three brothers were every shocked to hear that Harry Potter the famous Harry Potter was still a virgin. They thought by now, since all the girls loved him that he wouldn't be. Then they thought oh yeah he's gay no wonder. So after walking for a half hour they got to the spot. But little did they know that right behind them was Draco. Draco had been behind them from the time they left their house. He heard every word they said. The thing they didn't know that he has a real treat for them.

After they had lunch and everything they took off their clothes. The all saw one another naked and got aroused by this. Ron the most since this was his first time seeing Harry naked. The twins even were aroused, just because of the fact that Harrys dick was bigger then all of theirs ( and theirs are pretty big too). Harry again blushed but was happy at the same time to know that he was bigger and that he was about to lose his virginity to the one he loved, Ron. Ron got on the blank and got on his hands and knees, George did the same thing. Harry slid himself into Ron, Ron groaned at this but was extremely pleased. Harry went in and out in and out of Ron, Harry was going to fast that he made Ron yelp and scream at the same time. Ron thought " this has to be the best organism I have ever had". Harry was thinking "oh my god this feels so dam good". And at the same time he was moaning and groaning too. George and Fred were going at the same thing Harry and Ron were but I don't think they were having as much fun as Harry and Ron were. Fred finally said " How about giving us a turn with Harry?" As much as Ron didn't want to let Harry go he agreed and let Fred and George have a go. The twins both loved riding Harry's huge dick. They kept at this rooting for about 4 hours before they decided to go home. As they were getting dressed and walking back home they told each other how they must come here again and have a massive orgy. They brought up the question " Do we want any one else in this?" They all looked at each other and said hell no. So when they got home, no one was there. So they decided to make some dinner because it was like 7 when they got home. So as the twins are preparing dinner, Harry and Ron went into the family area. They saw that the TV was on and there's a video type in and its of the four of them going at it early today. Harry and Ron were so shocked they could not move. When the twins walked in they too were just as shocked. All at the same time realizing that any one could come home at any minute and see this they dove for the eject bottom on the TV. As soon as they got it out they ran the tape up stairs and threw it under Ron's bed. Then they all came down and wondered who the hell videotaped that. And why they would and why they would leave it in their house on. They also wondered if thats why everyone was gone, to go look for them and see what was really going on. To shocked to eat they all just sat there wondering and thinking what else dose this person know. And who the hell is it! What are they going to do with the tape? Are they going to black mail us? And who would do this? All these questions ran through theirs minds. So they sat and waited for some one to come home to figure out what they were doing and if they saw anything. Also waiting to see if the person who video taped this was going to show.

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