Writer's Notes.

Terror Firma was my first attempt at fan fiction. At the time, I believe it was unique in that it was written in '94 and set in '95. (Had the publishers taken up the option, they could have released the book on the Leap day, to much publicity!)

I discovered "Quantum Leap" rather late, and had only just become hooked on the series when I heard it had been cancelled.

Then my two asthmatic children developed whooping cough, so for six months I was having to get up every twenty minutes or so to sit one or other of them up to help them breathe. After a couple of weeks, I tired of lying awake listening for their wheezes and wishing I could sleep, and turned instead to more productive thoughts.

So I began thinking about the Leaps I would like to see Sam do that hadn't been in the series (Though at that time I had by no means seen all the episodes). Pretty soon, the plot for Terror Firma began to form in my brain.

I started jotting down odd notes in the night, or creating scenes in my head, and writing them up in odd minutes the following day.

At the end of six months, it was finished and typed up on my computer – which at the time was an old Acorn Archimedes using Pendown Plus.

It was written initially purely for my own amusement, but I showed it to my mother as she was also a QL fan.

She told me to send it to the publishers, but I accused her of bias in her praise and hesitated. She told me the worst they could do was tell me it was rubbish, or more likely ignore it altogether, and in the end persuaded me to submit it.

At the time, the 'official' stories were still being published at the rate of three a year. I submitted TF to Boxtree, the British publishers, and as I suspected, got it back three weeks later unread.

However, on the positive side, they sent me what were then the two next books in the series, a month before publication, so I got them free and I got them first. The submission of "Terror Firma" was worth it for that alone.

They explained that as the series was American, all copyright was held by the US publishers, Berkeley, and I would have to submit my story to Ginjer Buchanan there.

I did this, and got a very positive letter in return (see below).

This letter inspired me to forge ahead and write "Run for their Lives" the third story in what was originally planned as a trilogy. The second "High Hopes" was only recently finished – in time to present it to Dean Stockwell on May 1st when I met him.

The series has grown, and will now be a total of five stories, which follow an arc, set almost at the end of season 5, just pre 'Mirror Image'.

Part Four is called "Snake in the Grass" and will shock Sam fans to the core! Due to the adult themes it deals with, it is posted on AO3.

The final story is– "M.E., myself and Sam" and is also posted over at AO3 due to the nature of the content.