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"Yeah Yugi. I am ready. I am on my way. Okay. See ya." Tea turned her phone off and walked out of the apartment, towards Yugi's house.

He was having a simple party. Not a lot of people were invited, just Tea, Joey, Tristan, Bakura, Duke and the Kaiba brothers. Tea was late and so Yugi had called to make sure she was okay. Everyone was already there. She glanced at her watch and started running.

'Shit, I am so late.' She thought. 'I better take the shortcut'. She took a quick turn into an ally. It was pretty dark but she had been there before. She knew where to go so she wasn't worried. Suddenly, she bumped into something, or someone. It was an old man, holding a weird looking stick. He fell back and so did Tea. She quickly got up and went to the man. He hadn't gotten up.

"I am so sorry mister. I was in a hurry. Please forgive me." She said as she walked towards the man and picked up his stick that had fallen on the ground. He didn't move. Tea got worried. What if he was hurt or unconscious? She hadn't hit him that hard. But he was very old.

"Um, hello. Are you okay? Can you at least give me a sign?" She shook him a bit but got no response. She sighed in frustration. The man's face was hidden in his cloak. She eyed his stick. It had a weird snake like shape with a ball resting on a fang at the top. It was impressively made. She rubbed the ball gently since it had gotten some dirt on it. Suddenly, smoke appeared in the ball. The smoke swirled. Tea looked closely at it. There seemed to be something in there. The next thing she knew, the smoke was engulfing her. She wanted to get up and run but her head was spinning like a roller coaster. Then everything went black. The alley was quiet, just like the night. The sound of a body falling with a light thud pierced the calmness, but no one heard it.

Sesshomaru was walking through a forest, Jaken and Rin close behind. Rin, as usual was her cheery self, playing with the leaves and jumping once every five minutes. Jaken was yapping out of control about how Rin was bothersome. Sesshomaru, as usual, was ignoring them and walking. He spotted something on the ground ahead. His senses indicated that it wasn't a demon. He couldn't smell human blood coming from it either. Rin spotted it as well and ran towards it. She squealed in excitement. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes. 'It better not be some animal that Rin wants as a pet', he thought. Rin was waving at him to come forward.

"Lord Sesshomaru, hurry up. See what is it." Rin said excitedly. He walked closer and was surprised at what he found. It was a body, a girl specifically. Sesshomaru bent down next to Rin to examine her.

The girl had pale creamy skin. She was wearing a weird dress, similar to what inuyasha's girl wore, but still different. It was blue, made of wooly material. It was sleeveless, with a high neck. She was wearing a small cloth under that, which had pockets. It was made of a very thick and strong material, black. (She is wearing a blue sleeveless turtleneck sweater and a black jeans skirt.) She had shoulder length, chocolate brown hair.

'Weird', he thought. He had never seen a human with this colored hair. Every human he had ever come across had black hair and black eyes. All the women also had very long hair. In feudal era, cutting hair was a sign of rebellion, and women who cut their hair weren't respected at all. Rin shook the girl a bit, hoping to wake her up. She succeeded. The girl groaned a bit and opened her eyes. Sesshomaru gasped. She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. They were an exceptional shade of blue. He had never seen a human or demon with that color of eyes before.

'What and who is she?' He thought still staring into her eyes.

Tea felt like someone was shaking her. She slowly opened her eyes, only to stare into calm yellow eyes. 'Am I dreaming? Only cats and dogs have yellow eyes.' she thought. She moved her eyes to stare at the person's face. It was the most handsome face she had ever seen. He had some weird marks on his cheeks.

'Maybe it's the fashion here', she thought. 'Where is here? I better ask him.'

"Hi." She said. He didn't respond. His face was expressionless, kind of like Seto Kaiba's.

"Hi". His mouth didn't open but the sound came. A girly voice.

'It can't be him.' Tea thought, and predictably it wasn't. A small girl with black hair was smiling at Tea. Tea smiled back and decided to talk to her.

"Hi. Can you tell me where am I?" Tea asked her. The girl made a very cute face as if confused. Then a very masculine voice spoke, his no doubt.

"Who are you?" He asked. Tea frowned.

"What, no hello, no how are you?" Tea asked, annoyed. His expression still remained the same. Tea sighed and continued. "My name is Tea and I am from domino. What is your name?"

"Don't talk to lord Sesshomaru like that you imbecile." A voice came and a frog like creature holding a stick appeared. Tea screamed and kicked it a good 5 feet away. The small girl giggled like crazy. The man spoke.

"Jaken, stay out of this."

'He knows the creature?' Tea thought.

"I take that your name is Sesshomaru and you are some kind of lord." Tea said.

"He is the demon lord." The small girl said. Tea nearly fainted. Demon lord. DEMON.

'You have to be kidding me', she thought. The girl continued.

"My name is Rin." She said with a wide, childish smile.

"Rin, it's a very nice name." Tea smiled at the child. Then she turned to Sesshomaru.

"Are you really a demon?" She asked him. He didn't answer; only stared with emotionless eyes.

"How did you get here?" He asked her. Tea felt like kicking him but didn't.

"I was going to my friend's party and bumped into an old man. He had this weird looking stick with a ball in a fang." She replied.

"A fang?" He questioned.

"Yes. I picked it up to give it to him. It was dirty so I rubbed it to clean it. The next thing I knew, smoke was coming out and I was falling unconscious. When I opened my eyes again, I was here." She said. He got up and stood fully. Tea stood as well. She marveled at him. He was tall, probably as tall as Seto Kaiba, if not taller. She only reached up to the top of his chest. He had long white hair. He was wearing weird looking clothes. They looked like some kind of ancient Japanese outfit she had seen in a museum. He started walking.

"Hey, where are you going?" She yelled after him.

"Lord Sesshomaru, can she come with us?" Rin asked him.

"No way. You are enough trouble already." Jaken said, irritated at having been abused and ignored.

"She can come if she wants." Sesshomaru said and Jaken mumbled something under his breath.

"Come Tea. Come with us. Lord Sesshomaru can protect you." Rin said excitedly.

"Protect me? From what?" Tea asked, confused.

"There are some very big and mean demons here. They kill humans. They killed me but lord Sesshomaru saved me." Rin told her and Tea was confused. If the girl already died, how could he have saved her? Maybe she almost died. That would make sense.

"Okay. But no more attitude." Tea said and followed him.

Sesshomaru frowned. This girl had serious attitude problems and she had the nerve to accuse him of it. If only she knew what he was capable of, she would be cowering in fear. But there was something about her that intrigued Sesshomaru. She had courage. Even after she found out he was a demon, she wasn't scared. Maybe she thought he was the nice one. Boy, how wrong was she. But she was very beautiful. He, the demon lord had never been attracted to anyone before. Hell, he never even paid attention to anyone, but this girl had the most beautiful features he had seen, especially her eyes. It wouldn't hurt to have her around.

Tea's legs were killing her. They had been walking the whole day. She had never walked this much since the virtual world. The little girl Rin was more tired then her. Jaken and Sesshomaru, on the other hand were walking as if they weren't tired at all. Suddenly Sesshomaru stopped. He looked ahead, as if something was there. Tea couldn't see anything. Jaken looked scared. He ran back to them and spoke in an urgent tone.

"Run. There is a demon ahead." Rin followed him and so did Tea. But she was curious so she turned around to see what and who the demon was. A big, ugly three-headed monster came out of the woods. Tea was shocked and scared as she stared at it. It was as big as a mountain. It roared and stood in front of Sesshomaru, who just stood calmly, as if he was standing on a beach. The monster opened its three mouth and formed a fireball. It fired it at sesshomaru, who still didn't move. Tea screamed at him to move but he stood motionless. Just as the blast was about to hit him, he jumped away at the speed of light. Before Tea could blink, he had sliced the three heads of the monster with his claws. He landed on the ground gracefully, his hair flying behind him, looking perfect. He turned around to look at them.

"We will stop soon." Sesshomaru said. Suddenly, a two headed dragon-horse hybrid came out of the woods. Rin ran towards it to hug it. Then she sat on it and motioned to Tea to do the same. Tea was hesitant but sat on it. Rin tugged its reigns, and it flew in air. Jaken was also sitting on it. Sesshomaru was flying besides them to Tea's amazement.

They landed in a clear forest, covered with grass. Tea looked at Sesshomaru as if asking, am I going to sleep here? Rin immediately fell on the ground, exhausted from the day's walk, and so did Jaken. Sesshomaru went to lie besides Rin. He had this big mass of fur on his arm. He put that under Rin's and his heads. Tea picked a spot, a few feet away from them and put her head on her arm. Sleeping on ground was so different then on a bed. Unknown to her, Sesshomaru was staring at her. He closed his eyes and slowly extended the fur (I am sorry, I forgot what it's called. You can review and tell me if u knows.) so one more person could put their head on it. He then said.

"You will be safer here, near us." Tea turned around to look at him, but her wasn't looking at her. His eyes were closed as well. She stared at the weird group for a few more seconds before scooting closer to them and lying her head on the impossibly soft fur. The day's tiredness began to manifest itself and she felt sleep come. In no time, she was in a deep sleep, finally free of the confusion and worry that had clouded her mind the entire day.


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