Chapter 1:

Anthony DiNozzo came rushing out of the elevators and into the bullpen. He was late. Again.

"Late again, Tony?" Kate snickered as he rushed by her and to his own desk, crashing down into his chair.

"Only with twenty minutes. Is he here yet?" Tony asked as he looked around nervously.

"You are late, DiNozzo! Again." Gibbs said appearing from nowhere and walked over to his own desk. He sat down staring at Tony with hard eyes.

"I'm really sorry boss..." Tony tried but he knew that he was in big trouble, Gibbs was pissed. The last three weeks they had been working on a case that involved a series of break ins at a Naval living compound, the two last had ended with two murders. So you could say that Gibbs was really pissed or that he is really pissed.

"I don't want to hear it, Tony!" Gibbs almost yelled as he slammed his hand on the desk making both Kate and Tony jump. Gibbs took a deep breath trying to calm himself down, but his frustration and anger about the case couldn't be kept down any longer. And Tony's late arrival only made it worse.

Gibbs looked at the younger agent, who looked at him with fear in his eyes. "If you keep this up I don't know what to do."

"It won't happen again, boss." Tony stuttered.

"I hope not." Gibbs couldn't keep his frustration and disappointment out of his voice as he spoke to Tony. "You are not welcome back, if you start slipping."

Tony dropped his head, but Gibbs saw the hurt and utterly sad look that crossed the younger man's face. He felt a wave of guilt for a second but then he got mad at himself for thinking that and at Tony for putting him in this situation.

The rest of the day was filled of with phone calls, clue hunting and paperwork. They couldn't find anything to help them finding the burgler and that made Gibbs even more angrier. He felt Tony's eyes on him several times and the younger agent even brought him coffee, but Gibbs completely ignored him, not saying a word.

When the day ended, Tony quickly gathered up his things and walked out of the office, keeping his head down not looking or talking to anyone.

Kate cast a long glance after him before she gathered her things. She was just about to leaven when she turned to Gibbs with cold eyes and said:

"Sometimes I think that both your "B"s stands for bastard." And with that she left.

Gibbs felt the guilt washing thru him. She was right, he had taken it to far today. He had to talk to Tony tomorrow.


The next morning Tony was on time, also bringing coffee to Kate, Gibbs and McGee. He hadn't got much sleep, his thoughts swirling around his head. The most about what Gibbs had said and how angry he had been at Tony.

He left Gibbs' coffee on the boss' desk and then sat down at his own making small talk with Kate and McGee.

When Gibbs came walking thru the bullpen Tony turned his eyes towards his computer, not looking up at his boss.

Gibbs walked over to his desk, smiled inwards when he saw the coffee and he turned to Tony. Who still kept his eyes down and Gibbs was just about to walk over so they could talk, when his phone rang. He hauled it up, his eyes still on Tony.

"Gibbs. Aha. Alright. We'll be there." He closed his phone and looked at his team. "We have another break in. Grab your gear."


They had to park the truck on the street a couple of meters from the house, the driveway were full of MP: jeeps.

"Special Agent Gibbs." Gibbs said holding up his badge to an MP who walked up to them. "What happened?"

The MP introduced himself and started to fill them in on what had happened. The family was out of town and the maid had been out shopping, when she came back she had seen an unknown man walk into the house.

She had heard about the break ins so she called the MP:s which phone NCIS on their way over there. It had taken the MP:s five minutes to get to the house, fifteen for Gibbs and his team. The MP:s had searched the house, finding nothing but a broken front door and and a trashed bedroom.

"DiNozzo, you start in the house! Kate, talk to the witness! McGee, outside with me!" Gibbs barked out orders to his team before turning to the MP and started to push for more information.

Tony sighed as he grabbed his gear and walked towards the house. It was a two storied building with a pretty big lawn and white picket fence. He flashed his badge to the two MP:s standing outside the house and then walked up the little outside stair before entering the house.

He watched his steps carefully, so he wouldn't destroy any evidence. He looked around, it was a nice house with a homey feeling and the walls had pictures of the family and kids. "Thank God, that no one was home." he thought as he walked upstairs.

Tony walked into the master bedroom and started to take pictures of the thrashed room. He thought he heard a noise from one of the children's room, so he walked across the hall into the room. He was just about to open the closet door when his cell started to ring, scaring him half to death. Tony turned around and walked slowly out of the room as he fished up his cell. He was just about to answer it when something hit him in the back.


Kate walked up to Gibbs with her notebook in her hands.

"The witness only saw the burgler from a distance, so she couldn't id him." Kate said. "She could only verify that the guy was pretty big. Did the MP:s find anything?"

"No, nothing." Gibbs said. "Five minutes and they didn't see the guy at all."

"That's strange, five minutes isn't a long time." Kate said frowning. "The witness didn't see him leave the house and the MP:s didn't see anything. Something is wrong."

McGee walked up to them before Gibbs could say anything, he had his cell to his ear and he was talking to Abby. He hung up with a puzzled look.

"That was Abby, she tried to call Tony just now. Something about a perfume and underwear..."

"McGee.." Gibbs growled.

"Oh, ahm. He didn't answer."

Gibbs and Kate looked at each other, Tony always had his cell with him and he always answered, even if his was in the bathroom.

McGee watched as they both looked at each other for like two seconds before something glimmed in both Kate and Gibbs eyes. Then they broke into a run towards the house, Kate yelling Tony's name. McGee followed them.


Tony felt something connect with his back then pain lashed thru his whole body and the impact made him stumbled forward into a wall. He lost the grip on his cell and it flew down the hallway.

He heard someone walking up behind him, he turned around and was faced with a man all dressed in black. "Ah, great." Tony thought as the man walked towards him, the man was taller and almost twice as wide as Tony and he carried a bat in his hands.

The man smiled before he swung the bat towards Tony, hitting the wall where Tony's head should have been. Tony ducked and pushed himself forward towards the man. He rushed the man backwards with all his strength so the man hit the wall and the impact made him drop the bat.

They looked at each other for a second before the real fight begun, the man's fist connected with Tony's cheekbone, making his head snap back. Tony fought back, his fists hitting the man's face and hard body.

They hammered each other with kicks and blows, unconsciously moving down the hallway and towards the stairs.


Gibbs and Kate ran towards the house, up the small steps and into the house. It only took them a minute or so to get there but it felt like an hour for both of them.

They paused before walking into the hallway, they heard sounds from a fight inside the house. Gibbs nodded to Kate before they slowly made their way into the house with guns in their hands.

Both looked around and as they reached the stairs inside, time stopped and everything happened both fast and in slow motion.

As Kate looked up, she saw Tony's back moving towards the stairs and she heard her own voice yelling: "Tony". She saw as in slow motion how Tony stumbled and then tumbled down the stairs. The thoughts in her head race in 80 miles per hour, but her feet was glued to the floor and she thought that she heard bones breaking every time a body hit the steps and then suddenly it was over.

Gibbs looked up the stairs, he saw Tony's back and then he heard Kate yelling something. Before he could react, he saw Tony's foot stepping out into thin air not finding something solid and then they tumbled down the stairs.

It all happened very fast, but in Gibbs head only one word formed: NO!


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