By animeninjaNIPPON

Well, this is kind of a "sequel" to We Could Have Been Friends, cuz it doesn't really fit as a second chapter. –TiKadie- asked what happened to Gir, and that got me to thinking, "Hmm…" Anyhoo, this is the story of Gir's reaction to discovering the bodies of Dib and Zim on the floor. I tried to keep it as IC as possible, but as I often say, I'm not Jhonen Vasquez, blah blah blah.

Gir sat on the couch watching "The Angry Monkey Show" with his current favorite rubber piggy. As he bit into a POOP bar, he was struck with the random impulse to go play with the machines in his Master's work area (an idea that Zim would not be happy about). So he snatched up his piggy and ran squealing to the depths of the base.

"Come on, piggy! We're gonna FLY on the doomsday thingy!"

He and the piggy rode in the elevator shoot that led to the underground base. When they reached their destination, Gir spied Dib and another unidentified figure lying in a huge pool of two-toned blood. Oblivious to how serious Dib's condition was, Gir tossed the piggy aside in favor of running up to where the human boy lay. "Hi, Mr. Big Head!"

Upon closer inspection, the second body on the wet, semi-sticky floor was revealed to be Zim's. "Master! What's that stuff comin' out of your HEAD?"

Zim didn't respond. Not even so much as the shake of a fist.

"Whatcha DOOOING?" Gir asked, breaking into a moronic grin. Both Zim and Dib remained silent, with the former's black-gloved hand resting upon the latter's red-streaked pale one.

"Why won't you talk to me?" Still in a playful mindset, Gir stomped over to the two bodies and latched onto Zim's wounded head, the substance beneath giving a little splatter. "Are you mad at meeeeeee?"

Again, Gir was ignored, and he began to grow curious as to why – that infantile curiosity that just won't cease until all is right within one's own personal world. He slowly slid off his Master's head and landed in the still-moist pile of Irken blood on the side.

"Master? Are you sleeping?" He had an unusually serious look in his sky blue eyes as he got up, one side of his body coated with blood. He prodded Zim a few times before going over to Dib to see if the human would move. On his way to the other end of the pile of casualties, he tripped over a laser gun. He fell flat on his metal face, but had just enough time to see the gun go off and hit the already-dead Dib in the leg.

Suddenly, it all made sense to Gir. Normally things didn't make that much sense to him, but now he knew why they weren't moving.

A long time ago, Zim had shown him what a laser gun did. He had also seen them being used on TV, but at those times he laughed when people and objects fell over lifeless and destroyed. Now he grasped the concept of death – Master and Big Head were not going to get up again.

As Gir knelt down between the two of them, a single synthetic tear rolled down his silver cheek.

The End