Homecoming:(Joe Lombardo was the character who had the girlfriend Linda that jimmy cheatd with on Brooke. He was hurt at the end of the episode Honor also. I am bringing him back to the 55 and also well Bosco's half sister Lauren who is an arson investigator and will be Joe's partner)

Joe Lombardo parked in what was once familiar territory . The corner of King and Arthur also known as Camelot to the firefighters and police officers who worked here. He almost felt nervous about going into the building again. But he inhaled slowly and opened the front door. Hmm same old well worn staircase . he had planned to strip and sand that down with Jimmy Doherty at one time. Seemed like ages ago now. He went up the stairs slowly and into the kitchen area. He stood there a moment and then said "Hey guys." DK said" Well Joe how are you brother?" He said"Good DK real good, now that well i'm working here again." The guys looked at him in surprise. "Lieu didn't tell us you were coming back ." Billy said "Guess that Johnson wanted to surprise us." His boss walked into the room then. "Yes i did ." "And i see that it worked just fine." Jimmy said" Well having an old friend back is always a good thing ."

Joe said" So Lieu where is my office?" Johnson replied "Upstairs on the left second one in." "And by the way you have a partner for your arson investigator job." "Lauren Boscorelli is her name." "And yes she's his half sister but they don't speak much." Joe nodded. "Ok i was glad downtown let me transfer out of the 61 and come back here." "And now if you all will excuse me i want to get settled in and then we can catch up later." The guys nodded. There was one more chorus of Welcome Back Joe as he went upstairs. He spotted Johnsons office first and then what would be his . He noticed a very attractive brunette with green eyes in there hooking up a computer system . He said" Hi i'm Joe Lombardo and your well new partner." She replied "Lauren Boscorelli, pleasure to meet you." There was a black lab sleeping in the corner of the room also. "Oh that's Gino , toss him his rubber fire hydrant and you have a firne dfor life." Joe smiled. "I will and i have a chocolate lab at home myself named Nico." "He's just a pet not arson trained." Lauren said" Well they are great dogs." Joe got his own equipment set up and turned on the stereo he had brought with him softly. So far so good it seemed for the new start.