The future (I know there aren't female FDNY captains in the real department but its my story and I liked Alex Taylor a lot so I made her the boss. Actually she's married to Billy Walsh here too but uses her old last name for the department purposes.)

Many years later: A muscular young Italian 20 year old walked up to Squad 55 and looked at the faded red door. This was it, the place he grew up in and his dad and moms old firehouse where they fell in love all those years ago. And now Damian was going to continue the Lombardo name with the fire department for the next few years he hoped. He couldn't believe he'd been assigned here where his dad had been.

He opened the door and walked inside. A husky mix dog greeted him with a lick of one of his hands then. He smiled and rubbed the dogs chin. " Hey boy , have a Milk Bone." He pulled one out of his pocket. Then a curvy brunette in a paramedic uniform came down the stairs. "So you've met Bull then?"

Damian said " Yeah though he's a pretty gentle one."

She chuckled. "It's short for Bullwinkle, Cap is a fan of the cartoons and he rescued him last winter in a bodega fire." She held out her hand. " Lilly Nieto."

He replied "Nice meeting you, I'm Damian Lombardo, where's Cap's office?"

She said "Up the stairs then straight back the hall on your right. Captain Taylor is cool for a woman. Good luck and I'll see you later, have to stock the bus for shift."

Damian smiled. " Yeah you will, and be safe out there huh?"

Her cheeks got pink as she smiled. "For sure."

Then he went to find his captain and thought that so far this wasn't bad for a first day here."