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&&Chapter One: Back Again&&


&&Davis's Room, Thursday Morning&&

The boy's brown eyes gazed sadly on a faded photo in a basic wooden frame. The last he had of the days before… he didn't want to recall the details at the moment. It still hurt like a horrible gash in his chest.

Davis Motomiya still felt a bit weak every time he looked at the photo. The pain was always there, coursing through his shoulder, making his eyes sting. His vision always blurred through rapid tears when he looked at it, though he always saw the same thing: a laughing brunette with a sweet smile and warm blue eyes staring right back at him, sharing a joke with the boy who had taken her photo.

The picture drove a sick image into his mind every time – the haunting figure of a thin, deadened girl in a white hospital bed. Her soft hair was strewn about, her closed eyes and lifeless face gaunt.

Tell me, genius, is this all a joke to you? How you made that stupid promise that you couldn't keep?

He closed his eyes for a moment, remembering the setting in which it had all happened… The place that had completely turned his world upside down and had left him with nothing but fear and hatred. He'd never see Sarah laugh again. He'd never even see her smile. No matter how much he hated to admit it, the fact still remained, looming in sync with the throbbing in his arm.

The loud buzzing of an alarm wrenched him back into reality, as if he had been dumped in cold water. After scanning the messy room hastily for a few seconds, he realized it was the clock beside his bed yelling at him to get his bag together. He had the sick feeling that he was going to be late for school again - not that this was news to him. After all, he'd been late more times than he was actually on time. Quickly grabbing his bag, he set his goggles on his head ran out the door. He just hoped (in more ways than one) that history wouldn't repeat itself.

"Oh, man… I'm not going to make it!" Had the bell gone yet? He didn't remember it going off! Of course, he never remembered when it went off, whether it rung or not. He was in too much of a rush. He was always in too much of a rush. Late people were often like that - and Davis was certainly a late person. Kind of sad, really.

"Stupid bell..."he muttered under his breath, fiddling in aggravation with his locker combination. He could never remember how to open the darn thing and it cost him precious time every morning.

Quickly grabbing two rather heavy books and a binder, he sped to his classroom and hastily sat down at his desk. The momentum nearly knocked him over, and he struggled to get a hold of the desk. Bingo. The bell sounded just after he sat down. Davis breathed in sweet relief.

Ah, the sweet nectars of victory. It was certainly a miracle (by his standards, at least). He was off the hook this time.

The teacher appeared, giving a strict role call in her solid, steady tone. She always did so, acting as if every student were like disgusting guck on her shoe. Most people say she could knock a wombat off a tree with her voice alone – but that's another story.

Davis's mind slid back to the nightmare he'd had last night as he traced the marks on the pale wood with his finger. It wasn't the usual one that he'd had every now and then. No, it was something else entirely. One of those weird ones that really get under your skin; he'd dreamed that everyone on earth was yelling at him because he took their pie. Their pie. Honestly. He didn't even like pie. Nor do I, but that's not really the point.

Most of his dreams never really made that much sense at all, now that he came to think of it - except one. That one nightmare was so vivid that it both shocked and amazed him every time, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He'd be shuddering all night. But that didn't matter at the moment.

His mind shifted back to his most recent dream. Everyone was yelling at him and he had no idea why.

They're always yelling at me, he thought, heaving a heavy but silent sigh, whether or not it's even my fault. I always pretend that it doesn't faze me, but get real. I'm not stupid - I still hear what they're saying and I still get hurt. What have I ever done to them? I bust my butt for their lives everyday, but it's not like they give a damn anyway…

He forced himself back to thinking on the dream, trying to remember the vague details that were slipping away through his hands like sand. What had it meant? His head had been pounding with a headache the size of the planet itself. Yes... That was it. And he simply got fed up with it and flew up and away into the quiet refuge of space. It was quiet up there. The place was relaxing and tranquil… For the moment, anyway. Then he started choking as his throat got smaller and smaller and he couldn't breathe and knew he was doomed to–

"Davis Motomiya! Are you planning to pay attention in this class or are you asking for a detention?" The teacher lashed out, having called the boy's name three or perhaps four times.

But like I said, Davis never paid attention to that. His face turned a pale fuchsia. Oh crap. What a way to start the morning.

"Here," he called in a low voice, embarrassed. The kids around the classroom attempted to suppress their laughter, but a few sniggers broke through around him. It was typical of him, really.

He stared guiltily at the door, not being able to meet her glare, knowing she wouldn't excuse him.

"My room, 3:15. Be there, Mr. Motomiya," she sternly replied and continued on with the rest of the attendance. He suppressed a groan. He was always getting detention. But he couldn't risk getting in trouble again. Sadly, Davis focused on the text on the chalkboard, dull as it was. Then again, class was pretty much dull anyway. He looked over at Kari, her head tall and her eyes alert. How did she do it?

"Where've you been, Davis?" the blonde-haired boy beside him, T.K. Takaishi whispered over to him with a laugh, "Visiting the moon again?"

Davis gave a snort and nodded sarcastically. That was exactly where he was.

&&Lunch At The School&&

"Ughh, I hate this… It's all soggy…" Yolei Inoue grumbled, a finger resting in a bored way on her round glasses.

"Quit complaining, and pack your own lunch instead of bothering us about it all the time." Davis shot back at her, his shoulder throbbing slightly. He had to admit that it was a slight overreaction on his part. But his shoulder was hurting so god damn much...

"Don't you preach to me about complaining, your big empty head is usually the one doing all the whining around here!"

Oh, MY head is big! You could pass yours off as a pinata! Just leave me alone, Inoue! The anger was building up inside him, threatening to erupt like lava from what had been a dorment volcano. The anger inside him had been pent up for so long... He could hardly stand it. He just needed it to get out - though he knew he wasn't really mad at Yolei.

He was mad at Sean. He loathed him. The fury and anguish he felt over that guy made him want to retch.

"You're the one who's always annoying anybody who comes your way, miss technical four-eyes!" He lashed out in response, yelling the first thing that he could think of.


Bolts of lightening shot between their eyes as they glared angrily at each other. Davis was just about to spit out another insult, but was stopped short.

"Break it up you two," Kari Kamiya cut in, eyeing them nervously and attempting to cool the two hot-heads down, "you're making me lose my appetite! So T.K., what's going on with your brother?"

Yolei and Davis could really brew up a storm, and they both always wanted to get the last word in. Or, insult, more like. Yolei could get pretty fierce, though; Kari didn't really want Davis getting hurt. It was mostly that she just wanted to eat in peace. So she changed the subject.

Davis turned to look at her, his anger diminishing. He could never stay mad – not with Kari cutting in, no matter what she thought of him. What was it about her? But he knew exactly what it was - her eyes. Her eyes reminded him of Sarah's. As he backed off, Yolei stuck her tongue out at him and he glared back in silence.

Don't let her get to you... She just doesn't understand what's going on inside your head.

"Not much, actually. Apparently he's swamped with schoolwork. I kinda feel bad for him…" T.K. answered, gazing out a window nearby the digi-destineds' table and ignoring the two idiots sitting beside him. His tuneless voice was as dead as his expression.

His blue eyes wandered hopelessly, wishing that school would be closer to ending already. I think we all know that feeling; he was totally bored out of his mind. He wanted to get outside. He wanted to visit Patamon. He wanted to do something useful - not just sit around answering a bunch of questions that he'd never need to know about anyway.

Cody glanced between the digidestined children, trying to figure out a way to cheer them all up. It was always kind of hard, between the four of them. Then he had it. "Hey guys," he smiled brightly in a personal victory, "what say we head over to the digital world after school?"

Smiles were exchanged between all of them… then Davis gave a depressed sigh.

"What's wrong, Davis?" Cody noted his sad face, unhappily reminding himself that it just wasn't possible to please all of them. There was always something…

"I have detention, remember?" he tunelessly toyed with the straw in his white milk carton.

"Then just head up after. We'll meet you there." Cody was happy once again; it would all work out perfectly after all.

"Yeah sure… I'll join you after."

They didn't really seem to notice his lack of enthusiasm - not that he really wanted them to. Davis rested his head on his hand, shoving aside the piercing pain in his body. It was like lightening through him, but he'd been dealing with it all year. It was natural to him now… It was just inconsistent. Sometimes it'd be so weak that he'd forget about it completely; others he'd be so paralyzed that he'd fall to the floor and black out for days on end.

The others continued the conversation, but he wasn't really listening anymore. Davis was stubborn, and that's all there was to it. They all knew that. So why worry?

Because I never told them what happened. The only one I ever told was Veemon. Besides, I can barely believe it happened myself.

&&Detention, Room 218&&

Davis sat numbly, glancing from the clock to the teacher, to the clock and out the window. Then to the clock again, and back over to the dusty window. You can imagine where this is going.

There was a heated soccer match outside and he longed to be out there playing with them. Soccer was what he enjoyed now more than anything else he could recall, and for good reason; nobody out there could hold a candle to him. Well, he guessed he could name a couple people… But that didn't really matter.

He glanced over to the teacher again, then back to the clock… counting the seconds… he closed his eyes. The pain in his left shoulder was getting stronger again and images flashed before his eyes like a vivid nightmare. He could see it clearer than anything. A snatch of the trees, one of his red-headed friends laughing up ahead in front of him, and then a scream sharper than anything…

He snapped his eyes back open, trying to still his racing heart. He didn't want to think about it. He couldn't think about it. Not here. Not now. He shifted in his chair. It had been 15 minutes. When was this torture going to end?

The teacher glanced at the clock, then at the boy sitting impatiently in front of her. She nodded. "You can go," she calmly told him, "but if you pull this again you'll be here longer next time."

He left the classroom eagerly and entered the halls. She closed the door after the boy, giving him a stern look before she crept back inside. "Finally," he muttered, rolling his eyes and staring out into the hall. He started walking to the computer room and held his hand to the wall, then buckled over gasping in pain.

His shoulder felt like there was a jagged knife in it, his whole being felt as if he were on fire. It was searing agony, he couldn't breathe, couldn't think, couldn't even stand up. It felt like claws were ripping at his arm viciously. He could see the images again, clear as day on a sheet of fiery red. Davis fell hard to the floor, clutching his shoulder, wishing it all away. He was shaking out of his own control. He just wanted it to stop; he wanted to get away from it. The enormity of it all was overwhelming.

No... Just go away. Please, just go away. It hurts. It hurts so badly. Why... can't... I... forget... this... already?

He felt the tears rolling down his cheeks, dropping over his lips with their salty scent. He lay there for what seemed an eternity as the seizing and the searing pain slowly lifted enough for him to be able to get up. He could barely walk. What was he going to do? How could he get back like this?

Still shaking, the boy leant against the wall with his right hand, taking determined but unsteady steps forward. His breathe was ragged and throaty, coming in and out in uneven gasps.

To his relief, he spotted the computer room and walked toward a glowing screen. He crawled toward it, meekly glancing around.

Thank god... Nobody's here. But what do I do now?

He didn't know if he was ready to enter the digital world, but he didn't want to waste any more time. His brown eyes glazed with tears of anticipated pain as he entered the gate.

&&The Digital World&&

"Why are we waiting here? He's taking forever!" Yolei was whining again, pacing back and forth in a restless mood. Hawkmon sat calmly on her shoulder and heaved a sigh.

"You know, she does have a point there…" T.K. muttered, watching Yolei as she stomped back and forth. Kari gave a laugh and his face formed a small smile. Salamon, Patamon and Armadillomon sat by their partners (with the exception of Veemon because Davis still wasn't there yet) taking turns informing the group about what had happened while they were gone. Which was basically squat. In a nutshell.

They glanced over to the new figure. A blinding bright light faded to reveal Davis (he had finally arrived)… who immediately tripped over his feet and fell on his face. He gave a groan.

Kari giggled lightly at the sight of him attempting to pick himself up and blushing furiously. "Smooth move, Davis. You're such a klutz! Ok, let's get a move on already! I can't wait to be back in the Digital World again! Oh, it's been too long!" She exclaimed in excitement, spinning around giddily.

Veemon rushed to Davis's side while the others started walking ahead. They had been delayed long enough and the excitement was rising. He pushed up at the ground, trying to get up, but fell down again with a grimace. It really hurt him. With Veemon's help (after a couple of tries) he managed to get himself into standing position. He was still wincing though; his shoulder was throbbing angrily after the fall and what had happened in the hallway.

"Are you ok, Davis?" Veemon asked in an agitated voice, his face full of worry, "You look like you're in pain…"

Davis started walking to catch up with the others and nodded slowly. "I'm ok," he answered in a low voice, "I just had a little mishap in the hallway. I must have pulled something... I really don't know." Davis and Veemon walked steadily, just a bit faster to catch up with the rest of the group, and stopped just short of them.

"What happened?" Veemon whispered with exceptional concern, noting by the tone of his voice that Davis didn't seem to want the others to hear.

"I was just walking past the lockers and my whole body seized. I fell down hard, Vee… I was worried I wouldn't be able to get myself up again."

Veemon's lower lip was trembling. He was downright scared then. "Are you going to tell June what happened?"

"No. I don't want her worrying. And I certainly don't want her knowing that I got another detention today."

"But Davis, you have to tell her! What if… What if it's serious?"

"I busted a bunch of nerves in my arm. What isn't serious, Vee?"

Veemon was looking nervous and unsure. He didn't seem comfortable with what Davis had said and kept looking at him like he'd collapse at any given moment. Shaking a bit, he forced himself to give a nod of understanding.

"Look at that!" Cody yelled, pointing ahead. A mass of screeming Yokomon were fleeing from the path of what seemed to be an angry and destructive Ogremon. There must have been more than one - why else would they be running like that?

"Oh..." Kari grimaced at the sight, her eyes looking over the petrified figures before her.

"C'mon Veemon! Let's kick some evil butt!" Davis grinned, running ahead with his battle face on.


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