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Summary: Kurama is a master in the art of concealing but when he actually needs to disappear, it seems everyone wants to get in his way. Hiei is no exception, and it proves to be quite a problem. Why is the fire demon being so social?

I'm trying to do something with Kurama's character. If he seems a little odd later on...um, yeah by pass it. It's just my take on the fox.


Everything approved
nothing to lose
Just when everything
had fallen to the ground
(Ground, gonna knock you down)
Believe me when I tell you
it's all right (Hooch, Sum 41)

The lights were too bright, shining straight in Kurama's eyes hatefully. He hated dark rainy days when the schools' lights were incredibly damaging after being outside. It never failed to give him a raging headache for the rest of the day and that was most annoying.

He held up his day bag, making sure to shield every inch of his face from view and walked as fast as he could through the school without looking too conspicuous. But, of course, he could do nothing to hide his red hair, and squeals all around sounded off, nearly in unison.

He sighed to himself, cursing his hair color. He had to be quick and flawless in the morning unless he wanted a rampage or maybe one of the scarier girls try and tackle him. Usually, it wasn't really a problem.

But. . . this morning, however, seemed to take off at a very depressing start. And when that happened, his luck would gradually get worse throughout the day.

"Oooh! It's Shuuichi-sama!"

"Where, oh my God! It is!"


He sighed, skidding to his locker, placing the handle of his bad between his teeth and spinning the combination as if a gun was pressed to his temple. Smiling slyly when the lock popped open, revealing his neatly cleaned locker. Sticking first periods book in one arm while throwing in his bag and kicking the door shut, he jolted down the hall, avoiding more googly eyed girls as best he could.

"Hey! Where'd he go, I couldn't see where he went!"

"Aw man, not again!"

"He's so kawaii!"

He almost smiled to himself, finally ducking into his designation. Perhaps it wasn't very reliable either. Every single female eye in the room lit up and he knew the squealing would start if he didn't do something.


"Is that Shinomouri-san over there?" Kurama asked in a hushed whisper, holding his books to his face and thanking Inari that the girls were distracted momentarily with the hope of another heart throb arriving. He made it to his seat in record time, the bell ringing.

The teacher walked in and the room fell silent, ready to begin.

Another day, another win.

Those girls were so fickle, especially if someone had a remotely good looking face. Rolling his eyes while taking out his notebook, he flinched. A familiar ki was nearby, very familiar.

He glanced at the window, noticing a dark blur in the trees immediately. Strange. His eyes narrowed slightly, returning to the front of the room. He'd ask later, when the four of them were to meet at Yuusuke's house. Right now, he decided to pay attention and ignore the air headed swoons behind him.

"Hiei, may I speak with you?"

Kurama sighed, wincing at the screams of Yuusuke and Kuwabara inside and closed the screen door rather roughly. They had been arguing about who should eat the last cup of ramen, and it turned into something quite a bit louder.

The fire demon perched on a tree branch nodded slightly, disappearing and reappearing at his side. "Hn. Make it quick, Kurama."

Kurama nearly snickered. Like he had anything better to do. But to amuse himself, he nodded hastily, stepping closer and laughing slightly when the Jaganshi flinched.

"Why were you outside my class today?" Blunt and to the point.

Not phased, Hiei turned his head to the side, frowning. "What business is it of yours?"

"It really isn't but considering it was my school and you never seem interested in the Ningenkai. Well, in so many words, you despise it."

"Hn. So? I still don't understand what you want to know, if it's nothing to do with you."

Kurama flinched. Usually, he could at least get a straight answer out of the fire demon. An ever favorable 'go to hell' would have delighted him more than these layers of hidden lies.

"Still. Do tell?"

And here it comes. "Go to hell Kurama. It's not your concern."

And he was gone in a blur of black. Kurama sighed. How delightful, he thought, folding his arms over his chest, dejectedly. The lingering scent of the other was still around him, and it wasn't at all unpleasant, he decided. Opening the screen door and dodging an object thrown his way, he padded over to the fighting duo, glaring down at them.

"Quit this bickering, I'm getting another headache." He scowled, grinning maliciously when they quivered under his gaze, Kuwabara letting go of whatever he was holding and shrinking away.

"S-sorry Kurama!" he laughed nervously and without humor, sweat dropping. "Don't get mad...I know what you can do 'n all."

Yuusuke elbowed him the stomach, glaring. "Idiot, Kurama wouldn't hurt us! Stop being so weak!" He continued hitting him for several minutes until Kurama left, shaking his head.

"For once, I wish. . ."

He didn't finish, instead looking to the trees sadly. He jerked when a deep voice began speaking and he immediately looking in its direction to see a dark figure. "What do you wish Kurama?"

Hiei. Again. Not that he was complaining of course. A visit from the little demon twice in one must have been a record, he was lucky to see him once a week, at least. Unless a storm was on its way.

"Hiei, this is new." He stated simply, throwing back a stray piece of crimson hair and narrowing his eyes slightly. The other didn't move, analyzing him. Something loud sounded in the distance, but neither broke eye contact. Kurama finally looked down, smiling. "Two in a row, what's the occasion?"

To his utter surprise and shock, the fire demon matched his sly smile. If Kurama had been drinking something...oh the possibilities. He also wished he brought a camera for black mail purposes. Damn his strange luck.

"A smile? How interesting. Please, tell me what exactly you've got planned because I know the Ningenkai doesn't hold your attention unless it's something important. Like treasure."

"Hn. Shut up Fox. Your simple deductions prove nothing of my plans, which I don't have by the way. You're just deluded."

And he vanished. Again. For the third time that day. Kurama's eye twitched. The Forbidden Child was just an inch over annoying and it was grating on his nerves. So many hidden clues yet no solution of finding a hidden agenda. Humph. Kurama got a wicked idea and hurried home, forming out all the flaws, knowing it could work.

The next day, the sun was blinding and you couldn't tell a single drop of rain fell yesterday. Kurama didn't mind, although he hated the humidity. His hair was always a problem, sticking to his neck and face. It made him feel like running home and taking a shower but knew he couldn't.

Before the screams or worship could be heard today, though, he dodged teens and teachers alike, running as fast as he could with his first period book already lodged into his arm safely. When he reach the end of the hall way, his emerald eyes widened completely when a dark figure disappeared around the corner.

What in the. . . Hiei? Or was it Hiei. . . In a Ningen school? What is this!

Frowning and increasing his speed, he turned but saw nothing relating to the fire demon. He tried looking for his ki but it was gone. Hmm...

"What game is he playing?"

Kurama smiled slyly, licking his lips. "He should know I will never be the prey of a foolish hunter." But in his revere to find the little Janganshi, he'd forgotten about the hoards of drooling girls just ready to find their favorite eye candy. So when he looked up, meeting quite a few big lusty eyes, he was not happy.

Hiei was so going to get it. Kurama would make sure of that.

To be continued.

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