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Sometimes life can leave you blind
What I thought was a certainty
has left me spinning in circles again
(From First to Last, I Liked You Better Before You Were Naked On The Internet)


If I love You

Kurama liked the trip to Genkai's temple. It was peaceful and quiet, and he didn't need to think. He smiled and embraced the light breeze, holding steadily to Hiei's small, but strong waist as they darted and jumped through the trees. It was nice after the terrible event that had past.

He turned back suddenly, brow creased. "Are you okay?"

Kurama nodded with a half grin. "Fine, Hiei."

The fire demon nodded, jaw set in concentration. Kurama felt overwhelmed with happiness. He couldn't explain it. The way his insides fluttered softly inside his stomach at Hiei's concerned look, a blush staining his cheeks impossibly red. He sighed.

I'm just like a kid.

But that was definitely okay. I've lived so long without really living. Now is my chance! I have everything I've ever wanted.

He liked watching Hiei's jet black hair blow back, could feel it brush against his lips and wanted so desperately to curl it around his finger's. Hiei's hair wasn't really that long, but certain strands were getting a few inches as the days passed, his features softening somewhat as well.

Old age, Kurama snickered.

"What's so funny?" Hiei muttered, and it almost fell into the wind's drift if Kurama hadn't caught it.

He shrugged, the small vibration shaking Hiei's slight frame as well. Slim muscles rippled lightly.

"Oh nothing really. I was just thinking."

"You should rest your mind."

Maybe it was just his Shuuichi side, but he couldn't help it. He stuck his tongue out like a child and gave a secretive smile against the Jaganshi's neck, kissing the pale flesh before smiling smugly at Hiei's small shudder.

Before he could get out his next sentence, a giant yawn erupted from his mouth. He squeaked, letting out a faint embarrassed laugh. Hiei smiled, but said nothing.

Kurama carefully laid his cheek against the strong back, and just decided to go with the flow.

Whatever that meant.




Keiko smiled happily as Yuusuke grabbed his jacket roughly, pulling it on. "Okay, great Keiko, where to?" He got smacked again for his sarcasm, Keiko angrily stomping toward the door.

"Just c'mon. I think we should visit Kurama's house."

If Yuusuke were drinking something, it surely would have spewed into Keiko's hair, which would have resulted in another beating, and probably sleeping on the floor the next couple days, as well. Phew!

"K-Keiko, that's not a very good idea. What if Shiori gets pissed that he's gone? There's SO much wrong with that." He stopped walking, glaring. "You go ahead and do that, I'm just gonna go look for them the old fashioned way, BY MYSELF." He ran by her, teeth clenched.

Keiko giggled to herself quietly, sitting down and relaxing her legs on the coffee table. "That was too easy."


Yukina smiled as the two demons walked inside her temple, Hiei awkwardly carrying a dozing Kurama, who clutched tightly at the Forbidden Child.

"Hiei-san! And Kurama-san, what brings you here?"

Hiei sat the fox down on a mat, before joining her at a small table, and getting straight to the point. "Somethings wrong with Kurama. The Youko inside him is beginning to get restless, and tries to take over his body somehow through our... connection."

Yukina blinked slightly her gaze travailing from Hiei to Kurama and so on. "Well... That's strange. Maybe the Youko longs for a mate."

Hiei shook his head. "How could he? Kurama's mate should be his."

"But Hiei-san, I'm sure the Youko would like to be able to choose someone he loves... just like Kurama. After Kurama dies, he will be in charge of his body, and will have his own personality."

"The Youko... I..." Hiei bit his lip, narrowing his eyes. "That's just--"

Yukina bravely reached out, and put a soft hand on the fire demon's arm. She didn't care that he flinched slightly. Before she could speak, though, Kurama interrupted her from his place on the floor. "Ah, that does make sense Yukina-san. He uses our connection--symbolic."

Hiei grumbled slightly. "So you can't fix this with an herb, something simple?"

Yukina shook her head, chuckling. "No, Hiei-san. I'm very sorry."

Kurama waved it off, and got up, stretching out his long limbs and yawning. "Ah, well thank you, Yukina-chan. You've given us a lot of help. Lets go, Hiei."

Hiei nodded, and to everyone's shock, smiled at the small girl sipping tea. She blushed, and bowed as they left.


Yuusuke shot up the steps to Genkai's temple, grumbling slightly under his breath as he opened the sliding doors. Spotting Yukina, he offered a smile and a wave.

"Kurama and Hiei here? I've, uh, been looking everywhere." Of course it was a lie to feed his ego, but whatever. Running around in the middle of the night looking for two stupid demons was not his idea of a heroic mission.

Yukina smiled, and nodded. "Hello Yuusuke-san! Well, they just left. You don't have to worry about them, so I'll let Kurama-san tell you himself."

Sighing, Yuusuke made a mental note to slaughter Keiko before an odd thought struck him. "Hey Yukina, why're you up at this hour, anyway?"

She blushed, and bit her lip. "I--well, I'm a nite owl, I guess," she finally giggled.

Yuusuke just chuckled as he left. "Riiight. Well see ya!"

Sighing, Yukina shook her head exasperatedly.


Kurama crashed on the bed when they dived through the window, the sun just starting to peak up into the sky slowly. Hiei simply stood by the door, frowning.

Sweet silence passed over them, Kurama's eyes tightly closed.

Now you see? Youko whispered to him quite gently this time. You do not understand what I'm going through, now. I need a mate. I want a mate of my own. But I will wait, under conditions for your death.

Kurama nodded, missing Hiei's narrowed eyes.

Yes. It is agreed. But until I die, Hiei will be my lover, and you can't change that, Youko.

A contemplative feeling surfaced, warm and fresh. Youko was thinking it over.

And the half ling, he agrees to this also? He isn't unworthy. If he so desires, he may still be one of my lovers, as well.

Kurama shook his head mentally. Work that out with him.

Yes. Youko's voice faded, and when he opened his eyes, Hiei was looking at him with a sad expression on his face.

"He talks to you now. I can tell. What does he say?"

Kurama ushered the smaller demon to him, and Hiei obliged, cuddling up to Kurama's side. The redhead kisses his lips softly.

"He wants to be free, but he will wait until I die. He says you're worthy of him. You wouldn't be the only one, though."

Hiei shrugged. "He isn't you, Kurama. No one will take your place again."

Kurama blinked, smiling widely at the other's innocent face.

"No, I suppose not. But we have a life time, yet before us."

Kurama leaned down and kissed those ruby lips once more.

A life time of their own.


The End.