Hisoka sighed as he stared out the window. He didn't really know what the problem was but he wasn't feeling himself. The day seemed off, like something bad was going to happen and he was just very agitated. He hated these day worst of all, he hated everyone and had no reason or clue as to why. It made him guilty when he snapped. Just earlier he had snapped at Tsuzuki, and now he felt guilty, but he was still angry. Not that the baka had actually done anything to anger him.. it was just his very presence.

What really got Hisoka upset was that now he wondered what Tsuzuki was thinking. There relationship had just started to truly blossom. They'd just not to long ago become intimate. He still remembered Tsuzuki's emotions, so unsure, so frightened. he was so scared of Hurting Hisoka, it made him almost call the entire thing off, not for his sake but more for Tsuzuki's. But lately, he'd been feeling more and more separated from him due to his own flailing emotional roller coasters. He'd never lost control of his own emotions like this before. And he'd been sick.

"Bon...?" Watari peeked his head in through the door as he knocked. He saw the young shinigami sitting at the window, staring out in a daze. He was not used to see to seeing Hisoka like this, perhaps his violet eyed partner but not the boy. "Tsuzuki sent me to check up on you. He said you haven't been yourself. He's worried about you. Are you well?"

"Fine." He answered without flinching, without diverting his eyes for a moment from whatever it was that drew it out the window..

Watari could not place a finger on it but the bon seemed different. He'd not been eating well lately, and though he wouldn't admit it, Tsuzuki knew and had told Watari bout his late nights up, emptying his stomach of what little contents he'd taken in. Yet, despite all this malnutrition he actually seemed to be gaining weight. His flat belly had been getting slightly pudgy, everyone passed it off, he wasn't getting too fat, just a little weight. However with recent events, the ministry had began to worry.

"If everything's fine you won't mind me running some test would you then. Come on, bon." Watari placed a hand on the young mans shoulder.

"I told everyone I'm fine."

"Please, bon. Just as a precaution to keep us all from worrying."

For just a moment, through his contact, Hisoka felt at ease. Watari's warm feeling his gentle concern and smoothness, swept away his toiling, warring emotions. When he looked up at the mad scientist of a doctor he could not say no.

"There we go everything's done..." Watari put away the last of his equipment. He'd drawn enough blood from the shinigami that he could have died even being immortal. Hisoka sighed knowing that finally Watari was finished. His stomach had been wanting so bad to convulse everything out of it, and as much as he remembered it was nothing that was in it.

"There should be some results from atlas a few of the tests in just a few minutes. Then we can at least limit the possibilities."

I told you I'm fine."

"Right." Watari mussed the young mans hair, earning him a glare from the wheat blonde. The papers were printing out from behind him and 003 kept them in check, reviewing them and placing them in a pile for Watari to read later. "You know you're getting kinda pudgy there bon, You should really get out more."

"Shut up."

003 was heard ruffling about behind the two urgently. He flipped out, flapping his wings and kick about to draw Watari's attention. Watari was attracted but he was wondering if 003 had finally lost his little mind. 003 Was frantically pointing to a paper that had printed out the results to one of the test, Watari had done all tests known to man, and this one was one he had not expected to get results for this one.

"Apparently Hisoka we've found the problem..." 003 fluffed, sitting on the table. Watari was nervously fidgeting, reading the paper again and again before looking to Hisoka again. "Hisoka... you're pregnant..."