alright, now I know I haven't written in a long while and all but I've been rather busy with school and all, I've been having a lot of problems with "partners" in my class and I'm pretty much failing because of them. However, this bullshit with has just got to be dealt with. First off, only assholes make fun of someone else. They can't stand the whole concept it would seem, but as I told them from the very start "Don't like, DON" T READ!" Got, how fucking dense are these people! This is the reason why America is one of those places that can't have any sort of semi offensive material including nudity and curses and even stupid fucking things like being able to say "Merry Christmas" If you don't like it, turn the other way, I'm not forcing you to read it. Besides, they take blows at such low and retarded things, they have really got to be a bit slow. such as typos. I'm so sure that they've never misspelled something, oh so sure! and even if they haven't, if it's obvious what was supposed to be spelt, like cock and clock, then why make such a big deal about it.

Besides that, they've also never even read the books of the fandom they're making fun of me for, or they would not be saying other such stupid things. Such as "Dead people can't get sick" First off, even in volume 6 by the original author Yoko Matsushita, Hisoka says the words and to quote "Right now I'm so I feel sick" And besides that it was just an excuse that Watari was coming up with and I never said what it was. He could have easily said it was his empathy. Like that never interfered with this before. DUH PEOPLE! He could just have easily said it was overstressed from work or being tired just like Yoko said in the first place. And as for the whole pregnancy thing, don't even get me started on that.

First off, we all know he's not normal to start with. Like the story said if they were smart enough to actually read it, the potion Watari gave was the whole "sex change thing" that he was making in the manga. He says right in the story, IT WORKS INTERNALLY ONLY! And I hadn't stated how long ago it was given to him. Maybe he got pregnant before his first "period", though it's kindda gross that that's what you think of. And well duh, what other way is anything supposed to go in but the ass. And the whole thing about his balls being what he can use for breastfeeding. HELLO! Back to the start! INTERNAL! MEANING NO BOOBS! morons. Breasts, now a days, are certainly not needed for feeding. It's kinda called evolution, something that passed morons( like you flamers) over long ago. How often is breastfeeding actually used now? A lot less than bottle feeding. So he doesn't need breasts in the first place.

And Muraki being there. The guy was constantly in his head through the three years he was being killed, the anime and the manga. Now when I right fanfiction all the sudden it's not supposed to be like that? I mean sure, maybe I had him a little more dominant in his mind this time than the others but I also had him kidnapped again, so who's to say that nothing happened in that time that Muraki created a link between him and Hisoka. None of you morons making fun of it stopped to think of it huh bakas? Not to mention how you love to make fun of the way that he seemed soft with Hisoka when he came running to him. See, I see the relationship of Muraki and Hisoka rather complicated. Don't you realize that even in the anime when Muraki is going after Tsuzuki, he always seems to take time out of his day to torment Hisoka as long as the boy isn't directly in the way of him getting to Tsuzuki at that very moment? See, that's cause Muraki's crazy, he tortures the ones he loves, sometimes to death, which is exactly as I think he did to Hisoka and that's why he seems to care about him at times. But if you'd seen that, you might actually be thinking of a different point of view other than your own and that would call for open mindedness. Not to mention why he went running to Muraki. Well, in the 3rd volume, he admits to having wanted to die when he was sick for 3 years because of Muraki's torture, and through the first few chapters, isn't that exactly what Muraki was doing to him again, only this time mental and emotionally? See it's like those crazy people you hear about that commit suicide because they hear voices and stuff, it kind of drives you to it, so that's why Hisoka's become a crazy, whiny uke. There's the lies eating away at him, the stress of being pregnant, mental, emotional and physical and then there's crazy old Muraki in the background, slowly driving the boy mentally insane.

And the whole "He's dead" thing. Yes he's dead, but when you're dead, do you usually get a body in anime. Most of the time you're just a spirit, a little ball, and even if you're not, you're usually not visible by all people or completely solid like a real person. Yet shinigami are. So they might be dead but it leaves the question of are they the undead, like zombies in a way since they've got a body and all and are able to cross into the plane of the living. See, I'm crossing that barrier. They're dead but there's no reason why they can't be a little like a living person. Why do they eat, why do they get hungry? You can try to say "They don't really need to eat, they just do it cause it's like a habit" But they do, that's why they offer it. You think Tatsumi would honestly be paying for something that was actually needed?

To make fun of the way I described him going into inu mode, is just retarded. I was painting an animated image for those that read, you know to make it feel more like the anime. So I see no problem with the fact of "He doesn't really grow ears and a tail!" It's to try to make an image in your mind, like all good stories should, of the scene that you're reading, I just happen to do so in an animated format.

In short, these morons never took into account that stuff that happens without needing to be fully explained, like the changing of his organs. This isn't some fucking science fic. that type of stuff is left to the readers imagination for a reason. That is a good element in good writing, it makes your readers think, but then again, we don't want you to make your pretty little heads burst. The fact still remains you're ignorant, you take the views of another and without proper reason flame it and pick at low blows like typing errors. I'm rather sure no one was forcing you to read this, nor forced you to review in either which way, good or bad, about it. and I've stated a million times over what the warnings were, what the story would contain and what you should be prepared for. Also, as stated earlier "DON'T LIKE! DO NOT FUCKING READ!"

Yet THIS WILL NOT STOP ME! Make fun of me if you wish, flame the story, I know there's open-minded people out there that aren't assholes like the likes of you, to flame another. I've personally never flamed a single story since I began reading stories when I was about 12, not even when I was first introduced to all the stuff I thought then to be barbaric or wrong such as when I was new to yaoi, NCS, smutt and other such things. If I did not like it, I hit the little X at the top of the window and never spoke of it again. You know where the little X is right?

Once again, Thanks to all those that support me and agree with me that all these closed, simple minded flamers have no right to be talking about anyone, not even the least experienced author to be making the most typos or most unbelievable plot lines instead of offering constructive criticism, in that fact that all they ever due is promote their close mindedness through the world the likes that help to cause more segregation in this world through not being able to turn away from harmless thing that they don't like, rather than endure them and bitch till they're happy.

Well thanks again to people like bleedingchaos, Oli, Ashura Taneth, animage, egnima, amyrose300, Hai-chan, Joan Mistress of Magic, morag, Hatori Soma, kassandra, Nancy, miyu, Peppita-chan, Isarandel, thelonechicken13, Holly, Liliath, NaTsUKo-ChAn, Last Ninja #1, yaoi-yuri-animelover, Yaoi-hunter, Adakie, moon power, Latatsuni, Jadcraseangel, Sindy, Kikaru-Renji, Fallen Angel of water, Kioko and Kinoko, Tiassale, Phoenix-the female dragon, Karin1004, Nicai, Liz Chan, Kiko812, Chobits Chi, Sheila Ibrahim, Anna Sartin, Karen, Sarah Creech, Una, Heather, Alec, Nina, Ouji, Amythst eyed Koneko, ChibiMars, suzu-chan, xangelogdeath, kyou, DuosAngel, shigureUotani, Linsey, kirika, Rachel, Tari K, ster00, TSU/SOKA, Mel, Itsuko, xangelofdeathsarah, kat8cha, Mia, Jarath, na3na, Kat, sindyl3, Belzemi, karen, BD CG DA and FG, Crystal Witch, blackdragon, Kagi, Kloudy Reignfall, Imootosan and anyone else I forgot to mention!