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Amber walked through the subway where her brother had been less than two weeks earlier. It was raining outside so she was soaked. Amber's brown hair was dripping onto her clothes. It didn't matter much because her own clothes were even wetter than her hair. Her hair went two inches past her shoulders and she had her bangs pulled back so they wouldn't get into her amber colored eyes.

Amber wore black boots with blue jeans. Her shirt was black and sleeveless. It was cut low and had a V-neck. Around her waist, the girl wore a purple gossamer belt that tied at her right hip and hung down. She had on a black sweater/jacket. It hung open and stopped halfway between her ankle and knee.

Tonight, Amber was on her way to the hospital where her older brother, Michael Corvin, worked at till he disappeared over a week ago. She had tried to find him, but being sixteen has its disadvantages. All she had were the pictures he would send her of him and his new friends at college. Amber looked at them a lot. After Michael disappeared, she had the whole apartment to herself. No one had figured out why there were holes in the walls or why there was a hole in the floor in front of the elevator. Amber was curious about that, as were her neighbors.

She looked up into the crowd in front of her as she boarded the subway. There were two girls that looked around her age. One had red hair that went to her chin. It looked like she had tried to darken it by putting in black highlights. Her eyes were a bright green, which stood out against her pale skin. She was dressed in all black from her shirt to her boots. She wore a black leather jacket that went to the floor. It was zipped up at her waist and stopped halfway up, showing her black shirt underneath.

The girl next to her had her blond hair cut short. Her eyes were crystal blue She wore a black shirt with dark red lace sleeves. Over the black part of her shirt, the dark red lace continued. Her boots were black like her jeans. She had a black denim jacket, which she put on after she sat down.

Amber looked at them a moment. She thought she recognized them. Then it hit her. They looked like the girls in one of the pictures Michael had sent her. Odd that they were in college since they only looked sixteen themselves. Amber took out the pictures and looked at them again. Yep, they were the same girls.

In the photo, Michael was next to them with a dark haired woman at his side. Behind the girls was a big, buff, dark skinned man who had a shaved head. The subway stopped and the girls got up before they walked off the subway. Amber raced after them hoping they would know something about her brother.

"Excuse me!" she asked running up to them. "Do you two know Michael Corvin?"

The girls looked at the other and then turned back to Amber.

"No." the blonde said. She had a British accent.

"Maybe. Why?" the red head said. She also had a British accent.

"I was wondering if you might know where he is. I thought you might since it looks like you two are in this picture with him." Amber said handing them the picture.

The two looked at the picture and handed it back.

"That's not us." the blond said.

"Oh, sorry to bother you…um.."

"I'm Selene and this is Michele." The red headed one said.

"I'm Amber. Sorry I bothered you."

After Amber had left them, Michele looked confused.

"She's named after a rock?"

Selene rolled her eyes. "C'mon, lycan."

Amber got to the hospital and checked out Michael's locker. She didn't have the key and the lock was still on. That didn't stop her. She got a crowbar and broke the lock off. With determination and a little elbow grease, anything was possible.

"Why are you obsessing over this? I'm sure the police are on it." Adam (dude with the glasses) said as he watched her undo the lock.

"I thought the police were the ones who made him disappear in the first place." Amber said turning to him. She rolled her eyes and looked inside the locker after she flung the door open. Michael had left his windbreaker in it, for what reason Amber didn't know. Then she found something. It was his address book. She took it and flipped through it. Nothing useful. Then some names caught her eye.

"Adam, who's lycan?" Amber asked him.

"Never heard of them. Why?"

"The word Lycan is next to a name in here, Taini. But then again the word Vampress is next to the name Raven. It's probably nothing." Amber said as she grabbed Michael's windbreaker. She hung it over her arm and closed the locker door.

Amber ran through the dark streets as rain poured down on her. She was using one hand to hold Michael's windbreaker over her head and the other holding her black sweater closed. She was trying to stay dry, and failing miserably. As she ran back to the apartment, a pair of eyes watched her from a rooftop. Amber didn't see them and they were gone by the time she got to the apartment.

Amber was still soaking wet as she used her house key to unlock the door. She entered the placed that served as her home and set her keys on the desk. Amber threw Michael's windbreaker on the couch as she went and got a towel to dry off her hair. She let her hair hang down as thunder roared outside and the rain tapped on her windows. Amber dried off her hair and then brushed it. Now is when she tried to turn on the lights. She liked darkness better than light. However, she also liked being able to see. She flipped the switch. Nothing happened. She tried a few more times but nothing happened.

"Great, the electricity is out." Amber moaned. Lightning flashed and she went over to the window. It had finally stopped raining and the lightning and thunder were all that remained. Amber looked down at the wet and deserted streets. They were so peaceful and calm with no one on them. It was as if the world had just stopped. However, this vision was not to last long. The door opened behind her suddenly and Amber whirled around slightly frightened.

"Amber?" came a familiar voice.

"Michael!" Amber shouted running forward to him, her moment of fear forgotten. When the two met, they hugged each other. Amber almost knocked him to the ground when she ran into him. "Don't ever do that again!"

"I won't." Michael replied laughing slightly at his sister.

"Where were you?" Amber asked.

"I had some business to take care of, and still do. I came to get you." he said.

"What kind of business? Wait, we're leaving?" Amber asked. She wasn't sure she liked where this was going.

"Yes. We are leaving immediately. I can't tell you where we are going, not yet anyway." Michael said ushering her out the door.

The two walked through the streets quickly, Michael staying close to his younger sister. It seemed like they walked forever. Amber was just glad it had finished raining. However, she did want to know where the heck they were going. They finally came to a rundown mansion at the edge of town. It looked far from inviting. Michael knocked on the door gently and gave her a warm smile for encouragement. Amber heard footsteps and a girl opened the door. It was the red haired girl from the subway.

"Hello, Michael." she said smiling then saw Amber. "The rock formation right?" she said pointing to her.


"Right, what is Rocky doing here?" she said turning to Michael.

"I'm Amber."

"What-ever." the girl said.

"Amber is my younger sister, Raven. She has come to stay with us." Michael said.

"Raven?" Amber asked turning to Michael. "She told me her name was Selene."

Michael glared at Raven. He looked like he was going to shout at her later for that.

"What?" the girl said shrugging.

"Her name is Raven and the name of the girl who was with her is Taini. Raven, give her a room. I have to go pick up…" Michael glanced at Amber, not sure how to say his next phrase. "a friend at the hospital."

"Got it." Raven said smiling with her lips closed. Michael walked back out into the night. Amber felt a strong hand on her arm. "Get in here Rocky."


"What-ever." Raven said pulling her in the house, locking the door behind her. That made Amber a little nervous because of Raven. Why did she tell Amber her name was Selene? What was she trying to hide? The dark man from the picture and Taini walked up to them.

"Was that Michael?" the man asked in a deep voice.

"Yeah, you can catch him if you hurry." Raven said. The man left the girls together because he ran off quickly. Raven walked over to Taini.

"Do you know how much I want to bite her right now?" Taini whispered to Raven.

"So do I." Raven whispered back.

"Excuse me?" Amber asked confused.

"Nothing." Raven said. "Follow me."

Amber followed Taini and Raven through the house till they got to the main sitting room. Raven sat on the arm of an over stuffed chair while Taini sat in the chair.

"Sit." Raven told her.

"What do you think I am? A dog?" Amber asked.

"Yes, now sit and we'll give you biscuit." Raven told her.

"I'll stand, thank you." Amber said crossing her arms.

"No, sit." Raven said and roughly pushed Amber down on the couch. "Stubborn teenager." the girl mumbled under her breath.

"How do you and Michael know each other?" Taini asked.

"I'm his younger sister."

"Really?" Raven said turning to Taini. Amber felt like she was being interrogated. Now all that she had to figure out who was the good cop and who was the bad cop.

"What's your story? How did you come to live here?" Raven said turning back to Amber.

"I really don't want to share my life story with you. I don't exactly trust you yet." Amber told them, annoyance in her voice.

"Good, cause you shouldn't." Raven said smirking evilly, still not showing her teeth.

"Do you know what a lycan is?" Taini asked.

"No. And that's really off subject." Amber pointed out.

"How do you feel about vampires?" Raven asked, eyes glittering.

"Um, if they were real? They don't mess with me and I'm fine." Amber said, wondering where the heck this was going.

"That's an interesting way to put it." Raven said smiling.

That's the way it went for a while, till about an hour later. The three heard the door open and walked out to the hallway. Raven and Taini more like sprinted and Amber walked. She had no idea what the rush was.

Michael and the dark man stood in the hallway with a man with long hair at their side.

"Welcome back Lucien." Taini said smiling.

"It's good to be back Taini." the man with dark hair said and glanced over at Amber. "And who is this?"

"That's Rocky." Raven said smiling.

"Amber, it's Amber." Man, that is going to get really annoying. she thought to herself.

"Nice to meet you Amber. How did you find your way here?" Lucien asked her.

"I'm Michael's sister. I was forced to come."

"Did they get everything out?" Raven asked Lucian, really off subject again. Lucien nodded.

"Any side effects?" Raven asked him, she looked concerned.

"None whatsoever."

"Lucien, you get the room at the top of the stairs and Raze is across the hall." Raven said pointing up the steps. She seemed in a better mood all of a sudden. Amber guessed that whatever was in Lucian was bad and it was good that it was taken out. Raven smiled as she turned to Amber. "We have yet to find a room for Rocky."

"Amber! It's Amber. Not Rocky, Amber." the girl said sounding very annoyed.

"Alright…Rocky." Raven said.

Amber gave her the look of death and Taini and Raven just laughed.

"Your room will be the second one on the left," Taini said looking at Raven. If she said 'Rocky', Amber was going to hurt her. "Amber."

"Thank you." Amber said and went into her room and shut the door, loudly.

Lucien looked at Michael. "Charming sister you have. I'm sure Kraven would love to get his hands on her."

"Don't even get me started on that." Michael said, clearly worried.

"Don't worry." Taini said smiling. Raven smiled as she walked up the stairs before she spoke.

"We'll just let you worry about it."

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