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"Amber." Michael said gently shaking his sister. She didn't even stir. Michael knew Amber was a little confused and tense, and he didn't want to stop her heart by waking her suddenly. Raven rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed, and leaned forward between the two front seats.

"Hey Rocky!" she practically shouted as she smacked Amber on the shoulder fairly hard.

"What!" Amber asked as she jumped awake, her heart pounding loudly in her chest.

"We're here." Taini said getting out of the car.

"Great. Thanks for giving me a heart attack." Amber said glaring at Raven.

"You're most welcome." Raven replied and then got out of the car. Amber stretched a bit before she slid out of the car herself. Her mind might have been awake, but her muscles weren't. She noticed it had stopped raining, but the clouds above them threatened to open up once more. After she got out of the car, Amber got her first look at an old rundown castle. The vines of the garden were overgrown and had begun to climb their way up through the dark, cold stone the place was made of. The plants had begun to die, or looked like it at least. The grounds were flooded with weeds and it would look like a jungle from an ant's point of view. Clearly, no one had been there for a long time.

"Welcome home." Raven said smiling.

"If you're Dracula." Amber added with one of her eyebrows raised at the chooser's taste in locations. Raven and Selene smiled and glanced at each other. Taini had a slight smirk on her face. Amber thought that they were just acting weird from the long trip…at least she hoped.

"This is just till we find another place." Michael said at seeing Amber's reaction. Suddenly, the clouds opened above them and rain came flying down.

Amber pulled her sweater around her and pulled the neck up to try and avoid getting wet. The group ran to the overhang above the massive oak front doors to get out of the rain.

"Anyone happen to have a key?" Amber asked eying the chain and lock on the door.

"Raze, if you would be so kind." Lucien said stepping aside. Raze stepped forward. With a grunt, he kicked the doors and they flew wide open, the chains and padlock falling to the ground.

"Whoa." Amber said a little shocked, the turned to Raze. "Remind me never to make you mad."

"That just gave me an idea." Raven mumbled to Taini and both girls smiled mischievously. Amber didn't notice this.

The seven of them walked in and looked around the dark entryway, a bolt of lightning their only light for a few moments. The floor was black marble and everything was either red in color or dark oak.

"It's certainly inviting." Amber mumbled sarcastically.

"Will someone please tell her to shut-up?" Taini said rolling her eyes.

"Rocky, shut-up will you?" Raven said gently hitting her arm with her hand. Amber gave her the look of death. She was fed up with Raven telling her what to do. She was almost fed up just withRaven.

"No." Amber replied.

"Excuse me?" Raven asked, not believing her ears. Everyone was taken off guard by Amber's reply. This was a first.

"I said 'no.' It's still a free country last time I checked." Amber answered her, annoyance in her voice. Raven walked up to her, not looking very happy. She was about an inch or two taller, so Amber had to look up slightly. The girl refused to surrender her ground. She would be intimidated by her no longer. Enough was enough.

"People don't say 'no' to me. It's become a habit."

"Then I'm breaking that habit." Amber replied. This is when she was glad she was in debate club. She was sure she could win this argument.

"Tell me Rocky, are you afraid of me?" Raven asked smiling evilly, still not showing her teeth.

"Not in the least." Amber replied smirking with defiance sparking through her deep blue eyes like the lightning that was jumping from cloud to cloud outside. Raven leaned into her.

"You should be." she whispered in her ear and then walked calmly over to Taini.

That's it. I'm sleeping with my door locked tonight…and all nights from now on. Amber thought before walking up next to Michael. They walked around the castle and found the kitchen, dining room, study, library, ect. They didn't find any bedrooms on the first floor, but found several on the second floor.

Amber's room was across the hall from Michael's and Selene's. The two shared a room. Michael had told Amber earlier that they were in a relationship (if you could even call it that). Amber then was thinking of ways to taunt Michael about it later.

Around the corner was Raze's and Lucien's room on one side and Raven's and Taini's on the other (yes, they all got their own rooms). Amber waited to see where everyone's room was before going to her own. That way she could find someone if she needed too.

Amber's room was large with a window opposite her door. The bed was four poster with a black canopy with ruby red sheets and black pillows. The walls were the same dark stone from the outside of the castle along with the floor. The floor was covered in a dark red and black rug that kept it from getting to cold in the room.

Amber flopped down on the bed and fell to sleep around sunrise. She was to tired to do anything else.

Amber woke around seven that night. She brushed her hair and went down stairs after noticing when she woke up that she was still in her clothes from the night before. Raze, Michael, Lucien, and Taini were sitting in the common room, talking.

"Now that rock formation is awake, we can get down to business." Taini said.

"How long have I been asleep?" Amber asked glaring at Taini because of the 'rock formation' comment.

"Well, it's seven p.m. now." Michael said.

"Great. I've become nocturnal." Amber said collapsing into a chair.

"Don't worry about it. We all have." Lucien said smiling at her. Amber managed a weak smile back. Suddenly, there was a low grumbling noise.

"Sorry, stomach." Amber said shrinking back from embarrassment.

"When was the last time you ate anything?" Michael asked.

"School lunch yesterday." Amber replied. Just then Raven and Selene came walking down the stairs.

"Morning all." Raven said then spotted Amber. An evil smile formed on the girl's closed lips. "Sleep well Rocky?" she asked with a spark in her eyes. How she loved to annoy the new kid.

"Yes I did, birdie."

"What did you call me?" Raven asked, glaring at the girl. Her dislike for Amber had grown since they met. The only thing that kept Raven from killing her was the fact that she was Michael's sister. If he wasn't in the room at that moment, she would have anyway.

"You call me Rocky, I call you birdie. Fair enough?" Amber said smirking slightly. All is fair in war. she thought to herself. If Raven was going to annoy her, she might as well have a reason to do so.

"You're just lucky I'm in a good mood." Raven mumbled then sighed in defeat. She didn't mind the name, but it was just so…perky. The teen hated perky. "Alright, I'll call you Amber."

"Thank you…Raven."

"You're welcome…Amber." Raven said with a forced smile on her face.

Amber smiled and leaned back in her chair, pleased with herself. Raven then let out a cough that sounded like 'Rocky.'

"Aggg! I give up!" Amber growled. Raven smiled evilly and she leaned against the banister of the stairs, pleased with herself. Her job was done.

"Raze, Lucian and Selene have to go…to the grocery store. Amber, I was going to go back to the apartment and get some things we might need. Do you want to come with me?" Michael asked, hoping to stop the verbal war between Raven and his sister.

Taini and Raven giggled slightly at the thought of Raze, Lucian and Selene in a grocery store. It was just too funny for words. After Amber gave them a funny look, the two quickly turned their laughing in to a hacking cough. Amber just had to roll her eyes at the two.

"I believe I will." Amber replied after her expression had changed to one of complete calm.

"Great." Taini said.

"We are going too." Raven replied.

"Wonderful." Amber moaned.

Lucian, Raze and Selene went on their way while Michael, Amber, Taini and Raven went toward the subway to get to the apartment. The train ride was quiet, Amber lost in her own thoughts while Raven and Taini whispered to each other. Michael was busy writing a list of things that they needed.

When the four reached the apartment building, they took the stairs on account of the giant hole in front of the elevator on their floor, which had yet to be fixed. Amber was curious about that. Did that happen the night Michael disappeared?

"Michael?" Amber asked.


"Can you explain the giant hole in front of the elevator or the plaster that fell off the ceiling in the apartment?" the girl asked turning to her brother.

"No." Michael lied.

"What do you think he had to do with it?" Raven snapped at the girl.

"Don't bite my head off." Amber snapped back then became quiet. "It was a just a simple question."

The teenager had no idea how complicated the answer was. Michael really didn't feel like explaining to his younger sister the entire war between vampires and lycans that had been raging for centuries. Lord knows that would not go over well with her.

When they got to Michael and Amber's apartment, the four were shocked at what they saw. The door was wide open and it looked like the door had been thrown off it's hinges to rest beside the doorway on the floor. Inside, the place was a mess. It looked like someone had gone through their apartment. Books were lying open on the floor and the couch was overturned. The cushions ripped opened and the contents thrown on the floor. The papers on the desk were all shuffled around and the pictures of Amber's family were all crumpled and torn like the papers. It looked like someone had tried to destroy them. All he cabinets had been gone through as were the drawers, which lay upside down on the floor. There was broken glass on the floor from the broken picture frames and window along with what little china Michael and Amber owned.

"Whoa." Taini said at seeing the poor state of the room.

"You used to live like this?" Raven asked, sarcasm dripping from her voice. She knew very well what had happened and had seen a scene like this all to often.

"Michael." Amber said worriedly turning to her brother and gently touched the base of her neck. Concern and anxiety washed over his face as he left Raven and Taini wondering what the heck the two were talking about.

"Go look." Michael told her and Amber nodded before she rushed off to her room. Taini and Raven looked at each other and then quickly followed Amber.

Amber's room was in the same state that the living area was in. The girl didn't pay any attention to it though. She immediately moved her bed to the left and then looked as if she was counting something, her finger pointing to the floor boards, each in turn.

"What are you doing?" Taini asked her.

Amber didn't hear the question because she was too deep in concentration. Suddenly, the girl jammed her boot as hard as she could on one end of a floor board. The plank lifted up to reveal a compartment underneath. The expression on Amber's face quickly changed from anxiety to relief. Raven and Taini couldn't really see what was happening, but to Amber it was good to know her hiding spot had not been found.

Inside the small compartment under the floor was a pewter necklace. Amber reached in and picked it up by the chain. She then laid the pendent in her hand and gently blew off the dust before carefully wiping off the remainder of dust. It was her mother's necklace, the family necklace. The pendant was in the shape a five-pointed star. In the center of the star was a blood red stone surrounded by a rim of gold.

"What is so important?" Raven asked. Sine the plank from the floor was sticking straight up, Taini or Raven couldn't see what Amber was holding.

"My mom's necklace." Amber said putting it on and buttoning up her sweater jacket from the cold. The jacket conveniently covered the jewel that hung around the girl's neck.

"It's important why?" Raven asked her.

Amber didn't answer. Her deep blue eyes turned distant as she continued to crouch on the floor. She didn't move at all, her eyes fixed on one spot on the floor. After a moment, she looked up and then shifted her gaze to the clothes that were thrown all over her floor. She got up and grabbed some clothes before turning to Raven and Taini.

"I'm going to change and then pack some clothes. Why don't you two go help Michael?" Amber said and then walked into her bathroom. Moments later, she emerged wearing black jeans, her boots, a black short-sleeved tunic top that was tight fitting. Over all hat was her black three-button, cotton trench coat that fell to the floor. She had her mothers necklace tucked under her shirt, as usual.

"You look better."

Amber jumped at the voice, the owner of it slowly slipping from the shadows of the room.

"Raven!" Amber told her clutching her chest. "Don't do that. You scared me."

"Good, that was the intention." Raven said smiling evilly as Amber grabbed her black gym bag and began to stuff clothes in it along with other things, like a toothbrush and other nessicary objects.

"What were you doing in here anyway? Weren't you helping Michael?" Amber asked her.

"I was, but it got boring so I thought I'd bug you." Raven told her smirking.

"Joy." Amber mumbled to herself as she zipped up the gym back, that was stuffed to capacity.

"Ready, Rocky?"

Amber didn't reply as she stood, she just pushed passed Raven into the next room to see Michael closing his own bag.

"Ready?" Michael asked Amber at seeing her.

"Yup." the girl replied before Raven appeared from behind her and 'accidentally' ran into her. Raven and Amber exchanged hateful glances with each other before the group left the apartment.

When they returned to the mansion, Raze, Lucian and Selene had already returned. Taini and Michael went to their rooms as Amber moved toward the library.

"Where you going Rocky?" Raven asked her.

"The library. Got a problem with it?" Amber replied, setting her bag down next to the hall in the entryway.

"No, but you should be in bed soon." Raven ordered her.

"Who are you, my mother?"

"No, now go on and I'll read you a bedtime story." Raven teased the girl.

Amber sighed angrily, trying to control her temper with this girl as she turned to her. Raven was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed and was smirking.

"What is your deal? If you have a problem with me, say it to my face." Amber told her.

"Fine, I have a problem with you."

"Why? I never did anything to you!" Amber demanded. If she was hated, she would at least know the reason.

"I just don't like you."

"You decided that when you first saw me!" Amber told her. "You didn't even give me a chance to see if you liked me or not."

"I can just tell." Raven almost shouted at her.

"No wonder Taini is your only friend! You don't like anyone if they don't agree with you. Newsflash, Raven! Other people have opinions too!" Amber shouted at the girl.

"I'm not opinionated. I'm just always right! And when I want your opinion I'll give it to you!" Raven shouted back at the small girl who dared to argue with her.

"You aren't always right Raven! No one's always right and sometimes listening to someone else is the only way to do anything! You are going to have to get it through that thick head of yours that not everyone thinks like you!" Amber roared, her sapphire eyes blazing with anger.

In a fit of rage, Raven grabbed the girl's arm and twisted it behind her back before she pushed her up against the wall.

"Take it back." Raven hissed in her ear.

"Never." Amber replied before she flung her head back so it collided with Raven's. The girl stumbled backward from shock that the rock formation had actually hit her.

"You are so dead." Raven hissed at Amber.

"Bring it on." Amber challenged her.

"Raven! Amber!"

The two down the hall to see that Michael had found them arguing. He didn't look happy.

"What is going on?" he demanded as he stalked towards the two.

"Raven is being pompous." Amber replied.

"Umm…pompous, big word for you. Would you like some ice before your brain over-heats?" Raven replied.

Amber gave her the death glare and Raven returned it. To Raven's surprise, Amber didn't flinch or turn away. Wow, the kid must have been pretty pissed off to do that.

"Girls!" Michael said to get their attention before they started fighting again.

The girls turned to him. Amber glanced at Raven, loathing in her eyes before she moved forward passed Michael.

"Where are you going?" Michael demanded.

"To hit something!"