Title: Will You Care For Her?

Author: Rude's Mom

Washington, DC

"So, Fran, what do you know about the new neighbors?" Kay watched as a moving van turned into the driveway of the old Webster house. "Oh, don't give me that innocent look. Your cousin has been trying to unload that place for months."

"Divorced, military, two kids," Fran offered.

"She must have gotten one hell of a settlement to afford that place."



"He's divorced."

"Is the word out yet?" Kay asked.

"Not really. Janice wants first crack so she's keep it close the vest."

"Then how..."

"She let it slip on the third margarita. Apparently, the general is a silver fox."

"General? Oh man, let the hunt begin," Kay grinned.

"And may the best woman win!"

- -

"Daddy," Buffy ran to her bedroom door and called out. "Incoming!"

Downstairs, Jack groaned while Jay and Daniel snickered. In the last three days, no less than seven of the local ladies had stopped by with a housewarming gift. Two pans of lasagna, a tuna casserole, plus cookies and pies had made their way into the O'Neill kitchen. And while Jack appreciated the pies, the attention was getting to be a bit much. As Jack went to answer the doorbell, Jay and Daniel retreated to the safety of the backyard with Spike.

"So what do you think it will be this time," Daniel asked as he threw a stick for Spike to fetch.

"Jack's sanity," Jay replied.

"He still has it?"

"Very funny Uncle Daniel. You know, they're scoping you out too."

"Yeah, it was like dealing with Anise again."

Both man and teenager lapsed into silence at the memory of the predatory Tok'ra scientist.

Spike brought the stick back to Jay who threw it again.

A few minutes later, Jack joined them.

"We've been invited to a little get together tomorrow afternoon to meet the neighbors," he said.

"You mean there are more," Jay asked in mock horror.

- -

She knew she was supposed to be on her best behavior. Dad, Jay, and Uncle Daniel were all keeping an eye on her as if she couldn't be trusted. But if just one more lady said what a sweet little girl she was, Buffy was going to hurl. Hello, like could it be any more obvious that they were trying to use her to get to her dad? Even a couple of older girls were trying that routine. Oh, you're so cute and what school is Jay going to? Gag.

It was only when she overheard a couple of women whispering about Dad and Uncle Daniel that she got the idea. Buffy had read the book Heather Has Two Mommies so she knew exactly what the women had meant. It was too perfect.

She moved closer to the women. Buffy sniffed as if she were about to cry and stuck her lip out. Yep, that got their attention.

"Oh sweetie, what's wrong?" the lady a blue dress asked. Buffy thought her name was Kay.

"I miss Sam." Buffy even managed a tear.

"Who is Sam?" the other woman asked.

"Sam's Daddy's friend back in Colorado. They are going to get married after Daddy retires."

- -

Later that night, after Buffy was sent of to bed, Jay and the older two men sat in the living room drinking coffee.

"Okay, that was one weird group of neighbors you have Jack. One minute every unattached woman over thirty was hovering around you, the next just a couple of guys."

"Just a couple of gay guys Daniel," Jay emphasized.

"What?" Jack turned to the boy.

"Since neither of you seemed interested in any of the women, some of them thought the two of you were together," Jay snickered. "Buffy heard two women speculating about it and tried to help."

"And just how did she try to help," Jack asked.

"She told them that you and Daniel weren't a couple." He paused for a moment for dramatic effect. "You and Sam were."