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The dawn light came it seemed to early for Kaoru, as she rolled out from under the thin pallet cover and standing, stretched.

She suddenly remembered that she had to ask Kenshin to go buy tofu when the market opened… Yahiko was going to need some extra training since she had been too preoccupied with cleaning the dojo the day before…

What was wrong with her these last few days?

Mentally she chided herself for her childish behavior, all because of that terrifying dream. It had happened the night after Yuutaro had left for Germany and since then she couldn't get it out of her mind.

The Battousai…

For some reason Kaoru's mind kept flicking back to the day in the forest, when Ryjuta had wounded Kenshin. The way his violet eyes had narrowed in that way.

She slipped open the screen door with a snap.

Did the wanderer in Kenshin really have the power to keep that mass murderer at bay?

"Kaoru-san?" a soft voice made her look up, and the slightly sleepy eyes of Kenshin Himura looked deeply into her own.

She smiled "Morning! I'm sorry I leave my door opening like this…" Kaoru trailed off lost in the shimmering color of his eyes.

Kenshin blinked a few times, feeling the heat rising in his face and he laughed "You were saying?"

"Oh" Kaoru jumped like she had been slapped "I was just thinking about something that's all."

Suddenly his hand came to her forehead "Are you sure you are feeling alright, you've had that vacant stare for the last few days, that you have."

With his free hand he felt his own forehead confirming his suspicions; Kaoru-san was feverish after all… To him she looked worried about something. But he wouldn't dare ask, after all he hadn't known her for more then four or five months…

That hand on her forehead made her heart beat wildly her chest, and as quickly as the warmth gathered it slipped away.

"You should be some rest" he cooed gently, she looked up feeling the world beginning to spin and then there was darkness…

Kenshin caught Kaoru's frail body before it touched the floor

"Sanosuke call Megumi-san, Kaoru needs help!" he cried into the courtyard where the former fighter for hire and Yahiko were arguing who was going to do all the chores for today.

Instantly to his feet, Sanosuke took off in the direction of Dr.Gensai's small clinc hoping that he wouldn't wake up all the sick people so early in the morning….

Gently Kenshin laid her down on the half made pallet and felt for Kaoru's pulse. It was strong but irregular and for a moment Kenshin allowed his fingers to touch her forehead, brushing away the ebony colored bangs.

But a quite evil near deranged smile slipped over his gentle face. Gently he bent over and closed now golden colored eyes.

"Soon dear Kaoru, you shall be mine."