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Ratings: PG (some language…)

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Akito's warped mind ahead!

Main Characters: Akito

Additional Notes: For once, Akito is female…


"Well let's take this potted plant to the woods and set it free

I'm gonna tell the owners just how nice that was of me

I could buy myself a reason

I could sell myself a job

I could hang myself for treason

For I am my own damn god"—Modest Mouse, "This Devil's Workday"

Shadows shifted as she lay, draped gracefully on the plush couch to the side of the door, her pounding head resting on her arm. Her thoughts were swirling, falling, rising, and twisting as they passed over her like the wind, her mind unable to catch them for long. Indigo eyes closed. She was so tired… Was there even a reason to this madness…?


Shigure's eyes were wide, pained and disbelieving; he stood near the center of the room, clutching a bloodied bandage in his hand as he faced her. "How could you?" he asked. "Hatori loved her—damn it! How do you sleep at night?" She only smiled darkly.

The scene faded, shifted and dissolved into another, a broken woman huddled against a wall in a dark room. She looked up with desperate and guilt-ridden eyes. "Hatori…"

Anger seared like fire. "That bitch! How dare such a weak woman steal her Hatori? Punishment was necessary, memories erased—Hatori will do it so he can see the weakness, so he can understand…

Blurring—a new room, but just as dark. A boy huddled in the corner, arms around his shaking knees. "Please—let me out!" No, she couldn't. He would hurt, suffer. He was the rat, her favorite. He must stay…he was needed…

Rain; it was raining. That bitch was standing there, so annoyingly defiant. Bitch—how dare she? Conceited little—to think she could ruin their lives, tear them apart. Don't allow it! Together…they must remain together, forever—needed.


Indigo was full of sleep, so full of a weariness that couldn't be placed. And a fire. Smoldering, a need to be needed. Everyone needed to be needed. They needed to remain as they always had. Forever. The only way they could survive was to be unchanged. Together.

No one should come between them.

"How do you sleep at night?"

She slept knowing that they were hers, they were safe, protected and needed. Together.


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