Chapter 1

Amon Leonidas and Kane Brandoff

Harry grinned, staring out of the window of the plane that he was on. He still couldn't get over the fact that they had actually sold him a plane ticket to the United Stares. He looked like he was fourteen years old when he was actually sixteen. His grin faded as he remembered why he was leaving.

Everyone around him wasn't safe. In fact, they were all being hurt and were going to die if he stuck around. Sirius was already dead, and Remus blamed him. The Weasely's had sent Harry a letter asking him if he wished to come visit them and stay with them for the remainder of the summer. They had been attacked before he even recieved the letter. Hermione and her family were in hiding right now because they had been attacked by a group of Death Eaters because Hermione was a muggle bornwitch and friends with him. All of this was caused because of him. It would be best if he left until he was well trained and was able and capable of defeating the dark lord, Voldemort.

Harry sighed and put his headphones over his ears, music flowing out of them. This was going to be a long flight, and there wasn't even going to be a movie. He had asked one of the stewardess's, and she had politely informed him that there would be no movie. She had then asked if he would like to have something to drink and he had managed to get a pop.

He sat back in his seat, quietly thinking to himself. He knew what he had to do when got to America. He mentally ran over his plan in his head once again.

1. Register at local wizarding school.

2. Get an apartment if school does not offer housing.

3. Get a job if school does not offer housing.

4. Get new clothes. Dudley's are WAY TOO BIG!

5. Get hair fixed so I can hide more easily.

6. Get contacts.

7. Buy new owl.

8.Get a new wand.

This was all that he had to do. Well, all that he could think of for the moment. Then he remembered one last thing and added it to his list.

9. Get muggle make-up to cover up this blasted scar.

That would have to do for now. Later when he had more time, he would sit down and find out if he was missing anything. He sighed over number 7. He had sent Hedwig to Hermione with a note requesting her to take care of Hedwig for him. She was just too noticeable, and besides, Hermione was constantly moaning about not having an owl. Harry had on several occasions forced his mouth shut and his tongue still so he didn't point out the fact that she could have gotten an owl, but she had gotten Crookshanks instead.

Someone sitting down next to him caught him off guard. He removed his headphones, turned off his cd player and turned to see who had dared to sit down next to him. He was surprised to see a boy his age, wearing black lipstick and mascara, and white make-up all over his face, making him look paler than Snape, he had long black hair that was pulled into tight braids that went all the way down his head and halfway down his back. Harry had to struggle with the muggle term, dreadlocks. The boy was wearing nothing but black and had a long sleeve shirt that looked like it was made of fishnet. The boy grinned at him.

"Hey, my name's Amon. Amon Leonidas." The boy offered Harry his hand. Harry grinned and shook it.

"My name's Kane Brandoff." Harry lied smoothly. Amon grinned at him.

"It's nice to meet you, Kane. So, we're you going?" He asked. Harry had laready planned out this just in case anyone asked him his plan, but he had planned on it being a stewardress or perhaps someone at the airport, but not another passenger, but nonetheless, he was prepared.

"I was here visiting my aunt and uncle. I have to return to the states to my parents." Harry told him.

"Ah, I see. I was here visiting dad. He and mum got a divorce so now I have visit him every summer or else he gets testy." Amon said softly. Both were silent for a minute.

"Why are you sitting next to me?" Harry asked softly.

"Because I could sense something from you. You're just like me. I can tell, Kane." Amon whispered. Luckily, the plane was filled with many people. Only about twenty eight people were riding, and this was a large plane.

"How?" Harry asked, feeling a little nervous.

"You're a wizard as well, but it's more than that. You know that we're both lying through our teeth just as well as I know it. Neither of us are going to America to our loving parents. We're both going for a new life." Amon said softly.

"Amon Leonidas isn't your real name?" Harry asked softly. Amon was silent for a moment.

"No. My real name is Eugene Harrington. Kane Brandoff isn't yours either?"

"My real name is of no concern." Harry snapped. Amon chuckled.

"So be it. Did you know that Amon means 'The Hidden' and Leonidas means 'Bold as a Lion'? And Kane means 'Warrior' and Brandoff means 'Black Raven'?" Kane asked. Harry grinned.

"How on earth do you know that?"

"I studied the history of names a while back." He replied. They both fell silent again. "So, why are you running away?"

"Everyone around me keeps getting hurt by Voldemort." Harry told him. He almost killed himself for saying that. But didn't when Kane nodded in understanding.

"Tell me about it. He killed my mother because grandma and grandpa were muggles, and dad started drinking pretty heavy and beats me every time he steps through the door. I figured America is where you can forget your past and begin a new life."

"Cheers." Harry said witha grin. "To forgetting the past in America." Amon saw the can of pop and yelped.

"Where'd you get that? I want one!" Amon cried. A stewardess who was walking by, giggled and handed Amon one. Amon instantly smiled at her in a flirtatious manner. "Thank you oh mighty goddess. How could one as pretty as you be working pn such a plane? You should be on television, in magazines, or walking down a runway."

"And you need to be put in a mental institution. Enjoy the flight." The stewardess said cheerfully, walking away. Harry bit back a laugh, biting down on his tongue and soon the taste if blood filled his mouth. Amon stared after her as if a four headed dragon had just told him that the sun rotated around the world.

"You alright Amon?" Harry asked, snickering sofltly.

"Yeah, but no woman's ever been that fast with a comeback before, and that accent sounded American. Oh, I look so much forward to America now! Hey! How about we stick together in America, eh? I mean, imagine it. We're both going to be in a strange environment, neither of us will know much about anything there, so we might as well stick together and keep each other safe. What do you say? Runaway brothers?" Amon asked, offering his hand. Harry went very quiet, and slowly, Amon's grin began to falter.

"I'm not sure, Amon. Everyone who gets close to me always ends up getting hurt. I don't want that to happen to anyone else." Harry explained softly, his head bowed and gazing at his worn trainers. Amon grinned.

"Kane, Voldemort's not in America. It's why witches and wizards are migrating there as fast as they possibly can. There and Canada, and anywhere outside of Europe." Amon explained. Harry was still reluctant, but he understood where Amon was coming from. He didn't really expect to be able to stand alone when they got there.

"Alright, we'll stick together." Harry said, and shook the still proffered hand.

"I'm glad you accepted my offer." Amon said with a smile.

Dear Hermione,

You're not going to believe this! I was instructed not to tell anyone, so that's why I haven't said anything until now. I've been recieving special training from my dad, Professor Snape, and Professor Lupin. They say that I'm so good now, that I could even beat Harry!

Harry's not allowed to know yet, so don't sat anything to him. I'm to be his body guard this year! Isn't that great? I'm so powerful now that I'm going to transfigure Malfoy into a ferret permanently once school starts! Not even Harry can do that!

They're going to start training Harry once school starts, but first they're going to start on Occlumency. Once he masters that, then he can start on other things. I don't see what he found so hard about it. I mastered it witin the first two weeks of training. Not even Snape can get into my mind. Greasy git's not nearly as powerful as I am! HA!

I have to get going now. Dad's taking me to the ministry to get my apparation license. They said that I'll be able to get one early, so if Harry gets into a dangerous situation, I'll be able to balehis arse out.

Soon, I'll be more famous than Harry. In fact, I bet that I can beat Voldemort! Harry doesn't even know half of the spells that I know. There's no way he can possibly beat Voldemort on his own.


Hermione stared at the letter in disbelief. When did Ron get like this? He certainly hadn't been like this when they had gotten onto the train last year. And what was this nonsense about defeating Voldemort, huh? There was no way Ron could defeat Voldemort. He was barely able to ask her out on a date last year.

Hermione crumpled up the letter angrily and threw it away. Ron would need to deflate that giant head of his before he got a response from her. Hermione sighed, wishing that she would send Harry a letter, but she knew that she wasn't allowed to. She had told Harry this, but he had still sent her Hedwig.

Thinking of Hedwig, Hermione bit her lower lip, worried. Life must be pretty bad at the Dursleys if Harry and sent Hedwig to her to keep over the summer. Maybe they were threatening him, or something worse.

Right then, Hedwig flew in through her open window, carrying a dead frog in her beak. Hermione frowned, wondering how on earth Hedwig had found that frog in the middle of London. Shaking her head, she went over to the window and shut it for the night as her mother called her down for dinner. Giving Hedwig a reassuring pat, Hermione went to go eat dinner with her family.

Albus sat in his chair, having just dismissed the meeting of the order. The last report from Arabella Figg had him a little worried. Apparently, the Dursleys had gone on a family vacation and had taken Harry with them. Harry wasn't being guarded, he wasn't under the protection of the house, and no one knew where he was located.

Albus knew that Harry was unable to send any owls. Hermione had sent him a letter informing him that Harry had sent her Hedwig for the summer, so apparently the Durleys would be on vacation for the rest of the summer. He dearly hoped that Harry would be okay without any guards to take care of him. At least he had his wand with him in case of an emergency.

"You mean they broke your wand?" Amon asked horrified, not even pausing in eating his bag of potato chips. "Why?" Harry shrugged.

"My cousin was using me as his punching bag, and finally after he broke my glasses, I punched him square in the nose and fell to the floor, crying. They burned all of my school things in my trunk and all of my clothes, and snapped my wand, and they were going to kill my owl too, but I managed to warn her away when she came home from hunting. She came back later and with a piece of parchment that I found in my room, I scribbled out a note to my friend to take care of her." Harry explained. Amon shook his head.

"Weren't you able to save anything?" He asked. Harry was quiet, then he nodded. He pulled out a grocery bag out from the bag compartment above their seat and brought it down. The first thing that he pulled out was an old piece of parchment.

"Why did you save that?" Amon demanded, frowning. Harry grinned.

"When you tap it with a wand and say, 'I solomnly swear that I am up to no good' and a map of Hogwarts shows up and shows you all the secret passageways, where everyone's located, and will give you the passwords to everything. When you're done, you say 'Mischief managed' and the map disappears. Only those words will activate and deactivate the map. My potions professor sustected that this was a map and tried to force it to reveal it's true nature to him, but instead it did nothing but insult him. It used to be my dad's." Harry explained. Amon laughed, his eyes sparkling.

"I'll bet you were once mischievious mother fucker. Running around, causing chaos. Is that all you managed to save?" Amon asked, interested about what else his friend might have brought along.

Next thing that Harry pulled out was his invisibility cloak. Amon's eyes widened. Harry smiled and ran his fingersalong it lovingly. He had learned that muggles couldn't see the invisibility cloak even if someone wasn't wearing it. "This was also my dad's." Harry said softly. Next he pulled out a silver locket with a green gem in the center of the heart.

"Ain't that kinda girly?" Amon demanded, his eyes glancing at the cloak approvingly. Harry smiled sadly.

"It's all that I have left of my mom. My aunt gave me a bunch of things before I pissed them all off. A bunch of legal documents, a box filled with photographs from my mom's childhood, and this. I can't open it up, unfortunately, but it was my mom's. See, on the back it says 'Happy 16th birthday Lilly. We love you.' My aunt read it over my shoulder and then said that she always knew that her sister was a freak since she was born on Friday the 13th." Harry explained. Amon smiled.

"The perfect day for for a witch to be born. Anything else you've got?" Amon asked.

"Just a bunch of legal documents and some pictures that used to belong to my mum." Harry said. He pulled out a couple of photographs.

"There are of my mom, dad, and their friends." Harry explained. He pointed to one picture. "This is my mom and dad." He said with a fond smile. Amon studied the picture and grinned.

"Your mom was beautiful." He flipped the picture over and read 'Me and Severus by the lake' written in cursive. "No offense, but your dad's kinda ugly. And what's with the greasy hair?"

"It comes from his brewing potions. See, that's my birth father. This is my adoptive father." Harry said, showing Amon another picture. "See, there's my father, my godfather, and my godfather's husband." Harry said, pointing out James, Sirius, and Remus. Amon pointed to the last person in the photo.

"Who's this?" He asked.

"Just some guy that my parents used to hang out with." Harry said dismissively, not even glancing at Peter Pettigrew who was waving inside of the photograph.

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To Be Continued...