Chapter 21

Professor Damon Warburten

Year: 1997

Neville sighed as they flooded into the Great Hall for supper. The holidays were over, and they were all returning to Hogwarts. Hermione and Ron were walking in front of him, holding hands. Draco and Leon were walking a bit ahead, Draco had an arm encircling Leon's waist possessively. Dean and Seamus were cuddling up together. Ginny and Justin had met up on the train and were walking with their hands laced together. He felt so alone, without his mate to hold hands and cuddle with.

Everyone sat down, and Neville did his best not to look at all the couples around him, but his eyes just seemed to be searching for them all without his permission. He counted fourteen obvious couples at Slytherin, including Draco and Leon. Seventeen in Ravenclaw, including Justin. Twenty five in Hufflepuff. And twenty eight in Gryffindor, including Ron, Hermion, Dean, Seamus, and Ginny. He briefly amused the thought about how when he was younger, he would never have realized that most of those people were couples, or even noticed.

"Welcome back to Hogwarts. Unfortunately, Hagrid, your Care for Magical Creatures professor had to leave us early due to the early delivery of his child with Madame Maxime, the headmistress of Beauxabons, and Professor Lupin and Professor Ebon was kind enough to take over the position." Everyone clapped politely, wondering who would take over the Defense Against the Dark Arts position or if Lupin and Ebon (aka Sirius Black (he was in disguise.) to the staff and those who knew about the order) would be teaching both positions.

Also, due to an unexpected family emergency, Professor Vector had to leave and will not be able to return for the rest of the year. So, your new Ancient Runes professor shall be Professor Potter." Everyone fell silent as Dumbledore gestured towards a dark haired lady. She stood up, nodded towards everyone, before sitting back down. Whispers burst out around the great hall, speculating about this strange woman's relation to Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

"And since our Defense teachers have become our Magical Creatures teachers, Professor Warburten has taken over the position, so please, do give him the respect that he is due." Everyone clapped politely, still whispering about Professor Potter.

"We also have a new student among us who must be sorted." Dumbledore announced. Everyone turned to see Professor McGonnagal bringing out the stool and sorting hat. She then disappeared through a door behind the head table. Everyone began to whisper and Professor McGonnagal returned with a pale, dark haired boy, who bore an eery resemblance to Harry Potter.

"Ezekiel Potter." McGonnagal announced and gestured for the boy to sit on the stool. Professor McGonnagal set the sorting hat on his head and everyone was quiet for five minutes. Some of the younger students began to shift and whisper. Finally, the hat yelled, "Gryffindor!" Everyone clapped and Gryffindor roared. Ezekiel Potter, now obviously Professor Potter's son, walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down next to Neville.

"So, with that done with. Tuck in." Dumbledore clapped his hands and all of the platters on the tables instantly filled with food and everyone began to dig in.

Whispers around the table erupted as Ezekiel began to serve himself only liquids and soft foods. He took a bite out of a roll when one of the students, Seamus Finnigan, was forced into asking.

"Hey, Ezekiel Potter, are you related to Harry Potter? You know, the boy who lived?" Seamus asjed. Ezekiel looked up and nodded, sipping something suspiciously red from his goblet.

"Yeah." he took another sip from his goblet.

"How?" Ginny Weasely asked. Everyone nodded, their attention on him.

"He's my big brother. James Potter was my father." he said by way of explaination. "That's all I know, really. I only met Harry once, but I've met uncle Damon a bunch of times, and he's told me a bunch of stories about Harry. Is it true he really killed a basilisk in his second year?" Ezekiel grinned as they instantly began to tell him all about Harry's exploits during his time in Hogwarts. He had done well in turning the conversation away from him. His mother and Dumbledore had told him to try and keep the fact that he was a vampire as quiet as possible.

"You know, i know what you did." a soft voice whispered beside Ezekiel, causing him to jump. He turned to see a grinning boy sitting there.

"And you would be?" he asked.

"Neville Longbottom. You know, you don't smell anything like Harry." Neville commented. "In fact, you smell like a bit like me." Ezekiel's eyes widened and he sniffed the air, instantly recognizing the scent of a fellow vampire. Ezekiel's eyes then returned to normal and he grinned.

"So, you're Neville Longbottom. You're uncle Damon's mate. He's the new Defense teacher." Neville nodded.

"I know. I can smell him from here." Neville almost purred, his eyes glazing over slightly with lust. Ezekiel put a hand on Neville's arm, and turned to make sure no one else had noticed, and found that the Gryffindors were now relating their stories about Harry Potter to each other. He sneered in disgust, ignoring his own amusement, before turning back towards Neville.

"Calm down, Neville." Ezekiel groaned and rubbed his eyes. "Do you have another name? Any other name? Because, I personally, find the name Neville, rather annoying."

Neville scowled. "Yeah, my middle name." he mumbled.

"What's your middle name?"

"Bartholomew." Ezekiel's nose wrinkled.


"Tell me about it."

"You should demand a naming ceremony."

"I don't know. I like Neville." Neville blushed. "My mom gave me my name."

"So wha-" a hand clapped down on Ezekiel's shoulder, stopping him mid sentence.

"That's enough, Ezekiel. Your mother needs to speak with you before the end of supper so you can find your way to Gryffindor tower." Damon Warburten was standing there, giving his nephew a dark look. The didn't notice that all of the Gryffindors had fallen silent and everyone was watching their new Defense teacher. Damon Warburte then turned towards Neville and smiled. "Mr. Longbottom, just the person I've wanted to speak to all night. I would like to speak with you, if you would. Come after supper to my office, and Mr. Longbottom?"

"Y-Y-Yes Professor?" Neville fell back into his old stuttering habit. Everyone blinked at him. Neville hadn't stuttered once all year.

"Ignore Ezekiel's rude comment. This is the first time he's ever been around other people his age. I also hear that they're using new therapy techniques on your parents to help them, so I'm sure your mother and father will be back to their old selves. Now, if you'll excuse me," they all watched Damon Warburten stroll away slowly, and Neville gaping after him which turned into a goofy smile.

Neville felt nervous as he stood outside of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher's office. He straightened his shirt, straightened his hair, made sure his clothes looked good, checked his breath, then straightened his shirt again. He then noticed some food on the edge of his sleeve and a rather bad wrinkle that refused to be straightened.

"Oh, I need to change my shirt," Nevulle began, turning to leave. He didn't notice the door opening, but he did feel the arms around his waist as he was dragged into the office, heard the door slam shurt and felt himself slammed against the door with a pair of warm, soft lips on the side of his neck.

"No need to be vain, Nev'." Damon purred seductively in his ear, nibbling on Neville's earlobe. Neville moaned wantonly and clung to Damon.

"Mine," he growled, then spun Damon around and attacked his lips, his fingers automatically going to the buttons on Damon's shirt and began to unbutton them.

"Yours," Damon moaned agreeably when Neville began to kiss up his jaw. Neville chuckled, his hands now exploring the exposed chest of his defense teacher. Neville inhaled his mates sense deeply, letting his mind connect all that was similar and alike to the smell of his mate. He froze, recognizing that scent. At the time, it had been slight, and he hadn't smelt it in almost a year.

"Harry?" Neville whispered. Damon froze, then chuckled.

"I meant to tell you, but it's the werewolf in me, Nev. I need this." Damon growled, his glamour vanishing, leaving him in his natural form, that was familiar but yet unfamiliar to Neville. Damon, now identified as Harry Potter, pressed forwards, backing Neville up against his desk, and began to suckle on his mate's throat, causing Neville to moan wantonly.

"Explain afterwards." growled Neville possessively, forcing Harry back up against the door, and began to lick and nip Harry's jugular vein. "Where's the bed?"

"My quarters. I'll take you there." Harry whispered. "But you need to let me replace my glamours." Neville stepped back and watched as Harry used wandless magic to replace his glamours.

"For now on, when we're alone, all of your glamours are off, do you understand me?" Neville growled, his eyes flashing in the light, causing Harry to moan. It was the werewolf in him. He was so far from the full moon that he was completely and utterly submissive.

"Yes," Harry hissed, unaware that he had slipped into parsletongue. Neville's eyes glazed over in lust at hearing the language of the snakes.

"Hurry, Harry," Neville whimpered. Harry took his hand pulled him to him briefly and kissed him. Neville's lips were like silk to him, making him growl deep in his throat. He licked Neville's lips for permission to enter, which Neville granted by opening his lips. Harry instantly thrust his tongue into Neville's mouth, plundering it. Neville instantly took control over the kiss, and spun Harry around and shoved him up against the door. When he drew away, Neville was proud to note that not only was Harry breathless, flushed and had swollen lips, his eyes were glazed over and he had a bit of saliva in the corner of his lip, which prompted Neville to lean forwards and lick it away.

"Quarters, Harry, remember?" Neville asked, his voice filled with amusement. Harry snapped out of it, and opened the door, which revealed an amused looking Selene and Ezekiel Potter.

"Uncle Damon, you really need to learn how to use silencing charms." Ezekiel informed him with a grin.

"He knows, Ezekiel." Damon said, rolling his eyes in a show of immaturity. Ezekiel grinned at his brother disguised as his uncle.

"So, I can call you big brother in front of him now?" he asked. Harry nodded and glanced at the smiling Selene, who gave him a knowing look.

"Go on, Adrian. Go have fun with your mate." Harry flashed her a grin, and led Neville away, smiling as Selene led Ezekiel away, in the opposite direction so he couldn't follow Damon and Neville and spy on their first coupling.

"Mmm," Harry rolled over and rested his head on top of Neville's bare chest, his fingers played over Neville's stomach, idly playing with his naval and the trail of hair leading beneath the blankets. Neville's hand instantly shot to his, stopping him.

"Mm, don't. That tickles." he murmured, still feeling lethargic from their rather "vigorous" love making session. Harry felt the urge to repeat his actions, but resisted. He was feeling too lazy to really do anything.

They were quiet for a while, enjoying the feel of the other's naked body pressed against them, the feel of satin sheets around them, the smell of sex lingering in the air. Harry then wrinkled his nose, feeling the dried cum on his stomach, making him feel incredibly gross. He murmured a cleansing spell, which cleaned their bodys most invasively, and the sheets around them. Neville chuckled.

"Feeling gross, Harry love?" he asked. Harry looked up to see Neville's beautiful baby blue eyes gazing down at him lovingly. Harry just smiled sheepishly in response, causing Neville to chuckle again, his free hand that had been on Harry's back, found it's way to Harry's black locks, and wrinkled his nose.

"Well, I guess that we hadn't needed to search for the lube after all." Neville mumbled. Harry gaped before laughing.

"I thought the exact same thing!" he manged to say before bursting out laughing. Neville shook his head, rolling his eyes and mumbled a spell that cleaned Harry's hair, making it so that it was silky instead of greasy. Harry gaped. "How'd you do that?" he asked. Neville chuckled.

My uncle's hair gets really greasy too, so he invented this spell that dispells the grease for a week. Well, actually, it depends on hos much power you put behind the spell for how well it works." he explained, shrugging. He then frowned. "Harry, love, you need to explain a few things to me now. Why you're my new defense professor, where you've been, why're you're her glamoured and underneath a flase name, how you became a werewolf and how long, and why you look like Snape." Neville shivered. Harry felt his heart go cold.

"Nev', you'll love me no matter what, right?" softly asked Harry. Neville's eyes widened.

"Of course, love." Neville replied instantly. Harry sat up and left the bed, pulling on a robe. He ventured out of the bedroom and out into his living quarters. Neville stared after him before jumping up, pulling on his slacks and following Harry out into the living room to find Harry all curled up in a chair, looking awfully put out. Neville went to kneel in front of him, but Harry gestured towards the couch.

"Nev', my name's not Harry Potter. Not really, I changed it. It's actually Hibiscus Snape. Before that, it was really Harry Snape. Severus Snape, your feared potions professor, he's my father." Neville gaped at him. Harry, with a sigh, proceeded to tell Neville everything about himself and his life.

Year: 1978

"Remus," Harry whispered fearfully in the middle of the night. He felt some weight next to him and he didn't know who it was. He had just woken up from a bad nightmare about Neville rejecting him because he was Snape's son.

"Shh, quiet Adrian. It's okay." a voice whispered in his ear and Harry instantly recognized it as Sirius's.

"Sirius?" whimpered Harry. Sirius soothed him.

"Shh. It's okay, Adrian. Remus will be right back. He went for a wet wash cloth. It wasn't real, it was just a nightmare." Sirius murmured. Harry clung to him, whimpering as he sought out the physical comfort that he needed.

"Please, please don't let him reject me," Harry whispered into Sirius's neck, the tears pouring from his eyes. Sirius soothed him, rubbing his back reassuringly.

Harry had come clean with them the night that they had come back, except fpr Peter, who had been "mysteriously" missing alone with Severus and Lucius. Lily had instantly accepted him, and had sat with his head in her lap for the rest of the night. James had to be brought around, but Remus and Sirius had accepted it after a bit, Remus sooner than Sirius.

"Adrian? Sirius?" James whispered. He stumbled in the dark without his glasses until he found the bed that he was searching for. He found Harry clinging on to Sirius and crawled into the bed and began to rub Harry's back in a soothing manner. "Another nightmare? Or was it another prophecy?" he asked.

"Nightmare. Remus and I were able to wake him." Sirius replied softly. It had been two weeks since they had returned and ever since then, every night they had ended up in the same bed, soothing Adrian from either a nightmare, a memory or a prophecy. With a memory, Harry woke up in a cold sweat and would crawl into bed with either James or Sirius and Remus.

"You know, we should just get one giant bed in this room and just sleep together in it." Remus whispered loudly to the room as he returned with the cool wash cloth. He walked over to the bed and handed the washcloth to Sirius, who accepted it and began to wash the sweat from Harry's face and shoulders. Remus crawled into the bed and Harry instantly clung to him. Sirius chuckled, now comfortable with Harry clinging to Remus.

"Don't let him reject me." Harry whispered to Remus. Remus gace the other two a sad smile and they laid down in their customary positions. James outside on the right, Remus in the middle with Harry on top of him with his arms wrapped aroun Remus's neck, and Sirius on the outside left, both Sirius and James holding the two werewolves.

"Don't let who reject you?" Remus asked as Sirius gently washed the sweat from Harry's back.

"Neville." Harry whimpered. James gave his future son, his current friend, a sad smile.

"Why would he reject you, Adrian?" James asked softly, rubbing Harry's back as Remus carded his fingers through Harry's hair in a relaxing and reassuring manner.

"Because he's terrified of my father." Harry replied, causing the three boys to frown.

"What?" they all echoed.

"He's terrified of Severus. In our third year during our boggart lesson, the boggart turned into Severus when he was facing it. Please don't let him reject me." Remus gave him a smile, Harry didn't even notice that it was obviously forced.

"I'm posititve that he won't reject you. Now, come, lets go to sleep. We have a test in potions in the morning." Remus murmured. The two werewolves fell asleep soon after, leaving the other two boys awake to talk.

"Do you think this Neville boy will reject him?" James asked, remembering how guilty he felt about how he had treated his son in the beginning of the year. Sirius sighed.

"I hope not. I happen to be fond of Adrian. By the way, thank you for making me his godfather." Sirius whispered, not wanting to wake his werewolf and Adrian.

"Thank you for being there for him while I couldn't." Sirius nodded. He then frowned.

"Why did Adrian tell us? I mean, we might change the course of time now that we know." Sirius mumbled. James looked sad.

"Probably because he'll erase our memories before he returns home to the future."

"Well, that bloody well sucks." This caused James to laugh, which briefly woke Remus.

"What are you laughing about?" he demanded irritably with a sleep laden voice.

"You were talking in your sleep about how soft Sirius is." James replied quickly. Remus made himself comfortable again with Harry on top of him and wrapped in the arms of his two best friends since his first year.

"Oh, well, shut up." Remus growled, falling back asleep, causing both James and Sirius to laugh, but stifled their laughter by putting their fists in their mouths.

Year: 1997

"Harry, come here." Neville murmured, opening his arms. Harry instantly launched himself into them. Neville smiled and nuzzled Harry's hair. "I won't reject you. I love you. And if that greasy old git of a bat is your father and brought you into this world to me, then I guess he isn't as bad as I originally thought he was. When are we going to go talk to him to discuss the marriage delegations?" Neville asked.

Harry's hands tightened on his shirt and looked Neville in the face. "Nev, he doesn't know I'm me. And he can't know until later. Just, just be my lover, be my mate, until then, please?" Harry asked. Neville gave him a relieved smile.

"Thank merlin, Harry. That gives me plety of time to over come my fear of that man, build up my legenday Gryffindor courage and prepare things with Grandme." Harry grinned.

"Thanks, Nev." Harry purred, tracing Neville's jaw line with his tongue, making Neville shiver agreeably. "Now, I think I have a king sized bed calling our names." Neville quickly picked Harry up and ran into the bedroom, using his vampire agility and threw Harry onto the bed, quickly pouncing and divesting the two of them of whatever articles of clothing that they happen to have on for their time spent in the living room.

"Well, isn't this nice? My first class of the day, and I have sixth year Slytherins and Gryffindors in the same room. I just know that this spells disaster, so I'm going to begin by telling you that any rivalry that you may possess against one another, ends as soon as you enter through my classroom door. In fact, in my presence, I expect it to be completely nonexistent. Do I make myself clear?" Damon Warburten demanded as he stood in front of his class. They all grumbled and only two people actually replied, and that was Ezekiel and Neville. Damon frowned when even Hermione didn't respond to his question.

"Well, if that's the case, then I guess I'll just have to cancel today's original lesson plan. I was going to show you how to use swords today, but since you're so disagreeable with working with one another, I'm going to have to do something else to strengthen the relations between your two houses." Damon spoke, his voice belying his annoyance at their lack of agreeability and respect. Everyone's eyes widened as they realized that they had just ruined what could have possibly and promising fun lesson.

"Sir, I'll play nice with the Gryffindorks!" Draco said instantly, not even thinking for a second about what he was saying, word wise. Damon's eyes narrowed, and briefly remembered Draco mercilessly making him stand in a corner for an entire day without reprieve for his father to come back and find.

"Mr. Malfoy, I believe you just sealed your fate with that last word that you used." Draco paled at his professor's words.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Longbottom, you two are now partnered up since you two are the most agreeable to getting along with our Slytherin friends. Oh, look at this, now there's an equal number of Slytherins and Gryffindors! How fortunate! Especially since before I had decided to forego assigning partners, but luck has shined down on us today!" Damon grinned viciously. Every student in the room paled significantly.

"Mr. Malfoy, you are now partnered with Mr. Weasely. Miss Granger, you are now partnered with Mr. Zabini. Mr. Snape, you are now partnered with Mr. Finnigan. Mr. Goyle, you are partnered with Mr. Thomas. Miss Parkinso, you are partnered with Miss Brown." and Damon continued until all the Gryffindors, except for Neville and Ezekiel, were partnered with a Slytherin. When he finished, Damon frowned when he looked up at the class. "Well, get up and sit next to your partner. Hurry up!" he bellowed. Everyone frantically packed all of their supplies back up and shot around the room until they were seated next to their partners. Damon frowned when he noticed that they had all strategically sat so they were sitting closely to a member of their own house (such as across the isle, behind, infront, and such). He 'tsked' them, waggling his finger and raising his eyebrows.

"Now, now, this won't due. Now, Mr. Weasely, please change seats with Mr. Malfoy so you are no longer sitting across the isle from Miss Granger. Miss Parkinson, switch seats so that you are no longer sitting behind Mr. Zabini." and on he continued until no Gryffindor was sitting in close proximity to another Gryffindor, and the same with the Slytherins. Damon smiled once he was complete, completely ignoring the dirty looks that he was getting from his students that were once his fellow classmates.

"This is your new seating arrangement for the rest of the year. Also, the person you are partnered with is your partner for the rest of the year. You are now dependent upon each other to pass. In fact, you will now hand in your homework as one. You will do all of your work together, and if I can wrangle it, I will have it done so that the whole lot of you are eating and sleeping together until you get along. If one of you gets in trouble, both of you get in trouble. I will have it set so that if any of you get into trouble with any teacher in the castle, you will both spend detention together." Ron's jaw dropped.

"You can't do that!" Ron spluttered angrily, his face turning bright red in his rage. "I refuse to be partnered with Malfoy!"

"SIT DOWN MR. WEASELY! YOU WILL WORK TOGETHER WITH MR. MALFOY, AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH IT! AND THAT APPLIES TO ALL OF YOU!" Damon paused. "And Mr. Weasely, I can do it and I have." Ron flushed further and sat back down, having stood up during his yelling fit about being partnered with Draco. "Also, you and Mr. Malfoy now have detention with me, tonight, for speaking out of turn." Draco turned red and turned to yell at Ron, but settled enough for a dirty look.

"Does anyone else have anything to say?" Damon asked, grinning evilly at his class who was now entirely giving him the death glare that could have rivaled his father's.

"This isn't fair!" Pansy shrieked.

"Detention, Miss Brown, Miss Parkinson."


"Tomorrow night as well, now."

"Hermione, the smart witch that she was, raised her hand. Damon nodded towards her. "Miss Granger?"

"Sir, why did you give detention to Parkinson? You asked if anyone else had anything to say." Hermione pointed out logically, still glaring at him. Damon grinned at her.

"I prefer it when my students actually raise their hands." he replied. Hermione blinked.

"Oh, well, why didn't you just take points, sir? Instead of giving us detention, whish is a lot less hassle for the staff." Hermione said, flushing slightly. Damon grinned.

"Because, Miss Granger, you no longer have seperate houses once you enter my classroom. You are all one class of students to me, and I will treat you as such. I will not condone this segregation of the school any longer. What most of you have not realized, is that you would all do best to work together to succeed in this world." Everyone fell quiet, dropped their dirty looks, and stared at their teacher.

"Mr. Zabani, tell me, why do you think it is that the dark lord, also known as he-who-shall-not-be-named, or even better, Voldemort, or even better, Tom Riddle. But, why do you think it is that he is able to strike such fear into everyone's hearts?" Damon went and sat down on top of his desk in front of the entire class. He pulled out a knife and began to peel one of the several apples on his desk.

Blaise flushed at the attention that Damon had just thrust upon him. "Um, because he murders mudbloods and-" Damon's eyes flashed as he looked up. He threw his knife and it embedded itself into the desk that Blaise and Hermione were both seated at, less than an inch from Blaise's hand. Everyone froze and Blaise stared in horror at the knife that was not so far away from his hand as it had been just seconds ago.

"Never say that word in my classroom again. Do you understand me, Mr. Zabini?" Damon growled. He then turned his gaze on the rest of the class once Blaise nodded his assent. "Do all of you understand me?" Everyone nodded, afraid to speak without his express permission. "For now on, when you're in my class, you don't have a lineage. You are not a pureblood, you are not a muggle born, you are not anything but a bunch of wizards and witches in my training. If any mention lineage is made in my classroom again, you will have a full week of detention with me. If you insult another's lineage, it's two weeks of detention with me. If I hear the use of the word mudblood, it's an entire month along with your next Hogsmead weekend. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Professor Warburten." the entire class chorused, their voices tinged with fear.

"Good, now, Mr. Zabini, you were saying?" Damon summoned his knife back to him, and went back to peeling his apple. Blaise swallowed, looked around nervously, before continuing with what he had begun before the whole incident.

"Um, he-who-must-not-be-named is feared because he kills muggleborns and muggles, and is one of the most powerful people in the world?" Blaised asked nervously, afraid that the knife would come flying at him again if he was wrong. Damon smiled.

"Very good. He's feared because of his power." Damon's gaze swept over the room. "Mr. Thomas, why is Voldemort so powerful?" Dean flinched, not wanting his professor's attention on him. Everyone in the room had this same sentiment.

"Um, because of his magic?"

"Wrong. Anyone else wish to venture a guess?" No one raised their hands. No one dared to raise their hands. "No one? Very well. It is because of who he has following him. Now, who does he have following him?" The curly strand of apple skin was slowly growing longer as he slowly and carefully peeled his apple. "Miss Brown?"

"Death eaters?" she asked, staring at the knife in his hands that was halfway through with peeling the apple in his hands.

"True. But who are the death eaters? Mr. Weasely? Care to give us your thoughts?"

"Slytherins!" Ran spat, shooting a glare at Draco, who glared back at him. Damon frowned.

"Two nights of detention, Mr. Weasely, Mr. Malfoy. The answer is, he has Slytherins, Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and people from all over the world working for him."

"LIAR!" Seamus yelled. "Gryffindors would never follow you-know-who!"

"Detention, Mr. Finnigan, Mr. Snape. You are wrong, Mr. Finnigan. Voldemort does in fact have Gryffindors following him. Most of you have probably never heard of him, but a man by the name of Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor and he worked for Voldemort. Mr. Pettigrew passed inside information to Voldemort. All of you heard about what happened to James and Lily Potter, correct?" Everyone nodded, transfixed by his tale. "Mr. Pettigrew was part of the reason why that happened. He sold out the Potters to Voldemort."

"But I thought that Sirius Black did that!" a girl, Elizabeth Proctor, from Gryffindor, asked.

"Ahh, now you see, that is complicated to explain, but I happen to know for a fact that Peter Pettigrew was working for Voldemort and still is. But we're getting off track. What I'm trying to point out to you is the fact that Voldemort has followers from all houses. You can ask Mr. Malfoy if you wish. His father was a spy for the light for a great number of years." Everyone turned to look at Draco, who flushed with embarrassement.

"Mr. Longbottom, could you please come with me to my office so we can retrieve today's lesson. I was going to save it for next week, but since everyone was so disagreeable," Damon wandered off, causing most of the students to flush with shame, especially Hermione. "Mr. Potter, please watch the class."

Damon and Neville went into his office, where Neville pounced on Damon as soon as the door was closed. Damon quickly put up a silencing charm so no one would hear what was going on in the office. Damon dropped his glamours, became Harry and Harry's hands found their way to Neville's firm ass as Neville nipped at his throat before sinking his fangs into the pale skin.

"Oh!" Harry whimpered, ecstasy rolling off of him in waves. Just as Harry came, Neville withdrew his fangs. Neville held Harry against him as Harry whimpered at the sudden loss of pleasure. Neville shushed him until Harry was able to stand confidently once again. He cast a cleansing charm, grabbed the previously set out papers and gave them to Neville and sent him back to the classroom and gave him directions for him and Ezekiel to pass out the papers to everyone in class.

Harry sat in his office, bringing himself back to reality, and he realized that he couldn't let him and Neville be alone during the school day or else they would ruin everything. The students didn't know that they were mates. Only Albus did.

Straightened out, Harry recast his glamours, once again becoming Damon Warburten and returned to his class. Everyone watched him as he strode confidently to the front of the classroom. He grinned wolfishly at them, making their fear increase dramatically, which made Damon, Neville and Ezekiel all want to groan, but had to hold their groans in. The fear was like an aphrodesiac for the three of them.

"Well, you have your assignments. You have to work together with your partner to figure out the ten riddles on the sheet, and only when the two of you have solved all the questions on your work sheet, will the two of you move on. So, even if in two months from now you're the only ones who haven't figured out the questions, you will continue to work on it even as the class progresses without you because I refuse to have uncooperative brats underneath my tutelage." The bell rang, thus signaling the end of class. Damon stopped them before they left.

"Did I say you could leave? Did I say that I was done? Return to your seats immediately. Yes, Miss Granger?" Damon asked as everyone shot him a death glare as they returned to their seats. Only Hermione raised her hand.

"Sir, we have to go to our next class or else we'll be late!" Damon grinned.

"I feel sorry for you then, Miss Granger, because I was going to write all of you passes for being late, but your comment just negated that action. Class, thank Miss Granger and Mr. Zabini for making you late without an excuse for your next class." All the Slytherins and Gryffindors shot the pair glares. "Now, as I was saying. I want all of you to return here promptly at seven, directly after dinner, and I suggest you bring all of your possessions. Also, in a month's time, we will be taking a camping excursion to an undisclosed location where we will not be using any magic and will be doing everything the, how shall I say, muggle way? Anyway, any one who wishes to attend, the sign up sheet is placed right outside of my classroom door." He studied them for a minute. "Now, you may leave."

Every student leapt up and ran out of the room. Damon amused himself with the idea of making them all come back and walk, but decided to be nice since he had been so harsh during class. He was then amused to notice that not a single one of them, other than Ezekiel and Neville, stopped to sign up for the camping trip. As they signed their names on the piece of paper, Damon called for them to remain behind for a little while longer. They both reluctantly slunk back into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Damon chuckled.

"I'm only writing the two of you passes. You two not only signed up for the camping trip, you both followed orders and payed attention during class. I also want for the two of you to try and pursuade the rest of your, um, peers, to take part as well, in the camping trip, of course." Damon said byway of explanation as he scribbled two notes for the two of them, excusing their tardiness. "Who do you guys have next?"

"Severus." they chorused. Neville then grinned.

"You know, Hermione, Ron, Leon and Draco are going to be pissed at you later on when they find out who you really are." Neville said as he accepted his note. Damon shrugged.

"A necessary evil, but you have to admit, I've never seen Ron's face turn quite that particular shade of red before." Neville laughed and led out of the room to their next class, potions, explaining Damn's, or rather, Harry's, past relationship with the previously mentioned four.

Damon sighed as he watched the two vampires leave his classroom. He, completely by coincidence of course, happen to have a free period now and decided to utilize it by speaking with Albus about his threatening promise to his class.

Year: 1978

Harry smiled as he watched James leave for his date with Selene, and watched Lily left with him for her date with Severus, but to everyone else in the room, both James and Lily had finally "gotten together" and were both going out on a date with "each other". They were using the other as a cover story. Harry had only told James and Lily that James wasn't his father and that Severus was. Lily had been thrilled.

Unfortunately, it was the night of the full moon, and Harry wanted to do nothing more than scream at the top of his lungs about how it wasn't fair. James had Selene, Lily had Severus, Remus and Sirius had eather other, and Peter had Voldemort (A/N: I don't mean it that way...ew...). Harry hadn't yet had a chance to use the time turner to go forwards in time so he could spend time with Neville.

"Adrian, it's time for your detention with Professor Flitwick." Remus called over. Harry groaned, but it was all an act. It was just another cover up detention for the full moon. Harry stood up from his seat in front of the fire.

"Well, I guess I'll be seeing you two later." They bid him farewell, but knew that they would be seeing him again in about fifteen minutes later in the Shrieking Shack.

Harry, instead of doing his usual check-in with the teachers who he was having "detention" with in case someone followed his, he went straight down to the Shrieking Shack. He turned towards one of the boarded up windows and stared through the crack for a while before silently wishing that he could just transform immediately and get it over with because he hated the anticipation.

Suddenly, Harry felt himself turning, but it wasn't hurting like it normally was. Harry pushed towards it faster before it could start hurting, and he started to change faster. Surprisingly, he didn't encounter any pain, and just shook his body, getting rid of any remaining strange twinges that he had felt during his transformation.

"I'm glad that you finally accepted me," a soft, deep voice spoke. Harry whirled around, trying to find the culprit but encountered no one. He heard the voice chuckle. "Close your eyes, and you will see me."

Harry did as instructed, and found himself in a dark expanse of a room with a wolf sitting in frot of him, and Harry realized that he was human. He stared at the wolf.

"Who are you?" he asked. The wolf gave him it's version of a smile.

"No need to talk aloud. You only need to think if for me to hear it." Harry nodded, dumbfounded. I am the wolf inside of you. I call myself Nightshade, as our fur is as black as night as we move as a shade does."

"So you're the werewolf inside of me?" Harry asked, doing as instructed, and found, to his surprise, that it worked.

"Yes, and I've been waiting so long for you to finally accept me." the wolf growled pleasantly. "So very long. Now, we can be as we were meant to be. As one. One entity. Working together. It will be so beautiful, Hibiscus."

Harry blinked. "What did you call me?" asked Harry, feeling uncertain about all of this.

"Hibiscus. It is the name that our mother and father wished to name us, no?" the wolf inquired. "So, it is our name, yes?" The wolf paused. It is our human name. For once we have become one with one another, our wolf name shall be Nightshade and our human name shall be Hibiscus Severus Snape."

Harry blinked again. "We will become one? I don't think I understand. Aren't we already one?"

The wolf chuckled softly as he explained. "Yes, but not as we should be. We are currently one as two entities in one body. When we become one, as in one entity in one body, the two of us conjoined forever, then we shall truly become a true one. What the werewolf was truly and always meant to be."

Harry walked forwards, in his mind, and reached out tentatively towards the wold, who butted his head into Harry's hand, and gave him an appreciative growl. Harry smiled at the silky feeling of the fur and caressed his head and neck lovingly, scratching lightly behind the ears.

"Will it hurt?" Harry asked softly. Nightshade looked up at him, and Harry was surprised to see the completely intelligent golden eyes that were flecked with green that were staring up at him.

"Better. So much better." Harry fell to his knees and hugged the wolf, loving the feeling of his fur against his skin. He didn't notice that the wolf was merging with him, and he was becoming one with the wolf.

When Harry opened his eyes, and he found himself staring into a familiar, yet unfamiliar amber eyes. He realized that he was staring at Moony. Moony released a questioning whimper, to which Harry instrinctually replied with, with a quick lick of the tongue on Moony's muzzle, instantly soothing the other werewolf, who howled with happiness, and impatiently nudged him to get him to get up and come play.

"Mr. Rowthings, you seemingly have nothing wrong with you. You have none of the normal injuries after one of your nights under the full moon. Do you care to explain because I can't think of any possible reasons as to why when Mr. Lupin is covered with all of the usual injuries." This was what greeted Harry the next morning in Hospital Wing. Harry just gave her a blank look and shrugged.

"Maybe it's the alpha wolf in me?" he replied with a shrug. Torosa gave him a studious look before nodding uncertainly.

"I guess it's entirely possible. You have yet to reach your magical majority." Torosa spoke slowly, her voice betraying the uncertainty that she felt. Harry nodded, got out of the infirmary bed and quickly left the hospital wing before Torosa could change her mind.

For some reason, he didn't feel like telling Torosa Conner about how he and his werewolf side had merged completely into one entity. He had all of the extra powers of being a werewolf in his human form, and could even speak with his wolf side, turn into a wolf without the full moon. He just didn't want to tell anyone, really. Especially about how his transformation didn't hurt, and about how he had kept his mind throughout the entire night without once fighting or wrestling with the werewolf inside of him. Without fighting with Nightshade.

"Hibiscus, let us visit our mate. We need him. Use the time turner." Nightshade whispered from the back of his mind where he seemed to like to reside. Harry stopped and drew deep into the shadows of one of the alcoves so he could speak with Nightshade without distraction or being caught in the act.

"Now? We don't even know the exact time and what not!" Harry replied sharply. The wolf growled.

"Now? We need to claim him before another does. And the others, they won't realize that we're gone if we go now, so if we make a mistake with the time turner, they won't notice. They'll think that you're still in the hospital wing with Remus." Nightshade sounded sad as he said Remus's name, making Harry frown.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked him. "Why are you sad?" Harry felt the wolf's surprise then guilt.

"I just wish that Remus would accept Moony, as you call him, so he would not have to suffer as he does. He is pack, it hurts to know that he's in pain." Nightshade informed him.

"I know. What do you mean by, Moony, as we cal him? Isn't that his wolf's name?" inquired Harry. He felt annoyance from Nightshade.

"His name is Windwalker. He should be what he is meant to be, but Remus fights himself. He has since he was first bitten. Normally, the young can accept their wolf sides, that's why werewolves generally attack children, so they can bring about the revolution to help all werewolves, but nowadays, the children are eighter taught to reject their wolf side or are to young to understand that they need to accept the wolf in order to become whole. Instead of embracing the gift thet they have been given, they instead see it as a curse, reject it, and search for a "cure" for the "curse". It's disgusting, really."

"How do you know all of this?"

"It is an internal knowledge that is instantly passed from one werewolf to another upon bite." Nightshade said byway of explanation. Harry sighed, but then felt the urge to go use the time turner to go visit Neville. He rolled his eyes at Nightshade's not so subtle urging.

"Fine, fine. I'll go figure out the math and then we'll go visit Neville. Damn it. I hate math." Harry grumbled, ignoring Nightshade's snickering.

Sirius bounced into the infirmary and pounced on his mate, who groaned in pain at the sudden impact that jarred a couple of his injuries. Sirius gave him an apologetic look and kiss on the cheek. Lily, Severus, James and Peter all rolled their eyes at their antics. Peter looked over at the bed next to Remus's and frowned.

"Hey, Remus, where's Adrian?" Peter piped up. Remus's eyes widened in surprise and looked over at the empty bed next to him.

"I know he was here earlier." he whispered hoarsely. His throat was raw from screaming during the transformation back.

"Healer Conner!" Sirius bellowed, winking at his mate, who winced at the sudden loud noise that his lover had caused. Healer Conner came bustling back in and gave Sirius a dark look.

"Mr. Black, keep your voice down. You are disturbing my patients' rest." she said irritably. Sirius rolled his eyes playfully.

"Healer Conner, I think one of your patients made a jail break." Selene commented, walking in with Severus, who she was also holding hands with.

"Who?" she asked, turning to study the hospital week. "Adrian Rowthings. He's missing." James said, pointing towards the unoccupied, but usually occupided once a month, bed next to Remus's bed.

"Is that all? Adrian was released earlier, about two hours ago." Torosa explained, relief spreading throughout her. She noticed the look of pain on Remus's face, and realized that he was due for another numbing potion and selected one of the several vials on his beside table that was marked 'Numbing Potion 5'.

"Why? Last night was, well, you know." Lily said, worry setting in over her little boy. Well, her future little boy. Severus felt worry spread throughout him as well, settling over him like a warm blanket. He listened intently for the nurse's answer.

James and Selene, sensing the worry that their fellow couple had, hugged them in a comforting manner. Well, James hugged Lily, and Selene just gave Severus a reassuring squeeze of the hand. Torosa noticed though, but chose not to mention anything about Selene and Severus's hidden concern.

"Adrian had nothing wrong with him. He was completely uninjured from last night. In fact, he's in the best condition that I've seen him in all year." Torosa commented, frowning, but shrugging it off. "I'm sure he's just up in his dorm room, working on his homework or resting." she said loftily, but knew that he was more likely to be out playing quidditch or something of that like.

James and Sirius shared a look, then James and Peter shared a look. Sirius stood up from Remus's bed and gave him a quick peck on the forehead. "We'll be back later, Remus. We're going to go find Adrian." Lily frowned. That was entirely unlike James. She smiled. Maybe he was finally growing up. But then she saw the hidden worry in their eyes and she put away her happiness at the unexpected show of maturity.

"I have to go to the library for some homework. I'll bring you back some books later, Remus. Hey, Selene, Severus, do you want to come with?" she asked. Remus and Torosa watched the group of kids leave, both of the uncertain as to why they seemed so worried and quick to depart. Shrugging it off, Remus went back to sleep and Torosa went to check on her three other patients in the infirmary, completely unaware that Adrian hadn't been seen all day since his release from the infirmary.

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What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?