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Close Your Eyes

"Sophie, you don't look well today, are you feeling all right?" Howl asked as Sophie came out of the bathroom. The two had been married for nearly a month now, having gone to a ceremony that long ago and just getting back from their honeymoon only two weeks ago. The ceremony had been small, only a few attending, including Sophie's sister. Sophie's mother hadn't been there however, even though Sophie forgave her she couldn't forgive herself. It still had been lovely. Howl had made for Sophie the loveliest gown of blue silk and a hat with a blue lace vale. He himself had worn blue as well, although it was a darker blue to go better with his hair. He didn't mind it anymore, Sophie liked it a lot and her hair had changed too with her curse, from brown to starlight gray. He liked it better like that and told her almost everyday.

She remembered well walking down the isle, it had been so wonderful. All around her there were flowers, the ceremony had been held at his old hiding spot. He no longer needed it of course, he was free. She remembered the most wonderful kiss under the archway of roses and carnations he had created for her, petals fluttering around and getting stuck in her hair. They had gotten stuck in his hair too. Calcifer had listened to her every order the day before as she had been preparing food, although her sister had told her constantly to let her do the cooking instead. Her sister, although still weary of wizards saw in mere moments of talking with Howl how much he loved Sophie.

At the ceremony, Markl was the happiest of them all; he was so excited when he got to carry the rings. He kept talking about how they were all a family now, a real family and nothing was going to break them apart, he wouldn't let it. As they ate afterwards he declared to Sophie and Howl he'd practice his magic so much they wouldn't have to fear anything ever again.

The laughter had been warm, the conversation light and comfortable. Each pause brought forth new and old topics of discussion, laughing over events of the past and looking to the sky in regards to the future. Sophie had been particularly adamant on the subject of the future; although she didn't tell Howl how much of it she was looking forward to. She did say some though, but left out the part of her wanting children. She didn't know exactly if he had wanted them, although she assumed he did, he seemed like the kind of man who would want to be a father. She told herself she would wait for a little while before bringing up the topic just to make sure they were settled in, although now the topic had seemed to surpass her and now she had little choice about when to bring it up with Howl except now when he was asking. Of course, she could have said something sooner but she herself wasn't certain of anything until today.

It had been sad to drop her sister back off at home in town but with a hug and a promise to visit in the future, the two were able to pry themselves out of the other's embrace and say goodbye. Sophie smiled at those memories and turned her attention back to her husband.

"No, I haven't been feeling that well lately," she admitted, wondering if he'd realize on his own why she had been sick all the last week. He probably wouldn't though, even if he was a wizard she didn't believe he would be able to notice something that only happened to women. Of course then again, she could be wrong.

"So then, what's wrong Sophie?" he asked, taking her into his arms, holding her gently against him. She reveled in his warmth and touch. She loved him so much. Howl looked down at her and kissed her forehead. "You haven't been feeling well all week. Do we need to get you to a doctor?" He replaced his lips with his hand and felt her temperature, pulling it away and looking at her. He looked so adorable right now to Sophie.

"No, I don't think that's the case. I don't think I'm sick in that way," she said and smiled. "But something is changing." She put a hand on her stomach; she wanted to beat about the bush for just a little while longer; the news was too wonderful for her to keep it up for long. That and the fact she wanted to make Howl worry just a while longer, although she could only imagine the rash plans flowing through his mind of how to help her, each probably more ridiculous than the first.

"What is it? Tell me what it is Sophie!" The look of worry and love from Howl's face made Sophie laugh slightly. He was so adorable when he worried over her…just as long as he didn't do anything like get himself injured protecting her as he had when the war was still going on. At the moment though it looked like he was about to injure himself again, so worried if she was all right when she actually was.

"Howl, I think I'm pregnant!" Howl's face turned three shades of pink, a dozen shades of red and two shades of purple. "Howl love, remember to breath!" He released Sophie from his embrace. Howl exhaled and inhaled three deep breaths, his hands resting on his knees in an attempt to recover from the shock. Sophie knelt by him and looked up into his eyes. "Are you all right Howl?" Howl gasped and struggled to catch his breath. Sophie worried she had startled him too much and wondered if she should get him a glass of cold water.

"I don't know," he said after a moment. "I mean…" He took her hands into his and kneaded them softly. Sophie loved the warmth she felt whenever he held her hands, it gave her a greater sense of feeling, a greater feeling that this was her home, this was where she truly belonged. She belonged with him, her true love, her heart was his always, just as his was hers. It was the truest of love in her opinion, something so pure it would never waver.
"Aren't you happy? I am…I've always wanted children." Sophie smiled and watched Howl stand, taking her back into his arms and putting his hand on her stomach. It moved over her dress, softly caressing it as if gauging what now lay inside her body.

"Why wouldn't I be happy?" he asked. "This is amazing Sophie. I mean, I never expected it but it's still so wonderful." He did want to be a father…but he didn't know it would have been this soon. Then again, things happened with him whether he was ready for it or not and all he could do was jump into it with all the usual energy he had. He just hoped he would be a good enough father for the child but he knew Sophie would be the perfect mother…and she would teach him how to be a good father as well.

Sophie smiled. She was glad he was overjoyed at this; he was ready to be a father after all. It had worried her at first but Howl loved her so much she started to disbelieve any doubts she had. He was happy and he would be a wonderful father. "I don't know if it's a boy or a girl though." She frowned for a moment but then shook off the thought of wanting to know. It was much better to be surprised with matters such as this; it made it all the better in her opinion and that was what she wanted. She would be happy with either a boy or a girl; it made little difference to her which one she would be having.

"I know how we can find out," Howl said, his eyes gleaming with mischief. "Do you want to know?" Calcifer would have to assist in the spell but it wasn't that hard to do. He wanted to know so badly if it was a son or daughter. He didn't know how to take the news the moment she had told him but as he turned various colors while holding his breath realized it was a good thing. He believed it was something Sophie had wanted even if she had never said it before and besides, it couldn't be any worse than taking care of Markl. Of course, Markl wasn't too much trouble to begin with. A child of his own though? What sort of personality would this child pick up from his parents? That alone filled Howl with a feeling of pride and dread.

"I don't want to find out," Sophie said, "I'm perfectly happy being surprised."

"Are you sure? It's really easy and wouldn't take much time Sophie," Howl insisted and Sophie shook her head again. She really didn't want to know

"No, I don't want to know. That would spoil the surprise Howl," she said. "Perhaps later I might but not now. I don't want to know." She wanted it to be a surprise. Their first child…it would spoil the wondrousness of it all if she knew. He looked at her with curiosity and longing. He must really want to know but she didn't. She would stand firm on that matter because she didn't want him to get carried away with anything just yet regarding the future children. Yes, children, not just one. Sophie wanted a big family, although she didn't know how Calcifer would take that or Markl for that matter. Actually, when she thought about it, Markl would be excited beyond belief to have someone he could say he'd train hard to protect. He'd be a most excellent big brother to a brother or a sister, whichever she was having.

"Are you sure? It's such a simple spell," he whispered into her ear and she pushed him away teasing and his hands brushed her stomach as he stepped away. "Sophie you're mean." He pouted at her and she almost gave in. She could hardly resist his blue eyes and they were staring at her quite cutely. She shook her head sadly and stood her ground, she would be firm in this matter at least.

"I'm not being mean. I just don't want to know and I don't think you should want to know why either. The surprise is part of the fun of being pregnant," she said chidingly. He looked at her with a downcast face and then smiled, recovering his excited expression. His blue eyes pierced into Sophie's own again and saw she really wanted this. Maybe it would be best to be surprised; it would make for an interesting time trying to guess all by himself without magic. It would be fun actually, coming up with names and planning out a baby room and remodeling the house to accommodate such a thing.

"Okay Sophie, I'll wait and be surprised. If that's what you want," he said. "We better go tell everyone else though. I'm going to be a father!" He took her hand and ran into the main part of the house, Sophie being dragged behind. She put a gentle hand on her stomach and smiled. Yes, things were going to be different now, but it was all a change for the better, wasn't it?

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