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Close Your Eyes

Chapter 7

"What gender is our last child?" Howl asked.

"Another boy," the midwife said. "You have two sons and one daughter. You two should be very proud. Sophie, you should be extremely happy right about now, happy and exhausted."

"I am," Sophie whispered. "Can I hold them?" She reached her arms out. "Can I hold my babies?" The midwife nodded and brought one of them over, placing him in Sophie's arms. She went to get the other two and placed the girl by Sophie's side and placed the youngest boy in Howl's arms. (Sophie had thankfully released Howl's hand.) "They're so beautiful…Howl, look at them!"

Howl chuckled and touched the small hand of one of their youngest son. "I'm looking Sophie. He's so ugly! Ah, he takes after his old man!" Sophie laughed weakly. "Any ideas for names or don't you want to name them yet?"

"The oldest…Morgan. I like the name Morgan," she said.

"For our daughter, how about the name Sapphire, how does that name sound?" Howl asked.

"Not that jewel," Sophie said. "Too close to my name too. I don't want us to get confused. How about Ann?"

"That name is so plain love!" Howl said with a laugh. "Shouldn't you want something more exciting?"

"My name is plain and look how I turned out," Sophie replied simply.

"Oh, right," Howl said with a cough. "This little guy, I think he needs a special name though…"

"Howl Junior?" Sophie suggested and Howl frowned.

"There can only be one Howl love," he said. "How about the name Yuan?"

"That sounds lovely Howl," Sophie whispered, her eyes starting to close. "Morgan, Ann and Yuan it is." Howl leaned forward and kissed the foreheads of Sophie and each child, including the one in his arms. "I'm so tired Howl." The midwife removed the children and put them on the other side of the bed where she had created a makeshift cradle for them.

"Then rest my dear, you deserve it," Howl whispered and handed Yuan to the midwife and she put him in the makeshift crib as well. Sophie closed her eyes and Howl tucked her in with a small quick kiss on the lips. She smiled and drifted off asleep.

"Howl, I need to talk to you again," the midwife said.

"Can't it wait?" Howl asked, "I want to watch the children for a moment…"

"Then come outside in a moment, I'll wait. You must be so proud," she said with a knowing smile. "They are beautiful children." She walked out the door and left the family alone, Sophie snoring faintly. Howl crossed to the other side of the room and looked at the children, fidgeting a little but looking fairly asleep themselves.

"I guess coming out of your mother tired you out as well, eh?" Howl asked with a grin. "Then sleep here next to mom. Sleep well my princes, sleep well my special princess. I will see you all when you wake." Howl walked outside to join the midwife.

"That was a relatively easy birth," the midwife said as soon as Howl came out to meet her, shutting the door gently behind him. "I wonder if the spell you used didn't just ease a little of the pain but got rid of any and all birth complications. If that's what it did, that's some magic you have in your veins and I'll bet you gave it to each child Sophie just birthed."

"Is that a bad thing?" Howl inquired.

"Not at all," she said. "But your spell was quite powerful you know."

"Again, is that a bad thing?" Howl asked.

"That kind of magic running through your family now…I look forward to seeing what comes of that," she said. "If you don't mind, I shall remain here the night to make sure your wife knows what she can and must do for the children."
"I'm fine with that," Howl said.

"Good then," she said.

"I do believe it's time for me to go," the witch said and stood up, William helping her to her feet.

"Aren't you going to see the children before you go?" Howl asked as he came down the stairs.

"I will see them later. The lady needs her rest after all she went through. I wish you luck remodeling the house," the witch said and with a little help from William and the turn of a knob, the two disappeared back where they had come from.

"Are you happy now Howl?" Calcifer asked. "Is this the life you really want?"

"I would do it all over again if I had too…except…perhaps…find a stronger spell that would keep Sophie from squeezing my hand so hard." He held his limp hand above his head, looking at it with worry. "I didn't know she had it in here."

A Few Years Later

Three little kids gathered around Calcifer, eager to hear another story.

"Tell us about you stealing Daddy's heart!" Yuan exclaimed.

"No, tell us all about the problems you had with the witch of the waste!" Ann exclaimed.

"No, don't do that! Tell us about how Mommy and Daddy got together!" Morgan exclaimed.

"Ah, such is the life…well then, let me start from the beginning, if you're in the mood for a long story, I can put all three of you requests!" Calcifer said and sighed happily. He loved the attention.

Sophie and Howl peered over the banister at the gathered children and Calcifer. Markl out on a date and Hein was playing in the garden.

"We have beautiful children, don't we?" Sophie asked. "They have your hair."

"No, Yuan has yours. They all have your eyes though," Howl said. "I never though we'd survive the terrible twos…actually, it was more like the terrible triplets…"

"Don't joke, it's just a part of them growing up," Sophie said.

"That's why I can joke about it," Howl said, moving out of range of Sophie's playful punch. "Hey my love, I had something I wanted to talk to you about…"

"What is it?" Sophie asked.

"Let's go into the bedroom," Howl said.

"No Howl, we have to put the children to bed soon," Sophie said as he took her hand and led her towards the bedroom.

"Calcifer's story should put them to sleep, they can just sleep by the fire until we take them to their rooms," Howl said, a mischievous grin on his face.

"I think Ann will want her own room soon," she said as she followed Howl reluctantly with a final glance who was eagerly telling the children the story. He loved all the attention he received from them, and didn't mind it at when Sophie and Howl chose to ignore him.

"Then we'll get her a room of her own, but come on now," Howl said and led her into the bedroom, shutting the door behind them.

"What is it?" Sophie asked.

"I was thinking that it was time to think of expanding our family!" he said with a wide smile. He didn't have time to say much else as Sophie punched in the stomach and slapped him across the face, brushing off her hands when she was done. Howl collapsed onto the floor.

"Unless you're going through the pregnancy next time you're not getting a bigger family then the one we have at the current time. Try again later," Sophie said and kicked him for good measure. "I'll have to ask Calcifer about that sex changing spell…"


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