It had been almost a month since Tai had left home for school, yet Kari was still startled by the size of her now empty room. She collapsed on the bottom bunk and just managed to pull off her tennis shoes before drifting off into sleep.

Gatomon looked over at the sleeping girl and felt her own weariness tug at her muscles. Saving the digiworld was hard work after all. We deserve a good night's sleep, she thought, while settling down on her makeshift bed near Kari's feet. Before long, the depth of the digimon's slumber matched that of the girl beside her.

But however greatly Gatomon had prayed for a good night's sleep, it was not to be…

"Kari!" a distant voice called.


Kari snapped awake, her eyes fluttering as she regained consciousness. There was a light on somewhere because she could see Gatomon's face hovering above hers.

"Gatomon what is it? What's wrong?" she asked immediately. Kari looked closer and saw worry and fright clearly etched in the digimon's catlike features.

Gatomon looked down, "you were shouting," she said casually. It was then Kari recognized the trembling of her limbs, the cold sweat on her back, and the adrenaline lingering in her nervous system. Awkwardly, she pushed back her blankets and climbed out of her bed. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light and she then noticed the source. Her D3 was vibrating slightly and emitting a bright pink light from its place on the desk beside her computer. Strangely, the computer was also turned on and humming as computers do.

Gatomon watched silently as Kari rose from the bed. She blinked hard when she thought she saw Kari's figure almost 'flicker'. "Turn off the light and let's get some shuteye," she moaned and stretched her stiffening limbs. Kari, however, must not have heard, because she did not touch the digivice or even acknowledge Gatomon's proclamation.

"Kari?" Gatomon asked hesitantly, and then in the blink of an eye, Kari vanished.