Much later that night, Kari gently slid out of T.K.'s arms. Tip-toeing across the floor, she somehow managed to find T.K.'s white, button-up shirt among the heap their clothes had made beside his bed. Slipping on his shirt, she silently slid open the glass doorwall and stepped out onto the balcony. She gripped the iron railing, took a deep breath and contemplated everything that had occurred in the last few days.

Not too much time had passed when Kari sensed T.K.'s approach even before she heard the door slide open and he stepped up behind her.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear, caressing the side of her neck with his lips.

"I know," she replied, turning in his embrace so that she was facing him, and he immediately noticed her troubled expression. "Do you think he's gone for good this time?" she asked, revealing the source of her worries.

"I think so," T.K. reassured her.

"But how do you know? You can't be sure. We thought we had defeated him before, and Devimon, and LadyDevimon..."

T.K.'s jaw tightened when she mentioned Devimon and his eyes illuminated with what could only be identified as pure hope.

Kari continued, "Don't you remember when we fought him all those years ago? It took WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, and all of the others to get him through the Gate of Destiny. Isn't it really strange that this time around Angewomon was able to accomplish it without their help? I wouldn't say that she's that much stronger than she used to be, especially with all of the donuts she's been eating."

T.K. was silent for a minute before he said, "There was one thing that was different this time. Didn't you notice how your light and my hope became so strong when we kissed that it took a physical form. That's what destroyed Piedmon, or at least weakened him so that Angewomon's attack could have such a fatal impact."

"Do you think that it weakened him so much that he won't come back?" Kari asked, still worried.

T.K. smiled, "We're so much stronger when we're together that he would have to be completely nuts to try to challenge us now." Kari laughed at the simplicity of T.K.'s theory, yet she was more than willing to have faith in him.

He cut off her laugh with a deep, tender kiss. Lifting her into his arms, he then carried her back to bed, and as they made love, a majestic pink and gold rainbow streaked across the sky over the digital world.

The End