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Summary: Elliot and Olivia get closer as a case threatens to pull them apart

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Chapter 10

Elliot walked into work the day after Christmas happier than his coworkers had seen him in a long time.

"What's with the smile Stabler? Santa leave you a good present or something?" Munch asked

"Yeah, he did" Elliot responded with a smirk. Then he turned his head to the Captain and said, "Hey Cap, I think I found a solution to my partner dilemma."

"Really." Cragen asked doubtingly. "And what exactly would that be?"

"Well," Elliot continued, "Santa showed up at my door Christmas Eve, and dropped off a pretty good replacement."

Right on cue Olivia entered the precinct holding the latest addition of Newsday in her hand. She tossed it on Fin's desk, it read:

New York Detective Found!

"I'm back!" She said. The three men looked at each other confused, then all brought Olivia into a hug.

When they finally pulled away Fin noticed her ring. "So, you meet someone in the program, or you make all Elliot's dreams come true?" He asked pointing at it.

"Well," Olivia answered joining Elliot on the other side of the bull pen, "More like Elliot made all my dreams come true." She looked up at Elliot and smiled, and he looked down at her and did the same.

"I didn't hear that." Cragen said smiling. "So, when can you start?"

"Ummm, right now." Olivia answered.

"Just what I like to hear! Casey and Alex will be here soon to go over Munch and Fin's latest case, I'm sure they'll be happy to see you." Cragen answered as he walked back to his office, glancing over his shoulder just to make sure his girl really was taking her seat back at her old desk.

As she sat down Elliot brought her the pictures that once decorated the space. He had kept them locked in his desk drawer. "Thanks" she said.

Just then Casey and Alex rushed in.

"What's the emergency?" Alex asked concerned. Olivia got up from her desk when she heard the voice of her old friend.

When Casey and Alex saw Olivia, both just stood there and stared. "I knew it!" Alex finally managed to get out.

Olivia went over to the two flabbergasted women and said, "What, you see a ghost or something." The three laughed, and then embraced.

About half and hour later Olivia, after Olivia had revealed that she was indeed alive to Huang and the rest of the squad, she sat at her desk and looked around the bull pen. Munch and Fin were arguing over Munch's latest conspiracy that involved the FBI, and her witness protection situation. Cragen, Casey, Alex, and Huang were arguing over the competency of a current suspect in Cragen's office, and Elliot was doing the last of his paperwork on the Kane case,

A single tear slid down her cheek. It was a long journey, but she was finally home. Elliot snapped her out of her thoughts when he asked, "you okay?"

"Yeah," she answered, "I'm finally okay." Elliot smiled at her answer. She was finally home.


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