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Chaotic Magics. Book: 1.

Ch: 5. Tread Softly

Riddle worked hard for the inn keeper and his family, he despised the way they treated him but he distained beatings even more so. That was why he avoided them at all costs by doing the work commanded of him.

It didn't help that he was forced to sleep in the barn due to strange dreams that often caused him to wake screaming or in a cold sweat. Only the innkeeper's wife was kind enough to let him sleep by the fire when the snows from the north came.

While the villagers told him that he had just appeared one day stumbling and crying from the old woods, he remembered what had occurred before; that a kind woman with a talking black cat had told him that the villagers would take care of him until he was ready to move on, and had pushed him gently in the right direction before disappearing.

He had pinched himself just inside the trees until his eyes welled up with tears, then he had come dashing madly out of the trees wailing. When he had calmed down he claimed that he didn't remember how he had gotten lost in the forest only that his mother had been with him at some point and now he couldn't find her.

The people of the village had believed him and had asked around on his behalf but there were no women missing nearby let alone a mother and child. So the villagers had to concede in the end that the two may have come from further afield, however in the entire village the only family that could take the boy and not have to worry overly much about having an extra mouth to feed was the brute of an innkeeper and his small, timid wife.

Riddle did not mind this, nor did he mind the villagers calling him Riddle, it was strangely familiar. The dreams he would have at night only confirmed it. He dreamed of an abusive place at first where the other children hated him and he was called freak. Then one night it all changed and he started to dream of magic instead.

Harry made his way to the stairwell, the small dragonet still following closely behind him. He was just about to descend the stairs when he heard footsteps coming from below.

"Shit, what now?" Turning to the dragon he whispered sheepishly "don't suppose you know of a good hiding place?" The dragonet seemed to consider him for a moment then gave a chirp and what could constitute as a nod. "Well I've had worse ideas, lead on, please."

The dragonet gave another head-bob then scampered down the castle like hallway only stopping long enough to see if Harry was following.

Numair sat by the bed where Daine lay unconscious, it had been over two days since they were forced to sedate her, she had been entirely incoherent according to Alanna both at around midnight those few days ago and each time she woke since then. He was alone with her now as the other especially those whose craft was more targeted to healing than his own war magic, searched for anything that might help.


Numair staid seated but his ears strained as the door to the room opened.

"Not in here little one there are people . . . oh"

"You!" shouted Numair as his head snapped around at the unfamiliar voice.

"Oh, um, yeah sorry about popping into your classroom like that, I really had no control over where I ended up. What's wrong with the girl?"

Numair sighed the boy obviously wasn't as aggressive as he had been before it was clear he had been as scared as Numair's students. "She is in a magically induced coma, she is my student, but she is not well."

"Oh? Maybe I can help?"

Just then the door the room slammed open and Dame Alanna along with two guards barged into the room, "Numair, that boy has disappeared and his guards have been knocked out!" just then she noticed the third person in the room.

"You!" Alanna exclaimed

"Um, yes, me. Well sorry about the fuss, they are only asleep they did startle me after all. Any what seems to be the problem with this girl, that's what worries me right now."

"Why you little!" Alanna was cut off as Numair stood to his full six foot plus of height and raised a hand.

"Enough, I think we should hear him out Alanna." Alanna eyed them both wearily then she looked at Daine's still form, with a sigh she agreed.