Bad Company Till The Day I Die

Ch. 1: Bad Turns

Buffy walked through the cemetery like so many times before. But totally different. Even opposite. Still the same in one way - the being alone thing that Buffy hadn't liked when she was alive, she still didn't like it. It was boring, and it made her think. And boring and thinking were two very bad things.

Then Buffy wasn't alone. Someone was at her grave.

Buffy watched her throwing herbs on a fire. She could smell them. There was a lot of black smoke rising up, getting lost in the dark before it reached the sky. It was more like Willow was burning leaves and not summoning dark forces.

Willow was chanting. Then she cleared away the smoke, and Buffy was standing there. Smiling.

Things didn't go as planned. But it wasn't Buffy's fault. Willow did things. She almost blinded Buffy, throwing something in her face. Then Willow cut her and said some words. Buffy could feel something happening. The cut Willow made was tingling. She had to stop her.

The gash down her arm was healing, but the stuff Willow had thrown into her eyes was still stinging. Willow tasted different than the other people Buffy had eaten. It made her feel funny, a little dizzy, so Buffy sat down next to the dead fire and dead Willow.

Buffy sat like that for a while trying to shake off the weird feeling. She knew when he was there because he made this guttural choking sound when he saw Willow dead on Buffy's grave.

Xander looked at Buffy like she was insane, when it was really he who was insane because he attacked her. Not that it made any difference - she was going to do him anyway. It was just so stupid of him to come at her like that, like he could do anything to her. His face was contorted in grief and anger and just plain stupidity.

Xander had the stake raised high, and it was no challenge at all. Buffy toyed with him for a while. Let him go at her a few times. For old times sake. Then she tripped him up and slammed him into the dirt.

"Xander, Xander, Xander," Buffy said when she had him pinned to the ground. "We're gonna play nice."

Xander looked anguished - giving up, looking over at Willow, reaching out his hand to her. So melodramatic.

"There, there don't be sad, kamikaze Xander. Buffy will make it all better," she promised him as she leaned into his neck.

To be continued...