Author's Note: This isn't much of an ending, but it leads into the episode Designate This, so I let that episode fill in a lot of the blanks instead of writing them in.

Alec paces back and forth behind her, and she can hear the pistol tapping an odd tune off his thigh. "Is he getting better?" he snaps.

Max looks back at Logan, and bites her lip. "His color is coming back."

"We can't wait any longer," Alec says, falling down beside her. "Those ropes aren't going to hold your buddy over there long and they'll be coming for us."

Max glances over at Zack. She could see him stirring already. "They'll find you," she says. "Wherever you go."

"Hey, cupcake," Alec snaps. "I've been running from them for ten years. I think I've got it covered."

Max glares at him. "You shouldn't have to," she says.

"Lovely sentiment, Mary Poppins," he says, grinning falsely. "But this here's what we like to call the real world."

Max's eyes focused on the office that held Logan's computers. "I have an idea," she says.

"Why does that not instill me with confidence?" Alec asks, leaning over Logan, and removing the needles from his arm. He placed his hand on his forehead. "Fever's broken. I might let you live after all, Maxie."

He glanced over to her, but she was gone. "Hey," he shouts, catching sight of her just as she disappears into Logan's office. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Alec gets to his feet, about to go after her, when he sees Zack open his eyes. He doesn't think leaving an unconscious Logan with an X-5 that wants to kill him is a very good idea, so he adjusts his grip on his gun and walks over to him. "I suggest you behave. You don't want to piss me off more."

Zack glares at him, a trickle of blood running down his neck. "They'll just send more. They'll take you back and re-educate you and they'll kill that pathetic--"

Alec aims the gun at him. "Now what did I just say? I said you don't want to piss me off."

The TV on the kitchen counter flickered, and goes to static, before it switches to a familiar bulletin. Alec reaches over and turned up the volume.

"--adjust your set. This is a Streaming Freedom video bulletin. The cable hack will last exactly sixty seconds. It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped and it is the only free voice left in this city."

Alec glances at the unconscious Logan, and then back to his office where Max disappeared. "What is she up to?"

Zack is a little pale. "She wouldn't," he says.

Alec spares him a vaguely disgusted glance. "Wouldn't what?"

"Your location has been revealed. Your secret is out. And now Manticore will be held accountable for its crimes. Maticore's facility is located an hour southwest of Seattle."

"No," Zack shouts. "She..."

Alec breaks out into a reluctant grin. "Hey, that might just work."

"It's not going to work, you idiot," Zack snaps. "You have no idea what she's done."

"I know what I've done," Max says, joining them again. "I've ended this."

"You just killed them all," Zack snaps coldly. "They aren't going to let this get out. They're going to burn the whole place to the ground. I warned you--."

Max glances at Alec, before looking back at Zack. "We're important to them, I'm not sure--"

"They'll just start again someplace else," Zack says. "You've just turned us all into liabilities instead of assets."

Alec let out a breath. "I hate to say it," he says, "but I think he's probably telling the truth."

Max's eyes went steely. "Then we'll stop them," she says.

Alec laughs. "Right. Yeah. Good idea. I'll get right on that."

Max glares at him. "We can get them out," she says. "This will be over. Isn't this what you want?"

"What I want?" Alec snaps. "Not everyone in that place is as charming as I am, Maxie," Alec said. "They've got a bunch of freaks locked in the basement, and in case you've forgotten, they're all trained killers, and some of them like it."

"They just don't know anything else," Max tells him, wincing slightly. "They'll learn."

"Untie me," Zack says again. "I'll help you, Max."

Max glares at him. "Because you've been such a help so far?"

"They're going to want me dead now like the rest of you," Zack says. "I'm not happy about it, but there's no fixing it now. We need to get as many of them out of there as we can. We're running out of time as it is. Untie me."

Max drops down and starts pulling at the ropes. Alec tightens his grip on his gun. "I don't trust him," he says.

"Then don't trust him," she snaps. "You're staying here. Watch after Logan, in case anyone else is sent after him. They're not going to be happy he just exposed them."

"He didn't," Alec says coldly.

Max glances at him, as Zack shakes off the ropes and gets to his feet. "They don't know that. Just keep him safe."

"Yeah, thanks for the advice," Alec says. "Like that isn't already my full-time job."

Max and Zack disappear down the hall to the elevator, and Alec drops down onto the floor beside Logan, holding his gun loosely with both hands. Logan stirs a little, but he still looks out of it, and Alec hopes the transfusion is enough to save him.

He would hate to miss out on all the free food he's come accustomed to.

And yeah, he'd miss the do-gooder, too. At least a little.



Logan is on the couch, head resting in his hands, when she finally makes it back to the penthouse. Max leans against the wall, soot covering the right side of her face, and most of her clothes. "You're looking better," she says.

Alec is leaning against the glass window at the back of the room, and his eyes narrow in her direction. She ignores him.

"That was a bold move," Logan says, lifting his head and looking at his hands. "I've been trying to take down Manticore for nearly a year. You did it in a day."

"I'm worried it's not over yet," she says softly. "Zack and I got most of them out, but I'm not sure they're better off. We'll all be hunted now."

"If they're smart," Alec says, "and they should be, they'll keep their heads down."

Max glances up at him. "Could I have a moment alone with Logan?"

He flashes her a blinding grin. "No," he says.

Logan sighs, and looks over at him. "It's okay, Alec. I'll be fine."

"Whatever," Alec says, pushing off the glass. "Just scream if she tries to kill you again."

"Alec," Logan says warningly, but Alec just throws them both a cheery wave and disappears somewhere into the apartment. Logan looks back over at Max. "Alec told me you saved me."

"Wow," Max says. "And I thought he didn't like me."

Logan gives her a crooked grin. "Well, he didn't phrase it quite like that."

Max snorts and steps a little closer. "I really do like you," she says. "I didn't--"

"I know," Logan says. "You did the right thing in the end. That's what matters."

"That's just it," Max says. "I've made a mess of things."

"The world is a mess," Logan says. "If you want, you can help me try and put it back together."

Max grins. "Is that a job offer?" she asks softly. "I heard you pay well."

"You interested?" Logan asks, smiling back up at her.

Max's own smile grows, and she wonders if she's getting her second chance after all. Her second chance at a life, at making things right--a second chance with Logan. "Very," she says, and grins. "When do I start?"

The End. Finally.