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Summary: This is an alternate reality story. The timeline of it is still kind of sketchy even to me, so I think it's going to start some time after the finale however the following things did not occur: Rory and Logan never became an exclusive couple, she never met his family, she didn't steal the boat and she hasn't dropped out of Yale or moved into the pool house at the Gilmore's... I know I know then why is it set after the finale? Really its not but in order for my story to work the way I want it to there has to be a large time period between the decision to make the no-strings attached arrangement and now... just work with and it will all be ok...

Chapter One: No One

Rory hadn't seen Logan in about a week and she was going crazy. He hadn't called and he hadn't stopped by the news office either. She was getting her coffee at her favorite coffee kiosk, it was the one she had met Logan at, when she saw him for the first time. He was standing on the other side of a huge oak tree talking to a brunette girl. She couldn't hear their conversation very well but she could see his animated smile, and heard her remind him of their date that night. She groaned and decided that she didn't want the coffee anymore and started walking towards the pub.

She smiled as she saw Finn sitting in the corner of the pub with Stephanie. Stephanie saw her and waved her over. "Hey Rory. What are you doing here?" Steph said cheerfully

"I decided that I needed a drink." Rory said smiling

"Well then a drink you shall have." Finn said noticing that she looked like she had had a bad day and motioned for the waiter, "Anything Ms. Gilmore here wants for the night is on my tab. Bring her whatever her heart desires."

"Of course." the waiter said waiting for Rory to order her drink

"I'll have whatever they are having." Rory said

"You sure about that luv?" Finn asked


The waiter walked off and came back five minutes later. After about an hour of drinking Finn and Stephanie had to leave, but Finn instructed Rory to stay and have whatever she would like on him for as long as she wanted to. Rory thanked him graciously, more graciously then normal since her intoxication level was beginning to rival his and decided to stay. Finn told her that if she needed a ride later to call him and he'd come and get her.


Rory had been sitting there for about twenty minutes trying to sober up enough to walk home. When the waiter came back he asked if she wanted another round and instead she ordered a coffee. She laid her head on the table while she was waiting for the waiter to come back with her coffee and was startled when she heard a voice. "Is that you Rory?"

Rory looked up and tried to smile but she was in too bad of a mood to muster the falseness. "What are you doing in New Haven Jess?"

"I was just stopping through. I got hungry so I stopped in here for dinner." Jess lied badly

"In a pub five minutes away from Yale?" Rory inquired

"Ok, so I was thinking about coming to see you and decided to eat first."


"Because I was hungry."

"No, why were you coming to see me?"

"Because I miss you Rory."

Rory sat there for a long minute. She didn't say a word. She just kept hearing the words I miss you over and over in her head. When she still hadn't said anything Jess looked at her harder. He could tell she had been crying recently. "Rory?"

"Do you want to come home with me?" her drunk mouth said before she could stop it

"Are you ok?"

"No, I'm drunk."

"That I noticed. How'd you get them to serve you?"

"My friend knows the bartender. I come here all the time."

Jess looked slightly shocked. He really couldn't picture Rory frequenting a bar, but then again it had been almost a year since they had had a real conversation. "Oh."

"So, I'll ask again, do you want to go home with me tonight?"


"I just need to feel loved and wanted for one night. If you muster up those two feelings for the night let me know now."

"I didn't come here for this."

"And what exactly did you come here for Jess?" Rory asked irritated

"I told you I missed you. I wanted to see you."

"Well in that case I've missed you too."

"Of course you have, you're drunk. You'd miss anyone right now."

"Look Jess, sometimes you take what you can get from certain people." Rory said

Jess could see the tears forming behind her eyes and knew she was talking form personal experience. He also couldn't deny that he often thought about what it would be like to make love to Rory, and that she was right. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get. "Can I ask you a question?"

"What is it?" Rory asked exasperated

"Would you be making me this offer if you weren't so drunk and depressed right now?"

"I'm not that drunk, and I am not depressed. Are we going or am I going to go home alone?"

Jess stood up and held his hand out for her to clasp. "Come on."

"Great, I just need to call Finn and let him know that I'm ok."

"Who's Finn?"

"Just a friend." Rory said while dialing Finn's number

"Rory darling! Just the girl I was looking for."

"Finn you can't see me I'm on the phone remember."

"You're absolutely right doll, you're absolutely right. Did you need a ride?"

"Actually no, I ran into an old friend and he's going to take me home. Thanks for the drinks and dinner I appreciate it."

"No problem luv, you looked like you were having a bad night. I just wanted to make it a little better. Be safe, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Night Finn."


"Do you have to go get her?" Logan asked expectantly. He had been worried about her ever since Finn had come home that night saying that he had left her in the pub running up his tab.

"No she said, she ran into an old friend and he was going to take her home." Finn said stressing the HE

"Did she sound alright? Did she say who was taking her home?" Logan asked concerned that Rory was going home with a guy

"No she didn't but she sounded fine. If I thought she wasn't I would have never left her there by herself mate."


Rory woke up in her bed next to Jess to the shrill ringing of her cell phone. She looked over at Jess who appeared to be sleeping soundly. She wrapped her sheet around herself and walked across the room where her cell phone was discarded on the floor next to the jeans she had been wearing the night before. She looked at her caller id and against her better judgement flipped it open.

"Logan hi."

"Hey Ace, I missed you last night. Where were you?"

Yeah right, I bet you missed me while you were with your brunette friend, Rory thought to herself. "I had dinner with a friend." Rory said quietly

"Hangover Ace?" Logan asked remembering that she had been drinking the night before and bringing his voice down a notch


"So you are desperate need of hangover food. Are you hungry?"

"Starving actually." Rory admitted

"Spectacular, I'll be there in twenty minutes." Logan said happily

Rory looked frantically at Jess who was slightly awake. "Wait! You're coming here now?" Rory said watching Jess' eyes pop open

"Yes beautiful. I'll be there in twenty minutes." Logan repeated

Rory sighed. "Ok, I'll see you then."

"Unless you don't want to see me." Logan said hearing her sigh and noticing the reluctance in her voice

"NO. I do. I want to see you."



"Twenty minutes?"

"Or less." Rory said forgetting about Jess

"We'll see Ace." Logan said laughing and hanging up

Rory turned around and looked at Jess. "You're regretting this already." he said looking straight into her eyes

"Jess." Rory said apologetically

"You know what. It's ok. I knew this was coming. I mean you said it yourself, you take what you can get from certain people right? I'm guessing you were speaking from personal experiences." Jess said refusing to let her see how hurt he really was

"His name is Logan."

"Is that who you were just talking to?"

"Yes." Rory said looking at the floor

"He's coming to get you for breakfast?"


"So I should leave." Jess stated

"I'm sorry Jess."

"I said it's ok."

"No it's not. Last night was insane. We weren't even careful Jess."

"I know. I thought about that this morning. Everything just got so... and so fast. It's not your fault."

"And it's not yours either. It was both of our faults." Rory said

"Is it going to be a big problem? I mean you're on the pill right?" Jess asked while getting dressed

"Yes, I am. It shouldn't be a problem."

"OK so I'm going to go. Tell your boyfriend..."

"Not my boyfriend." Rory reminded

"Tell Logan that he's a lucky guy, lucky to have you."


"You know all I ever wanted was you Rory. And he has you. You may not know it yet, but he does. Everything you did last night was because of him." Jess said before he walked out the door

Rory watched the closed door for a long minute before quietly adding, "Yeah. I know."


(3 Weeks Later)

"Well what does it say?"

Rory sat there staring into oblivion, not saying a word.

"Come on Rory, I can't help you if you don't tell what the thing says."

Again Rory said nothing.

"Rory?" Paris asked worry seeping into her words

Rory took a deep breath. "It's negative."

Paris let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God!" Paris said watching Rory pace in front of her, "Why are you pacing? You just said you weren't pregnant."

"No one knows about this Paris. Do you understand this? No one can ever know."

"Who would I tell?"


"I would never... ok I would... but I swear I won't tell Doyle or anyone."

"Logan can never know." Rory said walking into her room and shutting the door.

Rory leaned against the door and cried. She wasn't sure how she had let this happen. Rory ran her hand over her stomach and sunk to the floor crying.

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