On a Country Road in Hooterville

Oliver Wendell Douglas smiled to himself he drove in his topless convertible on the way to his meeting of the Hooterville Volunteer Fire Fighters. He had got a late start, but Oliver was in such a good mood that he couldn't care less.

Oliver took a deep breath and soaked in the cool country air and took in the scenery that surrounded him. It was beautiful day, which only added to his bliss. As he continued driving, his thoughts drifted toward what put him in such a good mood. His crops were doing splendidly this year. His corn, wheat, and tomatoes were thriving so well that not even Eb, his hired hand, could insult them.

Why shouldn't they being doing well, Oliver thought to himself. I worked very hard to make them as they are. Probably harder than I ever worked before.

Finally, after all these years of hard work, Oliver was finally achieving the life that he always dreamed of. The life that he left the rat race of the city for. He had a successful farm, a respected place in the community, and a beautiful wife that loved him.

Oliver felt a pang of guilt as his thoughts drifted to his wife, Lisa. He knew that his good crop came at the expense of all his free time, which meant the less time he spent with her. He couldn't remember the last time they went out, just the two of them.

But she understands, Oliver thought. She knows how much the farm means to me. If she didn't, she never would have agreed to move out here in the first place.

But Oliver knew that no excuse for ignoring her all this time. Oliver promised himself that he would take Lisa out to somewhere or something special as soon as the opportunity came up. But what?

Oliver's thoughts were interrupted as he pulled up to the front of the Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department station.