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Chapter 1: Letters from Everyone

Harry woke again from another one of his nightmare. He'd been having the same reoccurring nightmare for two weeks now, ever since he returned to Number 4 Privet Drive and to his dreaded relatives the Dursley's.

Harry kept having the same nightmares of Sirius falling through the veil, nightmares of Cedric's death in the graveyard. He had stopped seeing the Department of Mysteries and was now seeing much worse.

He felt sick; he hadn't gotten much sleep the past two weeks before getting woken by his nightmares. He had all of his homework done already trying to get his mind off of Sirius' death, but when there was no homework left to do he found himself thinking how stupid he had been. If only he would have remembered the mirror Sirius had given him before leaving Grimmauld place last year, or remembered that Professor Snape was a member of the Order of the Phoenix, he may still have the man that was as close to a father to him as he had ever known.

The Dursley's hadn't really spoken to Harry at all other than to tell him what chores to do or yell at him for one odd thing or another. He actually didn't mind the chores and did a better job than ever before. After all it was something to distract him from the pain of losing the man that he loved like a father.

He looked over at Hedwig's cage he had let her out last night and she still wasn't back. He hoped she was okay, although Hedwig always seemed to be a bit brighter and more observant than some of the other owls.

Harry began thinking once again about what he could have done differently, already knowing what he could have done, not been such a dunderhead and quick to play the hero as Hermione had told him he liked to play.

He checked his clock it was five in the morning. Harry remembered when sleep used to be a place of bliss for him, when dreams would take him away from his life with the Dursley's. Now Harry went about his day in a sort-of half daze.

It was Harry's sixteenth birthday. He expected to get letters from his friends but he wasn't all to looking forward to it. He knew what they would say. He could see them now.

"You mustn't blame yourself Harry."

"No one blames you"

He greatly appreciated them and knew how lucky he was to have such great friends, but he didn't want to hear more about Sirius' death on his Birthday. It was a Birthday after all meant for celebrating birth not to think about the day someone else had died.

He heard a familiar tapping on his window and as predicted there was the forecast of owls. Six tawny owls along with one snowy white owl, Hedwig, Harry's owl. He trudged over to the window and opened it to let them all in.

They all flew in and landed on Harry's bed. He relieved Hedwig of her burden first. It was from Hermione.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! So how are you doing? It must be really hard for you. How are the Dursley's treating you? I hope they haven't been too harsh on you. If they are just don't send mail for three days or send something to a member of the Order and tell them to come get you, as I am sure that they would.

How are you doing on your homework? I've nearly completed all of mine.

Don't forget to keep in touch with your friends we all care about you so much. You mustn't blame yourself for what happened, Sirius died how he would have wanted to.

I hope you will find my gift useful. I think it will come in handy now that Voldemort has returned.

Again Happy Birthday!

Love From,


It was of course a book. It was called "The Never Ending Spell Book". There was a small note in the inside cover of the book, it dropped out as Harry flipped through the pages. He picked it up.

This book has many spells and adds more when a new one has been discovered. When we get back to school we can learn some. I thought that it would be useful.

Harry thought it probably was a good idea to learn some new spells.

He turned to the next owl and relieved it of its burden also, as soon as he untied the parcel and the letter the owl took flight again.

This one was from Hagrid.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! Only one more year until you become of age. Then you can have a little fun with those ruddy Dursley's. Just know that if you ever need to talk let me know. I hope the Dursley's aren't starving you none. Either way I made you this. Olympe is helping me to improve my cooking. I made this by myself though. I never knew my cooking was bad.

You all always seemed to like it.


Harry opened the box from Hagrid. It was a cake and it looked like Hagrid's cooking had improved. He set it aside. He hadn't been eating much. Even though the Dursley's would yell at him for eating too much if he tried to he didn't really have a desire for food.

He moved on to the next owl. This owl left also when its load was untied. It was from Fred and George.

Hey Harry,

Since you funded us we decided to send you some free samples. Make sure to try some on Dudley that pig cousin of yours. Hope you're doing all right. Obviously we have heard about what happened in the Department of Mysteries.

Business is booming at our shop. Fell free to stop by sometime and see us. Maybe you can sign photographs for us. Only joking, of course.

Fred and George

He unwrapped the twins' gift; there were a lot of different colored candies and other strange objects. Harry would have smiled but it brought back memories of the Triwizard Cup. Thinking about the winnings he gave the twins, he also remembered Cedric.

Harry quickly banished the image and moved onto the next gift that was from Ginny.

Dear Harry,

A very happy birthday to you! I'm sure you don't want to be reminded of what happened but just remember I dealt with Tom in my 1st year and while I know that I can't possibly completely understand how you feel. I know somewhat how you feel. I found this at Grimmauld Place. It just looks like a regular mirror but for some reason I thought it might mean something to you.

I hope to see you soon

With Love,


Harry opened the package that was wrapped in brown paper. It was the other mirror. The one that would have kept Sirius alive if Harry wouldn't have had such a one tracked mind at the time. He held it tight to his chest though. It did mean a lot to him.

He carefully set the mirror down on his nightstand and took another load off an owl's leg. It was by far the largest package of them all. Once Harry removed it from the owl it fluttered over to Hedwig's cage and wearily drank from her water dish as Hedwig watched with disgust at the owl. That was her water dish.

He opened the letter.


This is a joint gift from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, myself, and we even got Professor Snape to chip in too.

I suspect your dreams have not been too pleasant as of late. This should help you. If you ever need help or need to be rescued from the Dursley's just send word. No one blames you Harry. Professor Snape was reluctant to sign this but we convinced him in the end.


Remus Lupin, Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and a not as sincere Severus Snape

P.S: Sorry Harry, Severus insisted on signing that way if he were to sign at all. He really does send his care-Lupin

No, I do not Lupin and do no think that you have anything but my deepest disdain and the only thing you have ever given me Potter is a hole in my pocket from wasting my money on you! - Snape

Do not worry of course he does Harry, not that you would really care. For I see that you both play an act of dislike. Oh and your Firebolt is stored safely at the school and will be returned to you upon your arrival- Dumbledore

Hope you stay well Harry, dear.- Molly

Stay safe - Arthur

Harry opened the package to find a basin with a shiny silver mist inside of it. A Pensieve. This was what Harry really needed. He knew how to use one for the most part. He had seen Dumbledore and Snape use them enough times for him to get the general gist of it.

He turned to the other owl; it was Pigwidgeon, Ron's owl.

Hey Harry,

Happy Birthday, mate! Sorry about what happened. How are the muggles treating you? I know what I got you isn't much but money is a bit tight right now. Well, when isn't it around here really?

Hermione owled me about my homework can you believe she is almost done already? Don't tell her but I haven't even started mine yet. If she finds out I am sure I would get a really long lecture from her in a letter. Actually I don't think I would put it past her to send me a howler for not starting then think what my mum would do when she found out that I haven't started yet. I don't think I could handle that.

Hope to see you again soon,

Ron Weasley

Harry opened Ron's, a big pack of chocolate frogs. He set them aside and turned to the last owl. It carried his Hogwarts letter. He would open it later. He wasn't in the mood now.

He looked at his clock again; it was now 6:30. He got ready and then headed downstairs to cook breakfast for the Dursley's, whom were usually downstairs by a quarter after 7.

He pulled out a frying pan and uncovered the toaster. He concentrated wholeheartedly on the breakfast so as not to think about Sirius.

He made eggs, bacon, toast, ham, and freshly squeezed orange juice made with a juicer.

At exactly 7:15 Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and Dudley all entered the kitchen completely ignoring Harry as he set everything on the table and then sat down. The Dursley's all ate greedily. Dudley stuffing his big porky face with everything that was within his reach.

"Oh, boy, Aunt Marge will be visiting for a few days tomorrow and if you have another slip up like last time I will not hesitate to beat you to a pulp are we clear?" Uncle Vernon glared over the top of the newspaper with his beady eyes,

"Yes sir." Harry responded obediently.

"And as far as she's concerned you still attend St. Brutus' Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys."

"Yes sir." Harry replied with a monotonous tone.

"There is a list of chores for you to do in the living room. Finish eating and then get working."

"Yes sir." Harry replied one last time. He loathed Aunt Marge. Her visits never brought anything good, but Harry didn't have the strength to care at the moment. The way he saw it what will come, will come one way or the other.

"We are going out for a while. You are not to leave the house at all while we are gone." Uncle Vernon stated. Harry just nodded as the Dursley's stood up and left.

He began to clean up without wasting any time. He took his time cleaning the dishes then headed to the living room for his list of mind distractions. He saw it on the coffee table.


1. Dust all rooms

2. Clean all windows

3. Sweep kitchen

4. Vacuum all carpeting

5. Trim the hedges

6. Clean bathrooms

7. Move all of your stuff to the cupboard under the stairs so Marge can sleep in your room. You will sleep on the floor in the cupboard.

"Well I better get started." Harry said sighing. Aunt Marge's usual guest room had long since been taken over as Dudley's second bedroom. He got the cleaning supplies and began with cleaning all of the windows in the Dursley's already spotless house. He figured that a normal person probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference if he had cleaned the already spotless window or not but Aunt Petunia would be able to find something wrong with them.

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