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Molly had been beautiful when she was younger. While she hadn't been tall and slender, as was the fashion, she'd found that short and curvaceous were just as good, if not better.

Her hair had been a stunning, gorgeous red, untouched by gray, and her eyes had been large and dark, with no crow's feet at their corners to detract from their effect on the opposite sex.

She'd had a sensuous smile before her lips thinned with age. Her cheeks had been smooth, not scored with lines; her skin had been fair and lightly freckled, rather than worn and weathered and just a little leathery.

Gideon and Fabian used to joke about having to beat the boys off with their ever-present broomsticks, but they hadn't been so far from the truth. She'd certainly had more than her fair share of suitors as a girl.

But it had been Arthur who won her heart, and Arthur who kept it. She'd been beautiful, yes, but she'd never had eyes for anyone but the gawky redheaded Weasley boy with his awkward, lopsided smile.

It took her a while to figure out why she was so drawn to him, though there were handsomer boys begging for her attention. The explanation was really quite simple.

She'd always felt beautiful when she was near him.

The look he'd get in his eyes when they kissed...the way his face softened when she smiled, they way his gaze went warm and appreciative when she spoke, the way the corners of his lips would curl up whenever they held hands...

Yes, she'd been beautiful, but even then she'd known that her looks would fade. But Arthur...

He'd never cared for her just because she was beautiful. Because even now, now that she was gray-haired and wrinkled and dumpy, he still loved her.

And because he loved her, she was beautiful.