Chapter 1- Lost Hearts In Manhattan


I can't do it anymore. I thought I loved you…but I was wrong. You are the most difficult woman I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. You seemed like someone I could love, but deep down, your wicked, and unfeeling, to put it straightforward…you're a bitch, cold and ruthless. These last few days have been hell for me, and that's why I decided to leave. And one more thing, you should've taken the bank statement back…the one where I got you to share your account with me…Wrong move, you should of listened to your brother…or whatever the hell he is too you. I'm sorry…well actually I'm not, but I'm taking your money, and I'm getting as far away from you as I can. Payback is a bitch…and so are you. James.

Shannon looked over the note one last time. Tears were stinging her eyes. They weren't tears of sadness, but instead tears of anger and disgust. How could she of been so stupid to trust him. That dumb idiot. If only she had listened to her brother. Of all the times Boone had to be right. He was always wrong, but this time she wished she had listened to him. Boone had told her that she was too young to get married, and guess what wolf boy was right. Shannon wiped at her eyes.

The guy next to her gently elbowed her.

Who was this fool. Why was he trying to get her attention? Like it wasn't enough to be on a grimy bus, with unsavory characters, but they wanted to talk to her too. Shannon didn't even know what he looked like, because she refused to look at anyone on the bus. She was above them, and if she had money she would be flying first class to Manhattan. Why did Boone have to move there. Shannon crossed her arms, It was probably because if that anorexic want to be model girlfriend of his, Isabella. Shannon wrinkled her nose at the thought of Isabella. She hated that woman, Boone thought he was happy with her, but he was wrong.

The guy next to her elbowed her once more.

"Yes?" Shannon asked with a hint of iciness apparent in her voice.

"I know you don't know me but…are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Shannon crossed her arms and turned towards the window. This guy didn't look bad, but she just wanted to be left alone. She was on her way to Manhattan…and she had no idea where Boone lived, and even worse she just had ten dollars in her pocket. That asshole James.

The bus was cold. Shannon's shivered. She clutched her Prada bag closer to her, and then watched as the Verazzano Bridge came into view. She looked up in wonder, she had been to Paris, L.A., and Tokyo, but she had never been to New York. Shannon placed her hand against the window, and then thought better of it. Eww, she didn't know who touched the windows. They were probably filled with all the diseases she could think of. So she was here in New York, now she had to find Boone, and she had to do it before nighttime because she had no place to go.

Boone stared out at the towering sky scrapers. He looked down at the sketchbook in his lap, and then started to trace the sculpture in front of him. He was bored, and he had a lot of time to kill until he met Isabella for dinner. Boone sighed, and then stared at the sculpture. Sketching this piece of shit, wasn't helping his boredom. He tossed down the sketchbook and then walked towards his room. His Manhattan loft was spacious, and filled with name brand furniture, and expensive rugs flown in from Italy. He had all of this, but he still wasn't happy. His life was missing something. He was missing love. Boone clenched his jaw, he hated being so damn miserable. He had Isabella, and he thought he was in love with her, but maybe he was trying to convince himself that. Boone took the winding stairs up to his room. His foot stepped over a bra. Boone shook his head, his room mate Seth had another crazy night. Sometimes he wondered why he agreed to live with his friend…maybe he thought living with someone would help him deal with his lonliness…or maybe he thought it would help him deal with his drinking. Boone had gotten better since meeting Isabella, but he still had his moments.

Seth's door opened and a woman stepped out. She looked like she had just rolled out of bed.

Boone looked down at his expensive watch. It was 4:30, and this woman was still in his house. "Hi?" He said furrowing his eyebrows low over his piercing pale blue eyes.

The woman smiled coyly back at him, "Hey…Boone right?"

Boone nodded, "Yeah,"

She extended her hand to him. "My name is Sam,"

He looked down at her hand cautiously. How she was looking he wasn't so sure if he wanted to touch her. "Nice to meet you," He replied shoving his hands in his black slacks.

Sam scratched her head, "Seth is such a player, he left without giving me so much as a note,"

"He had to leave…he has a job in Long Island."

"Barely, I don't consider giving tours…and dinner on his little yacht a business. I know he sleeps with half of the woman he tours…married or not."

Boone gave her a small smile. He just wanted this woman out of his house.

"Well, what do you do?"

Boone looked away. "I don't do anything."

"You don't have a job?" She asked staggering towards the stairs.

Boone thought about helping her down the flight of stairs but then dismissed the thought. She could make it out on her own. "No, I don't have to work."

She tilted her head back and laughed, "Spoiled rich kid huh? No wonder your living on Manhattan's upper East Side, you rich people take everything for granted."

Boone frowned. Who did she think she was judging him for his lifestyle. She didn't know him. "It was nice meeting you Sam,"

"Tell Seth he can go to hell," She said.

Boone watched as she walked down the stairs. Maybe he should make sure she didn't take anything on the way out. He placed his hands against the smooth metal railing and then leaned forward. He watched Sam walk out of his loft, and then slam the door behind her. Boone sighed, and then placed his hand to his aching forehead. He had to talk to Seth about all of his midnight guests. It was getting out of control. After dazing off for a couple more seconds Boone walked into his room. He flopped down on his four poster bed, and then clasped his hands over his stomach. He looked up at the ceiling blankly, and then closed his eyes.

"Boone, you can't stop me. I am going to marry him and there is not a damn thing you can do about it."

"Shannon, you don't love him…"

"Just because your miserable, doesn't mean I have to be." Shannon shot back.

Boone scoffed, "What does this have to do with me? Why do you always do this Shannon, why do you always turn everything back to me?"

"Because your trying to ruin my life. No one told you to nearly drink yourself to death like an idiot…"

"So your going to bring that up now. Shannon, I don't even know why I try!"

"Then give up Boone. Just give up, and get the hell out of my life, because I am going to marry James, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it!"

"Shannon," Boone said pleadingly, and then grabbing her arm.

"Get off of me, you son of a bitch!" She screamed.

Boone had no choice but to let go of her. She stormed out of the restaurant, leaving him with the bill, and everyone's eyes on him. From them on he swore to let her go, and erase her out of his life. Shannon was his poison and he was tired of being dragged around by her.

Boone opened his eyes, and then reached for his pillow. All he had been thinking about lately was Shannon. She got married in Paris and she didn't even invite him. She was such a witch…well even if she did invite him he wouldn't go. Well hopefully James was man enough to handle her. Boone reached for his pillow. He had to relieve the tension. Why was he even trying to muffle his scream? He was on the fifty-third floor, no one would hear him. Boone placed the pillow over his face and screamed. He continued on for a minute, and then looked around his room. All the blood was rushing to his face, and he knew that his face would soon transform into the usual red color that haunted his cheeks. He sat up and then placed his head in his hands, he had to get out and get some air. Yeah, some air would do him some good.

Shannon stepped off of the bus. Her high heel shoes crushed some gravel underneath her. She stumbled and then cursed under her breath. Shannon pulled her light pink sweater off of her shoulders and then placed it in her arms. She had to get to her bags before some city low life tried to make off with her Louis Vutton suitcase collection. Shannon pushed kids and their parents out of her way. A couple was making out in front of her, and they were in the way of her mad woman march to her luggage. "Move," She groaned.

The woman pulled away from her boyfriend, "What did that bitch say?"

Shannon glared at her. She was not in the mood. She was in New York City, with no money, no place to stay, and no Boone. She was not messing around. For a second she had forgotten about her Louis Vutton. "I said you needed to move…and your the bitch, bitch."

The woman's eyes widened, "Aww, no I know this heffa didn't. I don't know how you handle shit in the country…or wherever the hell you come from, but if you come to New York talking to people any old way, you will be put in your place little girl."

"First of all I am not from the country, and second of all, who are you calling little girl…" Shannon was on fire. She had never gotten in a fight before with a female before, usually she fought guys like James…and Boone…weak guys with no backbone, but she was willing to take on this chick.

"Oh is that Louis Vutton?" Someone said.

Shannon's eyes widened, Someone was trying to steal her luggage. With an angry gesture, she flicked the woman off and then stormed away. Her eyes scanned the baggage on the floor. Her luggage was all together, she quickly pushed some more people out of her way, and made her way towards her belongings. She snatched them up, and then walked away from the bus drop off point. Shannon had to find Boone, and then she had to get something to eat…or she could make him cook for her. She would've call him, but after their last encounter he had left a message on her phone, telling her that he was letting her go, and he was changing his number. "What a wimp," She muttered.

She stepped outside. These New Yorkers were rude, they saw her coming with a bunch of luggage but no one offered to help her. Shannon looked up at the sky, and then looked down. Boone was such a prick, he probably wasn't even listed in the phone book. People watched her oddly as she struggled with her bags.

She passed some people daring looks, and then yelled out, "What are you people looking at! If I had a damn bomb, then I wouldn't be carrying it around in Louis Vutton!"

People started to whisper and then continued to walk. Shannon groaned. These damn people. She hated Manhattan. She continued to walk a couple more steps and then realized that she was walking aimlessly. She had to find a phone book, and she had to call Boone before night came. Shannon bit her lip. She didn't want to be out in the city with no place to stay at all night. Where could she find a phone book. That dummy better have his number listed or else.

Her eyes rested on a stack of phone books in front of a high-rise apartment building. A smile curled across her face, maybe today wasn't so bad after all. Shannon rested her suitcases against the brick building and then pried open a phone book from it's protective plastic coating. She leaned her long legs against her luggage, and ignored the fact that her white pleated skirt was flying with the wind. She didn't have time to focus on perverts checking out her "goodies" right now, she had to get shelter. Shannon smiled in amusement, who would think that Shannon Rutherford would be out on the streets without a penny to her name. Well, that was going to change, because when she found Boone, he was going to take care of her. He would do anything she said. Shannon's thoughts shifted for a second. New York City was so complex, there were so many different areas within the city. Shannon bit her lip. If only she knew where all the rich people stayed at…Greenwich Village, or the Upper East Side. Okay, Boone had to be somewhere around there.

"I'm so sorry Louis," She said sitting down on her suitcase, and busily searching for Boone's number.

Boone had now changed into a plain white tee, and a pair of blue mesh shorts with yellow stripes down the sides. In his hand he clutched his Ipod, and a bottle of water. He was going to take a run, maybe he would run a couple of blocks, or if he felt any worse as soon as he stepped out, he was going to take his Red Mustang to Central Park, and get a good run in there.

The door opened and his room mate Seth stepped in. "Hey Boone,"

"Hey, your guest just left," Boone replied with a slight edge in his voice.

Seth grinned, "Oh her, yeah."

"Next time when you leave, make sure your guests go with you."

Seth grabbed a beer out of the fridge, "The Yankees are down again, and the Mets are whopping some ass."

Boone nodded. He couldn't entertain Seth's usual anti-Yankee, pro-Mets banter right now. He was a Yankees fan, and besides he had to get his wicked step sister Shannon out of his head.

"Did you make anything man?"

"No," Boone unwrapped his ear phones from around his Ipod, and then put them in his ears. "No, I'm going to dinner with Isabella tonight."

Seth grinned, "Oh, are you still thinking about popping the question to her?"

Boone turned on his Ipod, Coldplay's Yellow, filtered throughout his ears. He was going to ignore Seth's question, because he wasn't sure what he wanted. All he did know was that he was glad Shannon was out of his life. He loved her, but he was tired of being her pawn, and he was tired of being used, and most of all he was tired of loving someone that would never love him back.