28 June 2005

This fic was inspired by another person's crossover fic that had Duo turn up in the OutLaw Star universe asking Gene and Jim for help to fix his Gundam. Unfortunately, that author has not at this time continued the story (Cant remember title or author name, sorry), which I am sad about because it sounded really promising. My fic is not the same as that fic though, as I hope the readers of both fics will easily see.

The characters of Gundam Wing and Out Law Star DO NOT belong to me. I am borrowing them for a while but plan to give them back when I'm done with them. This story is MINE. Anyone stealing it will be SLAPPED!

(Untitled Gundam Wing & Outlaw Star Crossover)

by Zuzanny (lionette mailcity . com minus the spaces)

From within the coolroom a pair of violet eyes slowly opened, blinking and cringing at the white light blaring down from above. After a few moments of adjusting, dripping water could be heard, turning to a trickling as ice melted. Breath came from pale lips, fogging the air above. A beeping of a heart monitor caught the attention of the owner of the eyes, who turned his head towards the machine, frowning.

Looking around the room found him lying in a shallow bath-like contraption, being supported by something spongy. His lower body was covered in a hospital blanket, his upper was bare apart from the monitors. He licked his dry lips and concentrated on his limbs, moving his sleeping fingers and toes.

Slowly, oh so very slowly, he sat up.

Part 1


Jim answered the vid with his chearful "Starwind and Harwking repair shop, guaranteed to fix anything from- oh! Hi Fred. What can we do for you?"

Fred Lou leaned into the screen, looking around briefly to check no one was around. "I need to talk to Gene."

Jim motioned for Gene to come to the vid. "What's up?"

Fred looked relieved to see Gene. "I need your help." He said. "A situation has arisen where an... acquisition of mine has... gone missing."

"Yeeah?" Gene drawled. "What was it exactly? An arms shipment?"

Fred giggled nervously. "Oh no. Nothing like that. But I can't talk about it on this line. You better, uh, come see for yourself. We'll discuss payment while you are here." Then Fred hung up.

Gene put his hands on his hips. "Whad'ya thing, Jim?"

Jim was frowning. "I don't know. You know how desperate Fred is to get into your pants-"

Gene squarked, shuddered dramaticly, and tried to cover up the way his face went bright red.

"It's true!" Jim defended himself. "One of these days I bet he'll make it a condition of payment."

"Over my dead body." Gene muttered, crossing his arms.

Jim shrugged. "Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest." He sighed. "Our debts are piling up, ya know. Why don't you sleep with him?"

"BECAUSE I'M NOT GAY!" Gene yelled. Jim laughed.

"You are so easy to tease."

There were wet footprints leading out of the lab, trailing by the wall in the hall. Fred's scientists were in the lab looking fearfully at Fred who was obviously very pissed off. Inside the lab the temperature was noticeably lower than was comfortable. An open suspended animation capsule filled the bench space in the center of the room, with wires and monitoring equipment leading to and from the capsule to upturned machines surrounding it. Beneath the capsule was a pool of water from the melted ice that had cocooned the capsule and it's occupant. An occupant that was now missing.

"Shit, Fred." Gene said when he took the scene in. "What the hell happened?"

Fred escorted Gene and Jim into his office, where he stood behind the desk, his back to the two of them. "A month ago, my long range scanners picked up a faint distress beacon out past Laticia Three." Jim whistled, thinking about the distance. "On investigation, my people discovered a vessel of some kind, unidentifiable to our systems. Apart from it's beacon and life support system it was dead in space, floating, on a gradual course towards Sentinal's Sun. Since it appeared to be a cargo ship, which I believe to be of Terran design, there was no way I could allow it to be destroyed without thoroughly examining it first. It had suffered substancial damage by attack and space fodder, and the occupier of this pod was the only life sign aboard." Fred paused.

Both Gene and Jim's eyes were wide, their minds running wild with the possibilities.

"Was it... human?" Gene asked.

Fred's mouth twitched in a slight smile. "Yes, HE is. And three hours ago he woke from his artificially induced slumber, attacked a guard," Fred dropped photos from survailance cameras showing a naked young man with ling, long, brown hair, taking down an armed guard twice the size he was, with a few precise hits that only a specially trained fighter would know how to do. "and escaped the facility."

"Shit..." Gene breathed, pulling the photos closer to examine them.

"As you can guess, this man represents a significant investment, not only financially but historicly."

"Plus, he's hot?" Gene raised his eye brows at Fred, who just shrugged with a grin.

"What about the on board computers?" Jim asked, taking the photo's from Gene.

"What is left of them is either heavily coded, or written in an ancient Earth language that has long been forgotten." Fred fixed his eyes upon Jim and grinned. "my experts have been unable to make heads or tails out of it, but if you can work it out... Let's say you would be well compensated for your time."

"That could mean anything." Jim said, not willing to commit himself without real financial backing. Fed lent in, sliding a piece of paper across the desk to him. Jim looked at it, his eyes widening.

"Wow," He breathed with awe. "With this we could pay back all out debts AND have enough left over to upgrade everything to the latest equipment!"

"What's the catch?" Gene asked suspiciously.

Fred shrugged. "You only get that money IF you manage to unlock the computers secrets. But I have faith in your abilities Jim." Then he fixed his attention back to Gene. "What I need for you to do, Gene, is find this man and return him to me." He slid another piece of paper across the desk. "Again, once the job is done."

Gene glared at Fred. "No." He said firmly.

"No?" Fred raised his eyebrows in shock.

"I want half up front."

"Really?" Fred looked amused.

"Yes." Gene stood, hands on the desk, leaning in in an attempt to dominate. "You want this guy found, I'll do it, but I want some insurance that you wont drop me if things go wrong."

Fred smirked, sat on the desk top and leaned across so that his face was almost touching Gene's. Gene swallowed nervously, but refused to back away. "But Gene, I would never drop you, just give me a try and I think you would be pleasantly... surprised." Each word was spoken quietly, seductively, and had his lips moving closer to Gene's.

Jim coughed into his hand purposely to remind Fred that there was another person in the room. Gene and Fred pulled apart, Fred looking amused and Gene looking flustered.

"Alright," Fred sighed and flopped into his big leather arm chair dramaticly. "Half up front. But I want him found!"

"No problem!" Gene gave Fred his trademark grin.

To be continued?