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Chapter One: The Arrival and Head's Quarters

James Potter ran his hand through his already tousled looking black hair, observing the people on the platform, and looking for one person in particular.

He saw her a moment later, a bobbling head of red hair and emerald green eyes. The girl made him melt every time she came near him, and had been doing so for seven years.

It was a well known fact that James Potter was very interested in Lily, there wasn't a student at Hogwarts who didn't know this. Lily herself did, and she wondered why. She hated James because of his womanizing ways and cockiness. James wouldn't give up on her though, he loved her. He loved the way her startling green eyes went from light to dark, depending on her mood. He loved the way she smiled, the way she laughed, and they way she made him feel.

He just wished that Lily Evans would hurry up and realize she loved him.

The girl that was Lily Evans raced towards him – or rather towards the girl in front of him, Marlene McConwell. Sighing, James shook his head.

"Stop staring, she might hex you again mate," joked Sirius Black, James's best friend, as he put his hand on James's shoulder.

"You were watching me stare at her?" James said, grimacing jokingly, "I feel violated!" Sirius smirked.

"Come on, let's find a compartment." Sirius suggested. James nodded, dragging his trunk effortlessly behind him. He had worked out all summer, hoping to impress Lily more with his toned body. She's going to be livid when she finds out, James thought to himself, glancing briefly down at the Head Boy's badge on his chest.

"I can't believe your Head Boy," Sirius said with extreme distaste as they found an empty compartment and threw themselves down onto the seats, "I mean come on, who in their right minds would have made you Head Boy?"

"That's probably what Lily's going to ask." Replied the tired voice of Remus Lupin, James and Sirius's other best friend.

"I thought for sure it would be Moony," Peter Pettigrew squeaked from behind him, making up the fourth and last of the Marauders. The four boys had been friends since their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and they were now entering their last.

"I thought so too. Don't know why Dumbledore picked me," James said, frowning slightly, "Oh well, at least I'll be spending tons of time with Lily, patrolling and all."

"Not to mention you both get your own rooms, beside each other, and your own common room." Sirius smirked, raising his eyebrows suggestively. James shot him a look that silenced him.

"You better be off to the Heads compartment." Remus reminded him, sitting down beside Sirius.

"Oh, right," James said, his heart flipping a bit at the prospect of seeing Lily again since the end of last term.

"Go get her mate!" Sirius called as James got up to go to the Heads compartment.

He felt foolish to admit that the butterflies in his stomach were fluttering around like crazy at the very mention of seeing Lily. He wondered if she had thought about him over the summer. Probably not, James thought regretfully. He hadn't been the nicest guy to her since they started Hogwarts, and she had every right to hate him. You big idiot! James scolded himself as he entered the Heads compartment to find it empty.

Making a silent vow to himself that he would convince Lily that he had changed, James sat down and stared out the window, thinking about Lily.

"Oh my gosh Marlene! you and Remus Lupin are finally serious? When did he ask you to go steady?" Lily squealed in delight as she placed her trunk under the seat and caught up with her best friend Marlene.

"Yes," Marlene replied, her face shining, "He's asked me out over the summer, we've been seeing each other a lot, he's amazing!" she said the last part whiledramatically falling into her seat.

"I knew you guys were getting close at the end of last year." Lily smiled, hugging Marlene. Marlene had liked Remus for a long time, and as far as Lily could tell Remus had returned the feeling, however he hadn't made a move until the end of last year.

"We've been corresponding the whole summer, he sent me a letter a day!" Marlene sighed, her chocolate brown eyes filled with thoughts of Remus. Lily smiled in amusement, studying her friend.

Marlene was very pretty with long, chocolate brown hair the colour of her eyes and long lashes. She had a porcelain complexion with no freckles, unlike Lily, who's nose and upper cheeks were dotted with pale freckles.

"That's wonderful Marlene, I'm so happy for you!" Lily replied, sitting down across from her best friend and smiling.

"So, tell me about you and James." Marlene demanded, sitting up again, "Have you realized you in love with him yet?" Lily scolded.

"I am not, nor will I ever be, in love with James Potter. He's the scum of the earth and he's so annoying." Lily replied, crossing her arms and folding them across her chest.

"Who's the scum of the earth?" Remus Lupin questioned as he entered their compartment followed by Sirius and Peter.

"Ten bucks says she's talking about James." Sirius betted, plopping down beside Lily as Remus took a seat beside Marlene and gave her a kiss on the lips shyly.

"Of course I'm talking about Potter." Lily scowled, "Where is he, anyway? Off hexing some first year?"

"Dunno," Sirius replied, sending a secret smile to both Peter and Remus. "Say Head Girl, isn't it time you went to the Head's compartment?"

Lily just scowled at him and stood up, "I'll be back later Marlene," she said as she closed the compartment door behind her and made her way to the Head's compartment.

Lily couldn't stand James Potter or Sirius Black, James was constantly asking her out and treating her like she was some trophy he had to win. He always used to play pranks on her, but by the end of last year he had tried to be her friends. Lily still didn't trust him and felt that something was being planned.

Wondering who was the Head Boy, Lily opened the Head's compartment door to find a boy with ruffled looking jet black hair, glasses, and a huge grin playing on his handsome face sitting down in one of the seats. Something surged in Lily, she took it to be anger.

Lily glanced at him again, to make sure she wasn't just seeing things. James was clearly sitting there, and Lily could no longer call him a boy, he had clearly done some growing up that summer. Though Lily doubted he had matured at all, but he did look different.

When Lily had entered, James had nearly stopped breathing. Every year it seemed she got more beautiful. He noticed that she had let her hair grow out longer, and it now reached halfway down her back. He longed to run his hand threw her silky red locks, but restrained himself. Her emerald green eyes that made him melt – even when they were shooting dangers at him – were looking slightly confused. She was wearing a skirt that showed off her legs, which James had to admit were great legs, but then and again he loved everything about Lily.

"Potter!" Lily said, "I believe this is the Head's compartment." James's smile weakened a little as he stood up.

"Good morning Lily. I believe I'm in the right place," he said, pointing down at the shiny badge on his chest.

"But you're not, no way!" Lily said, backing up a little in shock. James grinned.

"Yep." He said, smiling.

"What was Dumbledore thinking?" moaned Lily, closing her eyes and trying to take several more breathes to prevent her self from screaming at him.

"I don't know," James shrugged. "Er, we better meet with the Prefects," James said after a moment, shifting from foot to foot. He had watched Lily trying to keep it together, and didn't feel like starting off the year with her being mad, though it was clear she already was. It seemed that no matter what he did to please her, she always got mad. He had to admit though, she looked so cute when she was mad.

After the meeting with the Prefects, Lily went to leave but James grabbed her arm gently.

"What do you want Potter?" Lily snapped, annoyed. He's probably going to ask me out again, she thought with an inward groan.

"Can I talk to you for a moment?" James questioned, his hazel eyes pleading with her green ones. She sighed.

"Alright but make it quick." Lily said, sitting back down on a seat. Tension filled the air, a different kind of tension that Lily hadn't felt before in his presence.

"I was wondering if we could start this year off as friends," James started after he sat down across from her, nervously saying his words in a rush.

"Friends? You want to be friends now Potter? After six years of you taunting me?" Lily laughed coldly in disbelief.

"Look I'm really sorry about all that," James said, running his hand through his hair nervously, "but I just wanted you to notice me. I promised I've changed."

"So you expect me to believe you that you've changed, when you've never given me a reason to trust you before?" Lily questioned, thinking the whole thing was absurd.

James shrugged. "Look I know you have no right to trust me, or believe me, but please Lily can't you give me one chance?" he pleaded, his hazel eyes full of hope. Lily sighed, looking at him warily.

"I'll think about it Potter, seeing as we do have to work together this year." She said after a moment. A secret voice inside of Lily told her that she wanted to be more then friends, but she squished it.

"Alright," James said, pleased with her answer for the moment. Hesitating, he opened his mouth to speak again. "I was just wondering if you would call me James then, instead of Potter."

"I'll try." Lily sighed, standing up and leaving to go and join her friends.

James stood up after a moment, trying to get his head back. It seemed that every time she came near him, he lost all rational thought and just wanted to hold her. But James knew that if he tried it at the moment, Lily would certainly hex him. She is in love with me, James thought confidently, she just doesn't know it yet.

James finally left the Head's compartment, and heard a familiar voice that made his blood run cold with hatred.

"Next time watch were your going, Mudblood." Came the voice of Severus Snape. Snape was staring down at Lily with extreme dislike. Lily had run into him in her rush to get back to her friends. Lily was knocked down onto the floor.

James stormed to them, instantly drawing out his wand. When Snape saw him he did the same thing.

"Don't even think about it James!" Lily said dangerously, her eyes filled with tears, either angry tears or hurt tears, James couldn't really tell. He figured it was a mixture of both. No matter what the emotion, James hated seeing Lily cry.

"He's asking for it." James replied just as dangerously.

"Going to listen to your little Mudblood girlfriend Potter?" Snape taunted, his wand raised and pointed at James. James's anger had reached its boiling point.

"Get out of here before I make your face even more screwed up then before." James said threateningly as he put his hands around Lily's waist and hoisted her up, almost effortlessly, and glared at Snape.

"Oh, I'm so scared!" Snape said sarcastically.

"If you even think about doing magic I'll report you to Dumbledore and take points," Lily snapped, directing it at the both of them.

"Whatever Mudblood, you better watch your back." Snape mumbled, pushing them aside as he walked away.

"I won't stand to see him treating you that way Lily," James said as he watched her struggling for composure. He resisted the urge to take her in his arms and instead put his hand on her arm. "I hate seeing you upset."

"You didn't seem to mind seeing me upset all those other years." Lily accused, glancing down at her arm were James's hand was, "I've gotta find Marlene."

James watched her go, wondering what she meant by he didn't mind seeing her upset all thoseother years. He walked back to the compartmentwere he had left Sirius, Remus and Peter, discovering it empty. He knew that they would be in Lily's compartment, because Remus was nowdatingLily's best friend,Marlene.

Heslide open the door and found Marlene and Remus snogging, Sirius and Peter playing Wizard's Chess, and Lily starring out the window near tears.

Lily and Marlene left the Great Hall after the Welcoming Feast feeling very full and lazy. They were chatting about Kada Connersby, a seventh year Gryffindor that used to be their friend. Kada had stabbed both Lily and Marlene in the back in previous years, and it was impossible to trust her with any information at all, especially guy information.

They were currently chatting about how Kada seemed to be all over Remus at the Feast, and Marlene was ready to slap her.

"I mean come on! She never paid any attention to him before, and now she's all over him! I hate that warty toad!" Marlene whined, making Lily laugh richly.

When Lily and Marlene rounded the corner, James felt his breath catch. She was laughing and smiling at something Marlene had said. I wonder if I'll ever make her laugh or smile, he thought regretfully.

"Not again mate!" Sirius cried, throwing his hands up in defeat as he watched James go all 'weird' again as he looked at Lily. "Come on guys, I can see were no longer needed," he added, dragging Remus and Peter towards the Gryffindor Tower.

"Actually I'm going to walk with Marlene," Remus said, smiling and waiting for his girlfriend. Sirius rolled his eyes.

"Come on then Peter," he said, storming up the stairs.

"Hey Lily, can I talk to you for a moment?" James questioned, stopping her by gently grabbing her arm. She looked annoyed.

"Fine," she sighed, "What do you want?"

"Well…seeing as we're Head's now, we have our own room. I was wondering if you needed help finding it?" James suggested, flashing her his charming smile.

"Alright," Lily sighed, her logic getting the best of her. She wouldn't want to go anywhere with James alone, but she really had no idea where the Heads Quarters were located. "Go on Marlene." She added regretfully.

James headed a different way, and Lily reluctantly followed.

"So, how was your summer?" James questioned, ruffling his hair as he looked at her. Lily looked away, it annoyed her whenever he did that. Perhaps because he looks so cute when he does it, a voice in the back of Lily's mind chanted.

"It was fine, thank you. And yours?" Lily replied.

"It was good. Sirius is now living with us so there wasn't' a dull moment all summer." James grinned, as they came towards a painting of a very pretty witch.

"Password?" she asked, silky sweet.

"Phoenix," James yawned. The picture moved aside to revival the most gorgeous common room.

"Oh my!" Lily exclaimed, stepping in and looking around. It had a huge, roaring fire with two red squishy looking chairs and a comfortable looking sofa in front of it. The colour scheme was much like that of Gryffindor, red and gold, with an old mahogany desk and two chairs. It wasn't quite as big as the Gryffindor common room, but it was perfect for two people.

"You should see the rooms," James grinned, delighted at the expression on her face. He had been watching her and his stomach was flipping more then ever.

Lily saw the two doors, one saying Head Boy, James Potter and the other saying Head Girl, Lily Evans, and she crossed over to her door, opening it slowly.

"Oh Merlin!" Lily exclaimed, looking around her room with wide eyes. A huge four-poster canopy bed with a green comfortable and hangings was surrounded by dark wood furniture; a dresser, a vanity table, and a bedside table. Pictures of her family and friends were placed along the dresser and bedside table.

Forgetting James was there, Lily jumped onto the bed. "Its so comfortable!" she said, running her hands along the mattress.

James cleared his throat. Seeing Lily sprawled out like that on a bed brought up a bunch ofthoughts that he would rather keep private for the time being.

"Er, yeah so I'm going to go to bed. Night Lily," he said nervously. Lily looked up at him, and smiled. A real smile,James felta bubble of hope form, This is the year, he thought.

"Ok, good night James." She said. James quickly closed the door and stood outside her door, trying to gather his thoughtsbefore going to his own room.

His room was almost the same, with a dark blue colour scheme, but he had no vanity table. The pictures on his dresser were of his family and the Marauders. The one on his bedside table, however, was of Lily Evans. He went over to his bed and sat down, picking up her picture, wondering if she had a picture of him hidden somewhere in her room.