Full Metal Wizard?

by Scarred-Alchemist

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Spoiler Warnings: This Fic holds many spoilers for FMA and Harry Potter, basically if you don't want to have FMA or Harry Potter ruined for you DO NOT READ THIS! You have been warned.


It's been about a year since Ed has been sent to Munich after his battle with the Homunculi and Dante. He has been continuously thinking about Al, Winry, and everyone else he left back in Amestris and how to get Home!

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Guest

"Al, Al, Al!" cried Ed as he awoke from his dream. Ed looked around and saw he was still in his bed in Munich, not in Amestris, and not with Al, like he was in his dream. Ed put his hand up to his face; he was crying. "Damn it! Al, why did we have to be so stupid to follow Scar? Why did we have to have the stone? We ruined our lives try to get it! You're in Amestris and I'm in Munich! Damn it!"

"Ed? Are you awake?" asked Ed's dad, Hoenheim as he entered the room, ready to get going to work. "Ed what's wrong? You were thinking about Al and Amestris again, weren't you? Don't worry, you'll see them again!" Hohenhim turned and started to walk away.

"Dad wait," said Ed in a demanding voice, "Do you think I will be able to go back and see Al again, really? Don't lie just because you might have pity for me!"

"Ed you may or you may not be able to get back, but there is always hope. Remember, you have allies anywhere." After saying this, Hoenheim walked down the stairs and out the door to his daily work schedule.

Ed got up, made his bed, went down stairs, and got whatever food he didn't have to cook in fear of somehow exploding it. He then went out, yet again, to the library in search for any clues that could lead him to return to his original birthplace and back to all his friends.

"Damn it! There are too many books here and most of them are just crap that says 'magic is real and alchemy is this made up myth'! There's never a book that just says 'go here do this and you can go home'—no that's just too easy!"

"Mr. Elric, you are too loud! This better be the last time I hear noise from you!" said the Librarian while waving a ruler in the air. "I have other things I have to do instead of warning you!"

As the librarian walked away Ed sighed, "There has to be away to get home or at least see home...there has to be some way." Ed got up and walked to the bookshelf again. With some luck he may be able to find some clues or anyone who might have some information. As Ed walked away from the shelf with a new stack of books he and someone who was looking at a picture walked into each other as the picture and Ed's books flew to the ground. "Sorry," cried Ed "the books were in my way!"

"It's alright," cried the man as he picked up Ed's books and his picture. "You're in luck running into me! Now you can see my daughter's picture of the year!" The man shoved the picture of his daughter in his face. "See, isn't she so adorable?"

"Elysia," Ed said to himself he looked up, "Hughes, your alri... how are you here? You died in Amestris; your grave is there!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked a confused Hughes, "I'm sure I haven't died. I was just about to buy a birthday present for my daughter; it's her birthday tomorrow. You should come, ya, so what are you going to buy Elysia? A huge stuffed bunny, that's perfect!" Hughes then dragged Ed off into the direction of the toy store.

"Hughes I wasn't done with those books, I need to get information!" cried a frustrated Ed, "Anyway, do you remember anything about Amestris?" Ed asked in a calmer voice, "Do you remember the Homunculi, or Colonel Mustang, or even the Fuhrer?"

"Amestris…uh no, nothing. I've never heard of it," said Hughes as he entered the store with Ed. "Now what should we buy for Elysia? Oh, the Bunny! Let's find that; look it's over—"

Ed interrupted Hughes. "Sorry Hughes I gotta get going; it's late. Here, take this money and buy her whatever. But before I leave, tell me, do you remember anything about Alchemy?"

"It's a myth," Hughes said seriously, "It will never happen; it could never be real."

After that said Ed turned and walked away. "He doesn't remember," he said to himself. Ed sighed and started to walk home then he realized he left all the books in the library. But it was too late to hurry and get them because the library was closing. Ed grunted as he realized he'd wasted another day with nothing to gain. He walked up the stairs into his house. "Dad I'm home!" cried Ed loudly.

"Ed, some letter came for you. It looks fancy," yelled Hoenheim from upstairs, "It's on the Kitchen table." Hohenhim walked down the stairs to greet Ed. "It's also from England. Do you know anyone from around there?"

"No, I don't," said Ed. He opened the letter and read it out loud.

Dear Edward Elric,

"You have been invited to attend Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Ed stopped reading there. "What the Hell? Wizardry? That doesn't exist!" Ed read down and his eyes widened as he did so.

"Edward Elric, you may not believe all of this but you must; we may have a way for you to accomplish your dream."

"So what does it mean?" asked Hoenheim, "What are you going to do? Are you going to see who sent the letter?"

"This is the only lead I've had in a while so I have to go for it. I'm going to the address on the letter. If I don't find anything I'll come back. I'm going to leave in the morning so I have to pack now." Ed walked up the stairs to his room to get ready to pack.

In Ed's room he kept thinking, 'Magic can't be real', and 'how...how do they know about me and Amestris?'. Well there was only one way to find out and that was to go to London and look for clues.