Title: Everything
Rating: T
Summary: Songfic. I usually force myself not to write these because then I'll never stop, but I couldn't stop myself from this one. Buffy feels that Faith is her 'Everything.' Inspired by 'Everything,' Lifehouse. This is all I think about when I hear this song.


You are my purpose, you're everything...
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away.
Would you take me in? Take me deeper now?...
Everything, Lifehouse

Nightfall graces this doomed sky and I let my gaze fall to the wooden window ledge. The moonlight is unbearably cold and uninviting, reminding me of how dreadful night is, and always has been. For me anyway. Staring out at the night and deserted road, houses dark, cars vanished from driveways, I feel so alone; like I'm the only one left.

But then I feel warmth as her arms slip slowly around my waist, and her graceful chin rests deep in the shallow of my neck.

You hold me in your hands

You won't let me fall

I feel myself warming to her, my eyes forgetting all too quickly the way the night looked; cold, uninviting. Because all of a sudden her warmth is all around me and I'm pulsing, and I feel wanted.

You're all I want

You're all I need

You're everything.

I listen to her voice as her lips move against my ear, telling me the very words I'd always wanted to her, from her. 'That night makes you shiver, I can tell.' Her gravely yet graciously affecting voice rolls over my veins as if it were intoxication. I feel my senses melting and my eyelids falling, taken by the paralysis of loving her.

She is all around me and for some reason I can find peace among all of this war.

You are the strength that keeps me going

You are the hope that keeps me trusting

I feel the need to spend forever this way; in her arms, with her voice at my ear and my blood tingling at the sensation of her pure intoxication.

She didn't know, but it didn't matter to me. Just being able to feel her again, to be here with her now was enough; in fact, too much, right now. I knew that soon she would withdraw from me, and stand beside me, to try to share this cold night. But I couldn't allow her to share the cold feeling I got from the night. So I move my hand to where hers is, and turn to face her, looking deep into her dark brown pools, that show me a sense of sadness. Sadness I want gone. I want her to feel warm.

We are inches apart, her breath warmly brushing against my face, and I close my eyes, and lick over my lips.

Find me here, and speak to me

I want to feel you, I need to hear you

'Faith…' I begin, keeping my eyes closed. 'I feel like we won't make it tomorrow.'

I feel her grip tighten on me and one hand move to hold my head. 'Don't say that…we can dust the First. We're that good.'

'You're that good,' I whisper.

I can feel her taking my words in. 'B…'

'No, I… I mean it…you're the strength that keeps me going,' I whisper further, my eyes coming open to hers, tingling at the sensation still pumping through my veins.

She looks down into my green eyes, and I feel as though she knows what I mean, and how I mean it. But years of hurt and pain and uninviting cold are remembered as our gaze is kept, and I feel her arms slipping from me, and her body moving back from me. And within moments, she is gone from me. I yearn for that sensation of her to return and as I take a step forward, I realise it'll never return.

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