Author's Note: Firstly, a huge thank you for taking interest. Hopefully you'll enjoy this and leave a comment. Or not enjoy it and leave a comment. Or enjoy it and not leave a comment. You get the idea. Either way, thank you for checking out my story and I hope you enjoy it.

This story requires a bit of an introduction I feel, beyond the blurb. For starters, it's set 615 years before Vana'diel (and onwards). The lead character does in fact come from the FFXI Chronicles, or at least is featured in it, although I've had this story idea for years. It was never supposed to be applied to Final Fantasy XI, but actually should work quite well. The idea will be that you'll see Vana'diel evolve as the story goes on (since it should span quite a long period of time, and as per my plan should end back in the timeline we are used to).

A few pointers about the immortals in this story. If you want everything to be a surprise, skip this, but if you've read the FFXI Chronicles and know what Olose is, or just want to find out (it says in the first part of the first chapter anyway) then read on. Basically, he's a werewolf, but I've applied my own lore from all the werewolf myths. This means he might differ from other werewolves in other things slightly, and seem overpowered a bit. I mean, he's immortal for a start. The rest you'll discover as you read hopefully.

Because it's set in the past, I have to try and match this up a bit at least to Vana'diel lore, but don't know the dates. I found a site with the 'ages' of Vana'diel though, so will try and set it in times specific to that. I've currently set it as the age when San d'Oria is first expanding and at war with both the beastmen and Windurst (or at least attacking their camps). Sadly, I've been forced (against my will) to stop playing FFXI, but with any luck I'll be able to write this story anyway, but it may become inaccurate because of this. For that I apologise. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!



Warm torches lit the inside of the gigantic cavern. Wooden shacks stood, some proudly displaying shop names and some merely forming warm and safe homes. A small village hidden beneath the ground. A young boy, only four years of age, looked up confusingly as he was huddled to the rear of the cave.

"What's happening?" He asked.

"Shh, Olose." Came the loving voice of his mother. "Prepare to run." Footsteps echoed throughout the cave, approaching. "Remember your positions people!" His mother ordered as the adults of the town got ready to attack, hunching behind doors, out of windows and behind crates, with bows ready.

"Our preliminary reports said they were armed to the teeth with silver weaponry." Came the voice of Olose's father. "So don't let them hit you." The footsteps increased in volume as an entire army of fully armoured figures could be seen approaching, silver swords and silver arrows glistening as they prepared to open fire.

"First line! Transform!" Olose's mother ordered, and the entire front line of warriors burst into gigantic werewolves, half-man and half-wolf, letting out a tremendous howl as they charged the invaders.

"Burn the monsters to the ground!" Yelled the leader of the invaders.

"I've got the cure for your curse right here!" Spat one of the enemy archers as he fired a silver arrow. The other archers quickly did the same and the transformed beasts were ripped apart, dropping down as their flesh burnt from the silver wounds.

"FIRE!" Screamed the mother of Olose. Arrows rained down on the invaders, but they blocked them with their mighty shields. They threw a torch at one of the wooden buildings, and it exploded into flames.

"CHARGE!" Yelled the leader of the invaders. "Wipe this village from the ground and finally purge Vana'diel of these accursed beasts!" Olose watched in terror as the fight erupted. The werewolves made powerful enemies, but they were severely outnumbered and cut down easily by the silver weaponry of their opponents.

"Come on, Olose!" Whispered a voice. "We have to go! We'll use the secret tunnel!" Olose was dragged by his older sister into a small and dark tunnel. One the boy had played so many games in over his short life, and now it was his only escape route. His sister was much older than he was, aged about fifteen, and much bigger. She squirmed through the tiny passage behind the boy as he darted onwards, his small size enabling him to move with ease. His sister wasn't so lucky. "Grr. I'm stuck." She grunted. Olose looked at her with wide eyes. "Run Olose! Go!" She told him, squirming. He grabbed her hand and pulled. "Run!" She instructed again. "Listen! Somebody betrayed us! This place was too well hidden to be found! You have to run! Find the traitor! You're the only one who can!" His sister suddenly screamed as she was pulled back and Olose watched as two of the enemy soldiers butchered her.

"Bah! There's another one in there!" One of the soldiers cried.

"Just a kid." Snarled the other.

"A kid can grow up." The first said.

"We'll catch him when we've mopped up here." The second told the first. "He won't get far."

The young boy bolted through the woods outside of the cave, running desperately and dodging between the foliage to avoid being seen, hiding under the darkness of the night. He made it. It was early morning as he approached a small village. He collapsed just outside of it, exhausted from his escape.

Olose Sampson sprung up in bed.

"Whoa, that was weird." He commented to himself, rubbing his head. He suddenly felt quite stupid about talking to himself. He collapsed back in bed, and sprawled down contently.

"Olose? Was that you?" Came a call from downstairs. "Are you awake?"

"Yes, Mum." Olose answered wearingly, shaking off the last memories of his strange dream.

"You coming down?" His mother asked.

"Nah, I'm content to sleep." Olose answered, flopping back in his bed. He was sixteen years old, but still lived with his parents, seeing it as a warm and loving home. He had no reason to leave.

"Talia's coming over in a minute. I'll tell her you didn't want to see her." His Mum called up.

"Talia?" Olose exclaimed, rolling out of bed and dropping to the floor. "Why didn't you say so?" He cried, struggling into the nearest clothes he could find. A dark brown shirt and old black trousers. He stumbled down the stairs, rubbing his eyes. His mother looked on him with a warm smile.

"You really need a haircut." She laughed.

"Only had one two weeks ago." Olose sighed. "My hair's been growing stupidly long stupidly fast." He added. "So when's Talia coming over?" His mother laughed knowingly.

"I don't know. In the next hour or so. She wants to go and pick some herbs and was wondering if you'd protect her for the journey." His mother explained.

"Protect her?" Olose sounded slightly surprised.

"Well, your master says you've become quite an able swordsman. He wants to see you taking on real challenges now." His mother told him.

"He said that?" Olose beamed proudly. "Well, I'll do it then." He paused. "You know me, anything for a lady." He added sarcastically. His mother laughed.

"Well, Prince Charming, before you go and save any damsels, you might want your sword." She mocked.

"Sword?" Olose repeated blankly. "Oh crap! I left it at the blacksmiths!" He bolted out of the house as fast as he could.

He ran down the central path of his tiny village, smiling as he passed all the figures he knew so well. He'd gotten his new sword a week ago for his sixteenth birthday. And promptly managed to chip the blade quite badly. He'd left it at the blacksmith's for repairs, and completely forgotten to pick it up. He suddenly stumbled. His vision blurred. He saw something. A wolf. It was howling. He stumbled and crashed down on the path. He shook his head and sat up.
"Whoa." He commented. "Dammed dream. Must still be with me." He shook his head again fiercely, sending his wavy hair flying everywhere.

"Do you always talk to yourself in the street or is it a new development?" Came a sweet female voice. Olose looked up and leapt instantly to his feet. A young girl in a dark blue and white dress stood before him, with long curly blonde hair and an innocent smile.

"Talia!" He exclaimed. "I was, just, urrr, going to-"

"Get this?" Talia asked, holding up his sword. Olose let out a nervous laugh.

"Yeah. I kinda left it at the blacksmiths." He admitted nervously.

"That after you chipped it fighting that rock?" She mocked gently.

"I wasn't fighting a rock!" Olose protested. "I was practicing a kata and swung it into a rock."

"Well as long as you don't swing it into me later." Talia told him. "I am relying on you after all."

"I wont let you down ma'am!" Olose said with a sarcastic salute. Talia laughed and the two walked down the dusty path, taking in their village around them.

Olose loved his home. He was a trainee fighter, but dreamt of becoming a guard when he was older, to help protect the village he loved. It was entirely populated by humes, but that was mostly by coincidence and the central population of the area rather than some racial issue. It dealt mostly in farming goods, and was entirely self sustaining. The outside world didn't need to exist as far as Olose was concerned. Occasionally they'd run into the odd adventurer who came out past their home, but it was rare.

Olose looked into Talia's eyes and smiled, physically feeling his heart becoming warmer. She playfully smiled. She was always playful. Olose had no idea how she really felt. The two walked away from the village and across a large grassy field, up to their wastes in grass. Talia laughed.

"I love this place." She smiled, looking up at the wood overlooking the village. "It's so peaceful. Shame they never let me out here without protection in case a monster attacks."

"Never fear o' fair damsel, for I shalt protect you!" Olose cried sarcastically, lifting up his sword.

"What do you mean, fair damsel?" Talia repeated in a mocking tone. "I could still kick your ass."

"Is that a fact?" Laughed Olose. Talia stepped towards him.

"Oh yeah." She suddenly tickled Olose in the ribs and he fell over backwards, dropping his sword. She jumped on top of him, tickling him.

"Hey! No fair!" Olose laughed, rolling over and landing on top of Talia. He ticked her back and she laughed.

"Oi! Stoppit!" She squirmed. Olose laughed. The two paused, panting, Olose sat on top of Talia. They looked lustfully into each others eyes.

There was a sudden roar and Olose reeled back. For a moment he had seen that wolf again. There was another roar, and he could see the wolf snapping at him.

"Olose?" Talia asked gently, clearly worried. The wolf roared again and Olose fell backwards, fainting in the grass. "Olose?" Talia cried, running to his side. He didn't move. He was dreaming of wolves. He could see a pack of them, circling him, snapping at him. He felt like they were trying to sneak into his mind. Penetrate his thoughts with some dark message.

Talia was stood by his bedside, looking on with concern. Olose lay there, not moving. An older man, the doctor of the small town, turned to her and Olose's mother, who were both stood watching Olose.

"I'm afraid I'm not certain of the cause." The doctor admitted. "I would advise plenty of rest and water." He sighed, packing up his gear. "Keep him warm and well fed."

"I will, doctor. Thank you." Olose's mother said in reply.

"Thank Talia here for bringing him back." The doctor laughed. "That girl is stronger than she looks." Talia smiled, blushing slightly.

"I just hope he's going to be alright." Talia told the others.

"Don't we all?" The doctor gave in response. "I must be going." He added. "I do hope he gets better." The Doctor turned and left after a short pause. Talia looked down at Olose then turned to his mother.
"I'm sorry." She whimpered. "This is all my fault."

"Not at all." His mother said kindly. "I'm sure it would have happened wherever Olose was. I think you saved him". Talia managed a smile, and sat down on the side of Olose's bed. She held his hand waiting for him to wake up.

She was sat by him even as day turned to night. The moon rose in the sky, a bright beaming full moon in a star filled sky. She stroked his hand.

"Please wake up, Olose." She said softly. "Please."

His eyes suddenly burst open, and is body arched upwards as he let out a tremendous growl. Talia backed away in shock.

Olose was surrounded by wolves. He could see them snapping and growling at him. He tried to shout at them, to warn them off, but his body wouldn't move. It wouldn't respond. One lunged at him. It bit into his flesh. He screamed.

Olose's arched body let out a blood-curling scream. Talia was now against the wall, pushed away from his body as far as she possibly could. Olose's body suddenly collapsed. Olose could see the ceiling, but he couldn't move. He couldn't speak. Talia was beginning to walk towards him. He had to get her away! He knew she had to leave.

"Talia…" He managed to groan.

"I'm here, Olose." She said, running to his side.

"No!" He suddenly cried as she got close, and his arm shot outwards, ripping through her flesh. His arm was no longer his own. It was covered in fur, huge and ended with a mighty claw. And Talia, the girl he cared for most in the entire world, was impaled upon it. She choked, and with her final breath could but watch as Olose's body underwent a horrific transformation. He eyes turned to a steely grey, becoming cold and lifeless. His entire face began to shift, becoming wolf like. His teeth began to become lethal pointed fangs. He ears grew out into gigantic dog like ears. His body grew tremendously in size, becoming three times larger than it had been before. Fur grew out over his body, and long bushy tail emerged from his back. The corpse of Talia slid down his arm, leaving a trail of dark blood as it went. She reached his shoulder, and he lunged down, biting her head off and hurling the corpse to the ground with a mighty howl.

Olose watched in terror. What was he? He couldn't stop himself. He felt like he was just watching events happen. He couldn't move his body. It moved at its own will. It turned to the door.

"Oh Altana…" He heard his mother say, frozen in shock. Olose leapt at her, and ripped both of her arms off. She stumbled back, blood spewing everywhere. She slumped down against the wall as Olose moved in, ripping her in two.

The gigantic creature leapt out of the window, shattering it. He landed, glass shards ripping through his body, but the wounds instantly healing. Guards saw him and rushed for him, swords drawn. He slammed them aside without effort, using such tremendous strength they were reduced to unrecognisable gory piles of blood.

The entire village could hear the slaughter. Some began to emerge from their homes. Some ran, others fought. They all died. Olose ripped them to shreds with his bare hands, all the while being forced to watch. His rampage didn't stop there. He quickly assaulted the houses, and the building. He ripped them down searching for more flesh in a frenzy. He killed everything he found. Cowering children that had tried to hide, the elderly who had failed to run, and anybody who attempted to be a hero and stop him. He killed them all and was forced to watch as he did. He couldn't even speak. He couldn't bring his body back under control. He wanted to break down and cry, but not even that could happen. His boy continued to kill, and his mind was powerless to stop it.

When Olose Sampson awoke again, he was lying in the woods, naked. He sat up, and suddenly the memories flooded into his mind. He realised what he had done. What he was. Who he had harmed. He dropped down, defeated. It was beyond words.

That dammed dream. It hadn't been a dream! It had been a memory! That cave! That town! It had been the last refuge of the werewolves! He could remember it now. Like some level of his memory had been unlocked. Hiding from society, they were the last of their kind. Werewolves. Lycanthropes as they liked to be called. They had formed a peaceful society. One where they could train the younger lycanthropes to control their emotions and their anger. One where they could teach them to never transform. But then they had been betrayed. Hunters had come and slaughtered them all. Olose had run. Olose had made it to the village. And somehow the memories had become repressed. He was the son of a werewolf! He had transformed that night! He was a monster! A monster with none of the control his family would have taught.

Talia. She was dead! He'd killed her! Just like that! No thought. No control. No second chance. No stopping. It had been him! He had killed the girl he loved! And he had never even said anything! There had been no chance for last words, no chance for an explanation of feelings, just one day she had been there, and the next she was not. She was gone. And it was his fault. All his fault.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He screamed as loud as he could in total anguish, sobbing uncontrollably. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" There was nobody around that could hear. Nobody that was around that could care anyway. Olose crumpled over in a heap, sobbing. He'd killed her! He'd killed his parents! All gone! They were all dead! "Let it all be a dream!" He sobbed. "Let me wake up!" He curled up, crying. "Please! Let me wake up! Make it so that it wasn't real! Please! Oh Altana, please!" He sobbed.

This time Olose Sampson did not wake up.

He had killed them all. There was no going back. They were dead.