Author's Note: Well, this is a surprise. A bonus chapter/short story to Twilight of the Immortal. Now, I cannot stress this enough, I DID NOT WRITE THIS. I repeat, I am NOT the author of this story. TheFrogKiller wrote this story revolving around the fate of Jeren and Trevia from Twilight of the Immortal. I'm just posting it as part of Twilight. So give him credit, not me! I cannot stress that enough, I didn't write this! That's why it's suddenly so much better than the rest of the story! Anyway, this counts as a bonus chapter, written by TheFrogKiller because he's cool. More of a short story really, being much much longer than anything I could write as a chapter. Anyway, enjoy!


Jeren and Trevia were out in the courtyard of Arcadia's mansion. The two were dressed in loose cloth and leather armor. Wielding bokkens's, the two Mithra were sparring. Jeren charged out swinging high at Trevia. She ducked under the swing rolling under his attack Trevia popped up behind him. Swinging downward Jeren switched stances bringing the sword up around his back. Blocking the swing he pushed Trevia back.

"So… have you thought anymore about us getting married?" Jeren asked

This time Trevia attacked first. Going low she swung upwards. Jeren pushed his weapon forward to block the attack. Weapons locked Trevia spoke.

"I'm not the kind of girrrl who settles down and starrrts a family." Trevia answered

Jeren pushed Trevia back again. Grinning he spoke.

"How about a I make a deal with you." Jeren asked

"Yeah… what's that?" Trevia shot back

Jeren swung again at Trevia. She brought her sword up blocking again.

"If I can beat you in a duel, you have to marry me. If I lose, I'll never bring it up again." Jeren proposed

Trevia grinned. Jumping away from Jeren she laughed.

"Ok… it's a deal, however, you have to completely disarrrm me of all my weapons and armor. With no way of fighting back, you have to pin me." Trevia said

"You tease me too much." Jeren said

Jeren dropped his bokken. Drawing his katana he charged at Trevia. Slicing her bokken in two Trevia dropped her broken weapon. Jeren swung again this time aiming for Trevia's belt. Trevia fell back and drew two kunai's. Taking a defensive stance she took one look at Jeren, then ran the other way. Jumping up onto the wall she dug the kunai's into the wall. Climbing up she got to a balcony and ran into the mansion.

Trevia took off through the hallways finding herself in the main hall. She stopped, trying to focus, her ears twitched trying to listen for Jeren. Closing her eyes she stood motionless.

"You can't catch me!" Trevia called out

Jeren chased Trevia down the streets of Khazam. Dodging through alleys and streets Trevia thought she had out witted Jeren. But there he was standing behind her.

"Gotcha." Jeren said

Jeren was standing up on the railing above Trevia. With his sword sheathed he dropped down behind her. With a sheepish grin he pulled her tail. Trevia swung around; Jeren put a hand up blocking a swing. The two kept trading blows, but none of them connected. Each of them kept throwing fists to strike one another but each strike was caught or deflected.

Jeren took an open opportunity and reached low to the belt she wore. A lucky shot he snapped the buckle and pulled the belt off. Trevia jumped back with both her kunai's drawn. Jeren stepped back. With Trevia's belt over his shoulder he drew his katana.

"What do you have in here anyway?" Jeren asked

There at lest a dozen pockets with pouches sewn on them.

"Caltrops, smoke bombs, flash powder. What is this? A silver dagger?" Jeren asked

"You'll be surprised what other toys I have." Trevia said

"Damnit, how do you keep catching me?" Trevia asked

Jeren laughed.

"You're easy to follow. I've been watching how you act. You easily trick people into thinking your running one way when you go in an opposite direction. But I can always see through it." Jeren said

Trevia sighed looking to the ground.

"So I'm sure you've heard the news." Trevia spoke softly

"Oh what news?" Jeren asked

"That one day, we are to be married." Trevia answered

"Oh that, yeah. Hey if you think about it the whole thing might be some fun." Jeren laughed

Trevia didn't laugh.

"How can I be your wife if I'm so weak?"

Trevia held her two kunai's to the side. Jeren turned his katana around. The flat wide end of the weapon faced outwards. He swung the sword. Trevia threw up a guard with one of her kunai's. With the force of Jeren's attack it knocked the weapon right out of her hand.

"I think I may have trained you a little too well." Trevia said

She turned and ran once again. Taking off down the hallway Jeren took chase once again.

"I have to leave. If I'm not strong enough to even beat you I couldn't let myself be the one who has to look after you." Trevia said

She looked up to Jeren. Trevia was only 12 years old. Jeren, who was only a year older looked down at her upset.

"But there's no reason for you to leave. I don't care about how skilled you are. I just care about you." Jeren cried

Trevia walked close to him.

"I'm sorry." Trevia said. "I just can't yet."

Trevia walked onto the boat that was headed for the main land.

Trevia had to keep out running Jeren. All she had left was her Kunai. It was hard to keep running in all the armor she was wearing. Using her weapon she cut the restraints keeping it attached to her. Dropping them along the ground behind her she threw more down an opposite hallway. Turning back Trevia dashed around a corridor. Running into Jeren he put an arm out grabbing the wrist of the hand that held her final weapon. Stealing it Trevia writhed out of his grip. Running past him Jeren ran after her. Closing in once again he grabbed her by the waist. Tripping over Trevia's clothes they fell to the ground. Rolling over one another they stopped with Jeren on top, pinning Trevia to the ground.

"It looks like victory is mine." Jeren stated

Trevia looked away blushing. Jeren leaned down and kissed her.

At that moment Olose, followed by Arcadia, stepped out into the hallway.

"There are 30 rooms with beds in this place… and you chose the main hallway…" Olose joked

Trevia brought a leg around and kicked Jeren off of herself. Rolling out from under him she walked back to collect her clothes. Jeren lied on the floor with a grin on his face.

"What are you smiling about?" Olose asked

With a huge grin on his face he spoke.

"That woman there is going to be my wife." Jeren said proudly

Olose looked at Trevia oddly.

"So… she's finally going to get married. It's about time too. I'm sure she'll finally loosen up once she gets…" Olose tried to say

Trevia threw her armor at him smacking him in the face cutting him off.

"I would appreciate it if you wouldn't be so crude about it." Trevia snapped

Over the following days Arcadia found it her job to organize Trevia and Jeren's wedding. She had the entire mansion dressed up for the occasion. Trevia was being tended too by three people. Each one of them was going over her body with lengths of string.

"So what kind of design were you thinking of?" One of the three asked

"I don't wear drrresses." Trevia complained

"Oh come on Trevia. You only need to wear it once." Arcadia said

She walked around Trevia.

"What color would you like it to be?" Another one of the tailors asked

"Black." Trevia bluntly said. "I don't like anything other then darrrk colorrrs."

"It's a little unorthodox for the bride to wear anything but white or lighter colors." The tailor said

"Why is that?" Trevia asked

"White is a representation of purity and innocence." He said

Trevia started cracking up.

"That's the exact opposite of me." Trevia laughed

"Its also the sign of virginity." He said

Trevia stopped laughing. Blushing she looked to the floor.

"I guess you could put a little white in it." Trevia said bashfully

At the end of the day Trevia was able to finally get away from everyone. Once all of her friends found out she was getting married she couldn't get any time alone.

"That's right… this is how it used to be. Before I met any of them. Before I met that cursed man." Trevia

Closing her eyes she just sighed. Standing up she jumped off of the roof. As she fell she threw a kunai into the wall. At the end of it was a rope, which Trevia held onto. The amount she measured out stopped her a foot from the ground. Letting go of the rope Trevia casually walked out into the city. The moon rose in a thin crescent, its dim light shadowed the streets. Oil lamps hung on street posts lighting what the lunar rays tried to cover up.

Trevia walked through the streets with out warrant. Simply trying to escape the thoughts of her life plaguing her mind. That was until a crash brought her mind back at full attention. A group of bandits came running out of a alley way. Each of them carrying a sack of items. They stopped in front of her.

"Looks like there are some more mouths we'll need to silence tonight." One said

Trevia cracked her knuckles. Standing firm she waited for her opponents to make the first move. Then they did. One came at her with a fist to punch her. Dropping low she swung a leg out tripping him. As he fell forward she shot an arm up into his falling chest. She left him out cold on the ground.

"So, a damn adventurer. I know how to deal with your kind." Another bandit said

He drew a knife. Holding it out he lunged at her. She stuck both her hands out. Twisting them around the hand that held the blade she snapped them breaking his hand. She kicked the knife out of the way. Before he could try to run or attack, it didn't really matter. Trevia snapped her hand along his neck. The sudden shock knocked him out as well. The other bandits that saw how Trevia took two out in mere seconds turned dropped their loot and ran.

Trevia sighed. Feeling much better about her self she started heading back for the mansion.

The next day the bandits regrouped. The leader sat in the slums of an abandoned house.

"We would have made off with so much stuff if it weren't for that wench." One of the bandits told

"Don't worry about it. Two of our comrades are gone. But we will have our revenge. What did this wench look like?" The leader asked

"Well… she was a Mithra. A very skilled one too." A random bandit said

The leader stood up.

"A Mithra huh… Word spreads fast in the city. It must be her wedding the royals of this city are fussing about." The leader said. "We'll have our revenge soon enough."

Days passed until the day of the wedding. But all was going to plan. The days leading up to this event everyone had noticed Trevia had been more distant then usual. She had not seen or spoken to Jeren. Then, she had just up and disappeared.

"Where did she get too?" Arcadia worried She was running around the estate with all of the staff actively looking for a trace of her.

Olose just watched from afar.

"Where did she go?" Jeren asked. "I hope this didn't drive her away again."

Olose just laughed.

"You guys worry too much. She's too brave to have cold feet on a day like this." Olose said

Suse was out in the garden watching butterflies flutter around in the wind. Then Arcadia rushed passed her.

"Suse. Have you seen Trevia?" Arcadia asked

"Yes. This morning I did." Suse said, obviously distracted by the butterflies floating around

"You have!" Why didn't you tell anyone?" Arcadia said flustered

"I forgot." Suse said

In the city Trevia walked around freely. She wasn't dressed in her normal armor. She had plain clothing. Long pants a shirt and a straw hat. She easily blended in with everyone around her. Slowly walking down to the tailors she wanted to go over some last minute alterations to her dress. A hour or two later she walked out with a box. Her dress was neatly packed away inside. It was almost noon. Surprised by the time Trevia hurried back towards the mansion. That was, until she ran into someone. Knocked backwards she straightened herself out. She quickly apologized and tried to get back on her way.

"Wait, you think just saying your sorry is going to pass? You have to give us more then that as compensation of knocking over our boss." A thug said

"Yeah, like all the money you have." Another thug chimed in

"Sorry, I don't have any with me. These pants don't have any pockets." Trevia shrugged

"Alright then. We'll take what ever is in the box." One thug said reaching for the box Trevia held

Well, he tried anyway. Trevia shot a hand out gripping his wrist. Pinching the nerves in key points the thug dropped to the ground in pain.

"Now that wasn't very smart was it?" Trevia said

As she did this all of the thugs drew their weapons. Subconsciously Trevia reached of her sword. But today she went out without any of her equipment. Rather then fight her way out she decided to run. Quickly she took off in the opposite direction of the gang. The thugs took chase after her. The leader stood there laughing.

"Today should be a great opportunity to test my new toy from Bastok." He said

The leader of the gang drew a single shot rifle. Making sure it was loaded he too started after Trevia.

Trevia was taking back alleys trying to turn around and start heading back to Arcadia's mansion. Unable to spot where the gang was coming from she just kept running. A few blocks ahead she came to an open alleyway. Running out of it she stopped. The gang had surrounded her. They closed off the circle leaving her in the middle. Unable to waste time she ran towards the closest ones. She kicked one in the face. Sending him down the others moved in on her. She spun around slamming a foot into the one next to the thug she had just taken out. But once she did Trevia noticed that all the thugs moved away from her. Turning to start running again she heard an explosion. Then a searing pain engulfed her arm. She screamed in pain. Panicked Trevia ran blindly away.

The rest of the thugs were about to chase after her when the leader spoke up.

"No need to rush my friends." He said while reloading the rifle. "She has been so kind to leave us a trail to follow."

The leader of the thugs pointed down to a trail of blood. It lead an ever-growing path to Trevia.

Trevia was blindly running through the streets. The wound in her arm was bleeding heavily. With a hand over it she tried to slow the bleeding. After a few blocks of running she stopped. Putting a hand on the wall next to her she saw how much blood was running down her arm. Leaving a red handprint on the wall she continued to find her way back to Arcadia's mansion. A few more blocks and Trevia knew she was lost. Light headed she couldn't think clearly. Turning down on alley Trevia stopped, unable to go on anymore. She was exhausted and drowsy. Her vision was getting blurry. That is when she turned and sat down. Leaning against the wall behind her Trevia put the box on her lap. Brushing the hair from her eyes she looked up.

"Sorry Jeren, guess I won't be making it back after all…"

Trevia lowered her head and closed her eyes.

A few minutes later the gang had followed the tail of blood to the alley Trevia lied in.

"So. There she is." The leader spoke

He held the single shot rifle in his hands. Aiming it at Trevia he spoke again.

"How nice of you to leave use a trail to follow. It made finding you all the easier." He said

From behind the group stepped a figure.

"Who said that trail was just for you?"

The gang turned around to see a man dressed in a worn leather jacket. His pants were dress slacks making him stand out more then usual.

"Who are you?" The leader yelled

He looked over and past the group of thugs seeing Trevia bleeding along the wall. He emitted a low growl. The leader pointed the rifle at Olose.

"Those bullets wouldn't happen to be made of sliver would they?" Olose asked

The leader fired at Olose. The bullet tore through his jacket. Boring through his skin and out his back. The wound didn't bleed, the hole closed up as quick as it opened.

"I'll take that as a no then." Olose said

He dashed out grabbing one of the thugs by the face. With a single arm he picked him up and slammed him into another thug. As the leader struggled to reload the rifle his minions were dropping like flies. Pulling back the hammer the leader locked it in place. Raising his arm he pointed the gun at Olose. He stood there brushing himself off.

"Didn't we already go through with this?" Olose asked

The leader shot again, but this time Olose dodged the bullet. As the shell hit the wall behind him Olose slammed a fist into the leaders face. Breaking his nose he passed out from shock.

As he dropped to the ground Olose ran over to Trevia. She sat there leaning against the wall holding a box.

"Heh, aren't you glad I came looking for you?" Olose joked

Trevia didn't answer.

"Alright lets get you home. You have Jeren waiting for you." Olose said

Trevia still didn't answer.

Olose nudged Trevia's cheek. She felt cold. Pushing a little harder, she just fell over. The blood drained out of Olose's face at this sight. Quickly he picked Trevia up and started running back to Arcadia's mansion.

A half moon hung overhead. Trevia stared up into the stars. Slowly her mind was numbing. Looking back down at her hands she started to shake.

"Blood, the scent of blood will never leave these hands." Trevia said to herself

She started to shake. Trying to gather herself, Trevia stood up.

"I have to get through this. I have to be strong." Trevia said to herself

Brushing tears from her eyes she put a hand on the sword attached to her side. Moving forward she had to let go of her conscience.

As years passed Trevia let more of herself go as she covered it with scars and calluses. Walking with an aura of shadows and rage she walked alone. Until one job. Sent to assassinate a man in his sleep. Easy enough, until she was thrown out of a window by her tail. Being her first defeat it was the first time she felt scared and alone. This only made her close herself more. Then she met this man again. Not for a confrontation, just a new line of work. Trevia's time with man slowly unraveled her life. But this only brought more pain to her heart to feel safe with others. The people Trevia sailed with only felt uneasy with her aboard. Cold, silent, Trevia just took to herself. Slowly opening up to the people around her. More time passed until a single sheet of paper sent her into shock.

A single letter sent to her by her mother. Trevia hated her mother. When Trevia was bound to be wed she ran. Banished from her home Trevia only resented them more. At first it was anger that made Trevia refuse the invitation back. But soon she realized it was fear. Fear, for that fact that she had tried so hard to repress her past, to not dwell on what had happened so she may move on and always continue forward. Trevia had forgotten about her real self.

Meeting the man she was to be marrying, more of her lost life came back to her. Guilt. Overwhelming guilt took over her. But Trevia didn't know why.

A forgotten promise. Her only known love only wanted for his friend to return. Only to find a jaded soul in the body of his love.

Her time with this man brought upon betrayal. But through an act of cowardice showed Trevia what she forgot. The ice that covered Trevia's heart slowly started to melt.

Looking into the eyes of her childhood friend, Trevia grew out of her old lifestyle. She didn't want to admit it but of the emotions she had lost the last one that came back to her was the love of her friends, and the man she would marry.

Her mind snapped. Flashes of what happened refreshed her memory. Trevia could see herself dieing. She had failed to uphold a promise to Jeren. Getting herself killed.

"No… I can't… I won't let this be the end…" Trevia thought

Olose could see the gates of the mansion. He only rushed more.

"…let me go…" Trevia whispered

Olose stopped.

"Trevs'?" Olose asked

"Put me down…" Trevia said

Slowly Olose set Trevia down. Shaky, Trevia tried to stand. Falling against Olose, he helped her walk back to the mansion. She was pale, Trevia was on the verge of fainting from over working. Her mind was absent from the blood loss.

"Need some help?" A female voice asked

Olose turned to see a female Elvaan dressed elaborately.

"Astra. Good timing." Olose said. "I need you to use some of that white magic to help a friend of mine."

Astra saw Trevia. Looking at the bloody hole in her arm she started casting. A light blue aura surrounded Trevia. The wound on her arm closed up leaving only a scar. Trevia no longer felt faint. Blinking Trevia look around. Her clothes were soaked with her own blood.

"Well as attractive as this is… I think I'll have to change." Trevia said

"Well, don't let me stop you." Olose joked handing her the box she almost lost her life over. Olose was waiting for Trevia to scowl at him.

"I don't think your wife will be to happy with that." Trevia joked back

Olose looked at Trevia.

"Are you ok? I think all that blood you lost affected your brain." Olose said

Trevia laughed, which only confused Olose more. Holding the box she rushed off to her room. Quickly changing into the dress she buttoned it up. It was silver. The design was longer then anything she had worn before. Two straps held the dress up. It was open leading down closing just above the small of her back. There was a smaller hole that let her tail out. The tails of her dress flowed freely. The front shimmered in the light. She had two earrings and a necklace. Pawing at it she had to make sure to stay away from Olose with it. Arcadia had given her some of her jewelry, all of it being silver. For Arcadia couldn't wear it anymore. Snapping back into reality Trevia rushed out of her room and ran downstairs. Rushing out through the courtyard doors there everyone had already assembled and sat down. At the alter there stood all of the brides maids and Jeren next to the priest. Grabbing her dress she pulled part of it up as she rushed up the carpet. Getting to the end Trevia blushed, heavily. Feeling the eyes of everyone on her she spoke nervously.

"Sorry, I thought I would be fashionably late." Trevia said

She turned to the priest. Jeren smiled as the two stood proudly starting the service. Minutes passed until the priest spoke.

"Now is the time to exchange the bands." The priest spoke

Trevia and Jeren looked at one another. Pausing they both asked.

"Who brought the rings?"

Olose rushed up and reached into his pockets. Pulling two small boxes he handed them to the couple.

"Sorry bout that, forgot I had them." Olose said

The two put the rings on. Finishing the ceremony the crowd erupted with cheers as the celebrations started. The band started playing as everyone was swept towards the center of the courtyard. Fancy music played as everyone started dancing around one another. Leaving Jeren and Trevia in the middle of it all. Standing motionless Trevia felt embarrassed. Smiling Jeren lifted Trevia's hand to his shoulder as he took her other hand. Placing his just above her hip he told her just to follow his motions.

"So… tell me. Why were you late today?" Jeren asked

Trevia looked down, breathing deeply she sighed as she spoke.

"I just ran into 12 little problems on the way back form the tailors. I'm just lucky I have a werewolf for a friend." Trevia said

The two continued dancing. Moments later Trevia's mind kept pondering the moments of the afternoon. As her mind thought about it the more it showed. Slowly Trevia started to shake in fear. Jeren quickly picked up on it. Trying to not draw any more attention to her Jeren pulled Trevia in close to him. Resting her head on his chest he saw the scar that was barely exposed by her dress.

"I… I almost didn't make it here." Trevia's voice shook as she spoke. "I almost died today."

Trevia was on the verge of crying. Jeren held her close rocking her. Trying to comfort Trevia Jeren tried his best. Then he had a thought.

"When you first left I was heart broken. I never thought I would see you again. I was depressed. But my mom would sing this song to me every time I wanted to see you and I knew I couldn't." Jeren said softly

He raised a hand over his head signaling the band. They swiftly started playing a melodic ballad, deep and dark but soothing.

Everyone started dancing with the tune, as Jeren started singing to Trevia,

"I… I came here by day… but I left here in darkness, and found you… found you on the way…"

They stepped softly as they rocked slowly with the beat.

"And now… it is silver and silent, it is silver and cold… you, in somber resplendence, I hold."

The beat started up as everyone picked up a pace not suiting a slow dance.

"Your sins into me. Oh, my beautiful one. Your sins into me. As a rapturous voice escapes I will tremble a prayer, I'll beg for forgiveness. Yours sins into me. Oh, my beautiful one."

As fast as its beat quickened it slowed down once again.

"Light… like the flutter of wings… feel your hollow voice rushing, into me, as your longing to sing…"

Still turning with the beat they start a new pattern as the band starts to pick up again.

"So I… I will paint you in silver… I'll wrap you in cold… I will lift up your voice as I sink."

The pace quickly dropped. At a stand still only a simply melody that the song was played around resonated in the air. Jeren looked into the teary eyes of his lovely wife.

"Cold in life's throws… I'll fall asleep for you…"

Trevia brought a hand up to wipe the tears from one eye. Jeren brushed the rest away as he kissed her.

"Cold in life's throws… I only ask you turn away…"

Jeren put his arms around Trevia as she stopped shaking. From her body Jeren could hear a soft purring.

"Cold in life's throws… I'll fall asleep for you…"

Trevia let go of her fear. She could finally feel safe. In the arms of Jeren Trevia didn't worry anymore.

"Cold in life's throws… I only ask your turn… as they seep, into me… Oh, my beautiful one…"

The song "Silver and Cold" is under full rights of AFI. Please don't sue.

Author's Note: What, another one? Yes, you see, me and TheFrogKiller kinda thought it would be fun if we did an author's note like the ones you get where it's a big running conversation between the two of us. So this is a conversation we had on AIM with the aim (hehe, pun) of being author's notes. Urm, we're strange. This I know.

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Vivli: Well yeah, but this was your idea!

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TheFrogKiller: Wait.. Give our audience some time to think it over…

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TheFrogKiller: What's sad is that I get a majority of them from my own sick mind…

Vivli: I've even stolen ideas from your stories before!

TheFrogKiller: i mean.. this stuff i put my characters through... you can't make that stuff up.

TheFrogKiller: Yeah you did.

TheFrogKiller: I've filed the court order to restrain you from doing that anymore.

Vivli: This story was a new challenge to me, 'coz no longer could I rely on 'how can I screw over Vivli more' as the thing that drives the plot...

TheFrogKiller: Now you get to screw Olose.

TheFrogKiller: Wait..

Vivli: ...

TheFrogKiller: That came out wrong!

Vivli: Yeah, I was about to say…

Vivli: There must have been something wrong with me anyway. Everybody always makes their character really cool and heroic and strong and stuff. My character is always the one who ends up in really bad situations...

Vivli: And is generally a total wuss...

TheFrogKiller: Well look on this side of things,

TheFrogKiller: I keep torturing all of mine.

Vivli: True...

Vivli: I killed a baby though! That has to count for something on the sadistic side!

TheFrogKiller: Count how many times Angel has either died or hurt to the point she wishes she had died.

Vivli: She's like Buffy!

Vivli: Urm, I don't actually watch that show...

TheFrogKiller: And I killed her daughter…

TheFrogKiller: All of her friends…

Vivli: But I've heard about it enough to know that Buffy keeps dieing and coming back

TheFrogKiller: And plagued her with Vivli!

Vivli: Well, if you look at it this way, I killed the entire cast of Twilight!

Vivli: ...

Vivli: Nothing's wrong with Vivli!

Vivli: Urm, not that I behave like that in real life...

Vivli: So not that I should care...

TheFrogKiller: I'm sure...

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