Ghost in a shell, Stand alone complex.

Pairings, Batou and Major,

I don't know where this is going, this is just an idea I had to do, this has had some changes such as more capital letters and spellings

( - - aaaa - -) -- this means there using their cybercoms :)

Three days ago, the Major got a strong lead on her case, the man goes by the name of Mack Doben. He was one of the prime suspects in one of many cases, which is why he became a prime suspect in the first place. But was soon eliminated as he had an air tight alibi. Although the Major and her team had a feeling that he was not completely innocent, so they kept a distant eye on the character.

The case was mainly about the shipment of illegal weapons to criminals by a wealthy man or organization, but soon turned out to be weapons and the shipment of prosthetic bodies and cybernetic codes. The merchandise was shown they were from Megatech, Also key access codes for military operations were reported missing and criminals were found with them, the first incident was reported a week ago within a military base off the coast of Tokyo, they was a security breach but with no trace of an intruder, apparently the job was done using one of their own codes.

Something about this whole action with the military seemed to be pointing into the direction of this Mack person, the former prime suspect. Major was assigned to visit him, and possibly get some answers, or even clues.

That was three days ago now, and in the briefing room of section 9, sat everyone on the Major's team. Looking at the evidence before them. There has been no contact from or to the Major within these days of her disappearance, and they knew something was not right, their mission now was to locate and retrieve the Major.

Near the Docks.

The night was still young, and the moon guided the eyes of two men searching the area. The only sounds were the water hitting the rocks edge and the chilling breeze playing with the near by trees.

Silently Batou and Togusa was crouched beside a stack of old rotted crates at a docking barge which has been abandoned for tens years because it was not maintained enough even to meet the minimal guide line of health and safety.

"This place stinks" Togusa spoke as he saw a dead rat surrounded by flies near by and other creatures scurrying about, drainage girds overflowed with sewage and the smell is over whelming.

Batou looked at a group of rats that gathered around the same dead rat Togusa was referring to, and then to Togusa beside him "Lets just find the Major and get the hell out of here" he spoke while loaded his SIG 541 which was your standard rifle, as for Togusa he stuck with his 9mm hand gun, he's never parted with it since his police days. Tension built up quickly as both men were losing patience.

Two Fuchikoma's came out of the main building, "These guys have some nice toys" Batou joked as he watched them go out of sight, "Clearly out for Security I guess" Togusa Suggested as he pressed his palm firm on his hand gun. Batou nodded, he had finished loading his weapon.

"Thats our cue I guess" Togusa spoke as they both ran towards the main entrance using their therm-optic camouflage to get around pass the guards, that were posted almost everywhere, that was up until they passed most of the security and entered one room that lead them through many halls and door ways, there was too much humidity and heat in the air, it rendered the camouflage useless.

"Great, now what" Togusa asked when they hid in an opening in the hall where a vent once stood. Batou tried his cyber com to contact the Major.

- - Major! - -

No response

"Shit" Batou cursed looking back, as he and Togusa were running through the darkened halls, corridors and stairs, bumping into cyber-enhanced soldiers, hitting each and every one with pin point accuracy. Countless soldiers came from around the corner, Batou turned around in anger, Togusa stepped in front of him " I've had enough of you guys" He yelled and through a spark grenade and they both fled the scene.

Batou - - Ishikawa, Saito, have you pin pointed the Major yet? - -

Ishikawa - - directly underneath you, Batou ...she ...i could only locate her through... - -

Batou - -...Yeah - - Batou interrupted,

Batou, knowing what Ishikawa was going to say, he can add up the facts, no contact or cybercom to or from the Major and the only way to locate her is to track her prosthetic body, which isn't a good thing. Each Prosthetic body has a code which could also act as a homing signal.

A few moments later, Batou and Togusa ran through the corridors and down the stairs to the next level down, they only got to the third split and Gun fire was heard they were about to intervene but as they stood against the molded wall near the door way, they caught sight of a few grenades being thrown and soon Ishikawa joined the them in their pursuit.

All three ran down the empty halls which almost all looked the same, and felt like they were going in circles, dripping pipes mold growing from tthem and down the wall, graffiti and rubbish practically littered every where,

"Wheres Saito now?" Togusa asked when they finally slowed their pace,

"Hes in the security center keeping an eye open for more movement, "

"Nice to know someones watching over us" Togusa spoke as their pace quickened, placing three bullets in his 9mm encase they ran into trouble again.

A few guards equipped with robots appeared out of now where so the trio had to make an unexpected turn down a dark hall only to find its a dead end.

"God damn it" Togusa cursed wiping his head around quickly,

Batou looked up, and raised an eye brow "Fancy crawling through the vents" The two looked at Batou with the same expression but there was no time for objections, they could hear the aggressors getting close so they all discreetly climbed into the vent shaft.

The ventilation system wasn't working and hadn't been for quite some time, so the air inside vents was thick with lingering dust from years of neglect which made it hot, stuffy and hard to breathe, Togusa could not help but feel very claustrophobic, he had to get out, sweat was dripping off his nose making mud clots below as the dust settled into it, all three carried on down the shaft hoping to get out soon because of the bad condition of the vents, they felt like it would give way under neath them at any moment, Batou looked through each grid he passed because he was the first in the vent, leading everyone down the dark cramped vents, and soon they found a ventilation grid that got them back on track, Batou leaned against the grid and popped it out. They jumped down into the secluded hallway, not a soldier in sight or sound and ran as quietly as they could down the last flight of stairs, and stood still in the doorway of a hall.

The hall was only small, but it also had two very obvious cameras monitoring them, Batou looked straight ahead at Three other corridors.

Batou - - Which way?- -

Saito - - First on your right - -

Togusa - - Is it clear? - -

Saito - - as far as I can detect, the sensors are cracking up - -

Ishikawa - - Great thats all we need - -

With a nod they picked up the pace, just encase there was soldiers waiting they kept themselves in a rotating triangle cover formation as they advanced down the hall which looks like they held countless secrets.

The hall looked clear but this place is dark and damp and they did not trust their eyes, soon the gloomy corridor came to end were a single light worked but was flickering on and off in an annoying patten. Togusa began to get frustrated and inpatient once again, he slammed his palm on the wall which made an echoes rolling down the hall.

"A dead end again?" Togusa asked in defeat,

Saito - - The middle one but be careful, theres more than three heat signatures in there and I'm detecting cyber-bots maybe even a Fuchikoma - -

Every one nodded and agreed to move quick, there was no room for mistakes, the Major's life depends on their advances,

Batou kicked down a door while Togusa covered his back with a fully loaded 9mm and Ishikawa jolted in the room with a 12.7 mm to see if it was clear, but he soon noticed that the room wasn't clear, there was about three soldiers to be seen and at least two hidden, not to mention the robots that were guarding near the door.

"Shit, this just isn't my day" Batou said while firing at two security robots, these little guys was trouble as they had heat signature guided aim, and hardly miss a target.

Togusa was busy defending himself against two soldiers who seemed to be following them down the halls, but his 9mm with only 6 bullets in the barrel and 14 in the magazine, and it did the job well,

Togusa - - Tachikoma! Wheres that backup! - -

Tachikoma - - We're here, just waiting for you guys to get out, section 9 backup troops are coming in through the roof access - -

Ishikawa - - Good we found the Major, Batou. - - seeing her near the corner tied to wires and computer systems that seemed to demobilize her, her whole body looked as if it was hanging down by its own weight, Batou noticed the complete lifelessness of her body and it had frightened the life out of him.

"Shit, Motoko"

Was all he could get out before an enormous explosion from a near by source of C4 which sent Ishikawa and Batou flying back out the doors, as soon as Togusa heard the explosion, he ran to see the damage, and saw that the room that they were about to enter, was engulfed in flames and rubble, smoke was oozing out and filled the halls quickly,

"Everyone alright?" Togusa asked in panic, seeing both friends lying on the floor, Togusa knelt down next to Ishikawa, and Batou was the first to stand, and within seconds Batou ran towards the door of the now a bomb shell of a holding cell, Togusa and Ishikawa quickly stood up from the ground, hopefully getting Batou before he ran into the room but it was too late, Batou was already through the door

"MOTOKO!" he yelled and ran back in the room, ignoring the flames that could easily burn his flesh,

"BATOU!" Ishikawa and Togusa yelled in unison.

I hope you like it so far,