Ghost in a shell, Stand alone complex.

Pairings, Batou and Major,

I still don't know where this is going, this is just an idea I had to do, this has had some changes such as more capital letters and spellings

( - - aaaa - -) -- this means there using their cybercoms :)

In the infirmary.

After Batou had his wounds taken care of, he sat on a steel chair holding on to the hand of the Major, unaware of the fact that some one was watching. Gently giving her hand a squeeze, he let his head drop slightly in silent prayer, something that was foreign to the man.

"Batou's taking this hard isn't he" Togusa spoke still watching the scene before him, his own tears beginning to breach his eyes,

"Yeah, he may not know it, but everyone knows he loves the Major" Ishikawa said and then nodded to Pazu as he entered the room,

"Lets just hope he can still work this case, er Chief, how long..." everyone started to get nervous, did the Chief know about Batou and his feelings

"Ah, Pazu Togusa Ishikawa how is the Major doing?" he spoke as he looked through he window and smiled,

"If only she knew that Batou loves her as much as she loves him" he shuck his head to no one in particular.

"You knew?" Togusa questioned,

"I've known this for awhile, neither Batou or the Major has made a move to each other, and they think that I don't notice" the chief smiled "Perhaps this is the time were they'll realize that they love each other and finally make a move"

he started to walk away, but then turned around to the three friends, "Meet me in the briefing room" and with that the chief was gone, leaving three very curious friends in his wake.

Chief - - Batou, briefing room - -

Batou - - yes chief - -

--------------------------- Briefing room ------------------------

"Right everyones here I see" the chief started "The Major is in a sable condition, right then, to business, the person who is running this op is Hargy Yon"

"The former Chief of section 9 before HQ moved?" Ishikawa stated, sounding slightly shocked.

"He was fired two years before the move because he financed criminals and their organizations to ship weapons, illegal cargo and he shipped a lot of cybernetic body parts for unknown usage" Batou informed, he folded his arms in frustration, he wanted to be at the Major's side again.

"Thats right Batou, he was last seen two blocks away from where the Major was found. Boma find out what that unknown assignment that involved the cybernetic bodies, Pazu Ishikawa hack into their system find the best way to infiltrate them, and find the best way to get to Hargy, Togusa we may need police back up, you know what to do, Batou ..."

Batou looked up

"Batou, you go with Boma, Togusa after your done negotiating, meet up with Batou and Boma and arrest Hargy"

"With all do respect but, I prefer to stay here," Batou suggested,

"Very well, Batou you keep me informed of the Major's progress, Write up a statement while your there of your findings in this case so far" The chief spoke then stood to make his exit of the room.

After he left the room was still quiet until Togusa spoke

"Batou, if anything happens to the Major, you will contact us right?" sounding more like a question,

"Sure" was all he said and he too made his exit,

As the rest of the friends and colleges left the room, Togusa and Ishikawa and Boma was left to their own thoughts,

"Do you think she'll pull through?" Togusa spoke in sadness

"I know she's a cyborg but she's also human in a way, and I think Batou only sees the human side" Ishikawa thought out loud,

"Lets just get the bastard who did this" Boma spoke and left.

As Togusa and Ishikawa watched their friend Boma walk with a run in his step, they shared a knowing look, 'get this over and done with quick' and walked out to catch up with Boma, they saw him standing by the door of the infirmary so they joined him to see what's going on, all looked through the door.

-------------------------- in the infirmary -------

Batou made his way to the chair nearest the bed and sat in it using all of his weight to say he wasn't in the right mood, he could not see his friends watching through the doors, once again, he was in another world.

"Kusanagi, what happened," he whispered, then the nurse came in to check the monitors and to see if the Major had made an attempt to come back to the world of the living,

"Major, it's Noet, can you hear me, if you can, move your eyes or index finger for me" a moment pasted and their was no response, and the nurse jotted down something on her clip board.

Batou then began to breathe slightly faster than usual, but he came to a sudden stop and faced her as the nurse walked away.

"Batou ... help me" the Major whispered in her slumber once agin.

Batou walked to her side and took both of her hands and kissed them sweet and tenderly before his gently caressed her forehead with a kiss,

"Don't worry sweetness, your gonna be okay," he spoke with so much emotion, it was practically dripping, "I am right here"

But as the trio of friends watched, it wasn't the Major's words or Batou's words that got to them and made them angry about the case, it was the fact that Batou started to cry, as the watched him turn to defeat and sit back down on the steel chair, still holding her hands.