Pairings :- Grissom / Sara, Warrick / Catherine.

Summary: the night shift have been awarded with a fews days off, and camping seems adventurous romance/drama

Grissom and his team were given a few days off for a team holiday. This was because they had exceeded their goals and are now well known for the constant hard work and persistence during cases and at crime scenes.

Grissom, who was notified of this three day before, and asked his team to decide on where to go as a group.

Two days later in the break room

Grissom walks into the break room where Catherine, Warrick, Sara and Nick was eating their lunch and having a friendly chat. In his hand, he held four slips of paper,the paper's were the choices that every one had previously written down on were they should go.

"Right then people, there's a slight glitch in the few choices I have been givin" Grissom started. He looked at Catherine and Warrick; coffee in hand and full attention focussed on him. He then looked at Nick, with the usual Texan smile on his face while stuffing it with an apple. Then he glanced at Sara, she was slowly enjoying every sip of her hot chocolate while reading a wild life rescue article.

"Sorry Catherine and Warrick, where not staying at home for five days," Grissom paused and a disappointed smirk played across his face as he looked over towards Nick, "And where not going to any night clubs and hotels Nicky" Grissom shook his head slightly,

"What about Sara Griss?" Warrick asked, Sara raised her head slightly and noticed that Grissom did not object her idea.

"Camping" Grissom said smiling,

He remembered telling her that he always wanted to go camping in Sanfransico,

"Camping, Sara chose camping," Nick asked was confused as he curved passed Sara to get to the coffee machine,

"Yeah, I always went camping, and I remember Grissom telling me that he always wanted to go but didn't have the time" Sara stated

"you do record everything Grissom says don't you" Catherine said, She took a sip of her coffee then elbowed Warrick. Sara, blushing slightly, realising that everyone besides Grissom was focussed on her, resumed reading her article.

Nick suddenly got an idea, a devilish idea,

"Hey, camping isn't that bad of an idea" he said looking at a confused Catherine and Warrick,
"The great out door's, anything could happen" Nick winked at them.

Everyone nodded in agreement,

"Right everyone, outside the main entrance at 8 Sharp, and be ready," Grissom said and with that, he made his exit of the break room

Eight o'clock the next morning. Out side the main entrance.

Everyone was at the main entrance half an hour early and began to place their stuff on the roof rack on top of the truck.

"Okay, everyone pick number from one to five" Grissom commanded as he sat on the stone step's of the main entrance. Everyone did as they were told, Grissom rolled the dice.

"Three, who's three," Grissom asked

"Me why?" Nick questioned

"Because you'll be driving for the next two hour's" Grissom chuckled as he made his way into the back of the truck,

"Cool" Nick stated while making his way to the driver door of the truck.

Three hours later

It was Warrick's turn to drive and Catherine needed the toilet badly.

"Hurry Mr. Brown" Catherine seethed through her teeth

By now, Sara was almost asleep and unaware of Nick watching Grissom and her and nick watching in a devilish way.

They arrived at a gas station and Catherine quickly ran out of the truck to the toilet. By this time Sara was asleep, Warrick stepped out to top up the truck. Only Grissom and Nick were still in the vehicle, silent.

"What?" Grissom asked when he caught Nick gazing at him and Sara,

"Nothing much, just cute" Nick answered the and glanced at Sara,

"Cute? What?" Grissom questioned

"you watching Sara sleep" nick answered. Grissom's face started to blush quickly, as he tried to think of an excuse, Warrick heard the conversation from outside the truck and decided to listen until Nick digs himself a hole too deep for him to get out,

"What are you getting at Nicky?" trying to hide his annoyance

"So, do you like her or love her" Nick continued,

"Employee relationship Nicky nothing more" Grissom hissed at the much younger man in front of him,

"Yeah what ever you say boss" Warrick said as he glanced at Nick.

"Keep telling yourself that, wait til' Sara hears you were watching her sleep" nick teased, and Grissom began to sweat in panic, she's makes me feel like a snow flake, one look in those eyes and i just melt away

A moment later, Catherine returned from the toilet

"My turn to drive" she stated and fished the keys from Warrick's coat pocket on the passenger seat,

Warrick whispered to Catherine what she missed while she wasrefreshing herself,

Catherine gave a slight giggle, looked in the mirror, and saw Grissom watching Sara sleep again.

"Why do you act like that Gil?" Catherine asked while putting the key in the ignition,

"Like what?" Grissom questioned, a hint of frustration in his voice

Catherine's eyes lingered on the road as she sighed

"You should ask her out, you know it's hard for her to go along and play your encrypted games" Catherine finally spoke the words she has been trying to say for two years

"What? I'm not playing games cath," Grissom spoke defensively, although, he new it was true, from some eles perpective, he was playing encrypted games

" Sara deseres more from you besides your supid flurting and pushing games"

Sara raised her head at the mentioning of her name,

"yawn I heard my name, someone want me?" Sara asked, totally unaware of what went on

thank you for waking up Grissom thought to himself and a smile crept on his face

"You missed a lot Sar…." Nick started but was interrupted by Grissom's deadly glare

"Yeah, Catherine needed the toilet and nearly wet herself, she yelled at me while I was driving, so quickly I um drove slower just to tick her off" Warrick announced quickly.

Nick nudged Warrick

"You missed out the part were we questioned Griss" Nick whispered

Warrick turned and faced Nick

"Look, we have to work with them during, and after this trip thingy" Warrick informed the young man

"Oh yeah, sorry" Nick whispered back finally realising that Warrick was right

Sara fell asleep once again, travelling always made her tired, as Catherine turned a corner getting close to where they were going, as she did so, Sara's head slid to the side and rested on Grissom's shoulder, he couldn't help but smile.

Nick nudged Warrick, the two men looked at this historical moment. Grissom's full attention was on Sara's sleeping form, Warrick quietly nudged Catherine who looked through the mirror and smiled.

Grissom still gazeing at Sara, with a smile that he only gave to Sara as she slept with her head on his shoulder, and Grissom moving a few lingering strands of hair from her face and pushed them behind her ear with care

About 15 minutes later

We're here Catherine spoke and stopped the truck,

Everyone got out leaving Grissom to re-wake Sara, but as he did so, he was almost in the path of an uncontrollable punch,

"Sorry, I'm so sorry" Sara spoke looking at a very shocked Grissom

"It's okay, nightmare?" Grissom sat up straight

"Um, not exactly, I like my sleep when I get some" Sara chuckled slightly embarrassed at the fact she nearly punched her boss,

"Sara, sleeping" Warrick joked when he walked passed them

"Hey, it happens" Sara being defensive

" i feel sorry for your alarm clock" Grissom joked, as Sara got out of the veicul

Within half an hour everyone got their gear of the roof rack and started to set up camp

Fin chp 1