CSI Goes Camping

Chapter three

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"Right" Grissom started while getting his fishing equipment. Studying the area and there was a nearby river, small but brimming with fish.

"I'm going fishing, anyone want to join?" He asked everyone as he placed a rather interesting fishing hat on his head.

"No, Warrick and I are just going for a little wonder around. We haven't got to see much of this place except seeing it in photos" Catherine answered

"Man I miss my play station... er what fishing sorry Griss, I've never had the patience" Greg said, now he's recovered from the little 'horror' this morning.


"Huh, oh sorry need to fix the tent" He laughed "Meet ya there okay, don't worry I know where it is"

"Sara,You want to go?" A little reluctant to ask her as she might see it as animal cruelty, but he would just unhook the fish and put it back, he wouldn't kill and eat it.

"Um, sure why not" And grabbed a small jacket and walked with him.

"Right Greg this is your mess" Nick spoke picking up a prop rod and pointing it at his friend

"What, you mean 'our' mess, we'll sort out the tent together" He looked towards Catherine and Warrick "Have fun on your adventure" The two waved, Greg and Nick began to put their tent back together, again.

Wondering around.

"Damn nats" Warrick commented "If it weren't for these nats this place would be great"

"Yeah but, Oh look Warrick"

Both took in the sight.

Trees of lush green leafs surrounding both Warrick and Catherine, the sun filtering through creating angelic rays to beam down to reveal the creatures below. Birds could be heard everywhere and the sounds of the river was calming.

"This place is beautiful" Catherine stated

Warrick held Catherine's hand and walked her to one of the rays of sun shine.

"Warrick?" Catherine was a little puzzled

"Look, an angel" He spoke with a grin, both embraced each other for their own piece of heaven, a sweet kiss in nature's domain.

Back at the camp site.

"No" Nick spoke angrily

"Look, if you hold those two poles I can slip this one through and then..."

"Greg it's the wrong one" Nick walked over to get the biggest pole "This one goes along the top see it's longer than the rest"

"Okay gez Now hold them two" Greg ordered. Soon the skeleton on the tent was up, the two men stood back to look at their achievement.

"Now for this" Nick spoke picking up the sheeting, it was difficult to put on but managed it in the end.

"Right now what?" Nick asked Greg

"Well we could go and see how the fishing's getting alone"

both nodded and started their journey


"Nothing?" Sara asked getting a sandwich, making sure there was no cucumber in it.

"No not yet" Grissom answered placing the fishing rod in it's little tripod

Both were glad that it was such a nice scenery and the river's sound had an interesting music to it.

"Sara?" Grissom questioned seeing her start to climb a tree.

"Just getting... This" she jumped back down holding some tree fruit "Griss! Look"

Grissom whipped his head around seeing his fishing rod wave around like crazy

"A catch" He grabbed it and tried to wheel the fish in.

"What's wrong"

"The fish, it's putting up a fight"

"Must be a big one, and the current of the water's not gonna help"

Sara grabbed hold of the fishing rod and tried to help Grissom wheel in the prize but suddenly the whole rod yanked hard sending Grissom forward, Sara caught him in time but being unbalanced and still holding the rod both fell back to the ground.

"Okay... That went well" Grissom commented and then realised where he was. Slightly positioned over Sara almost pinning her down.

"Yeah" Sara spoke through giggling

Grissom couldn't hold his feelings for Sara any longer and the look in his eyes caused Sara to stop in her giggle fit and mirror his expression. Seconds later they were in their own little world as they began to share their first kiss together.


"Which way" Greg asked

"This way-" Both men froze as they saw what was unfolding before them, Grissom and Sara sharing a passionate kiss.

"Oh my go-" Nicks hand went up to Greg's mouth

"Shh!" Nick smiled 'finally' he thought "Maybe they should go fishing more often" He whispered

"Come on we should go" and with that two friends with grins as big as a Cheshire cat walked back towards the camp site.

Later on after the adventures, camp site.

Everyone gathered around the fire, the dancing flames created a relaxing atmosphere.

"So hows your walk?" Nick asked Warrick "Oh it was like stepping into another world" He answered back.

"Hey Gil, no fish?" Catherine asked snuggling up to Warrick

"Huh oh no, well nearly but it got away"

"Yeah too bad, okay guys what the hell are you grinning for" Catherine spat, they've been either hyper or grinning ever since they got back

"Oh nothing, just a little secret that's all" Greg spoke

"Yeah so Griss Besides not catching any fish, how did it go" Grissom instantly knew what was going on.

"You and your big nose" He looked at Catherine and Warrick "You'll see why they're grinning. With that Sara got out of the tent with a Thermos full of coco and gave Grissom a hug and kissed him on the check

"OH MY GOD" Catherine squealed

This might have been their last night they'll spend in this world away from reality, but tonight will last in memory for a while.

Hope you like this chap.