Pairing: Grissom/Sara of course
Category: romance I guess
Spoilers: none pwf maybe yeah
Disclaimer: None of the CSI characters are mine. They belong to Anthony Zuiker, CBS, Feedback: Let me know what you think please
Summary: A poem about Sara and the way she feels about Grissom,

well I was in a poetic mood at the time it's only about ohh 256 word's long, first fanfic :)

Why do you feel so close?

I know we have grown apart,
However, why do you feel so close?
I feel your eyes upon me,
Nevertheless, why do you feel so close?

You have intoxicated my mind,
And I'm unsure what to do,
Right now, I can't stand being so close,
Being so close to you

If I was, too close I mean,
I would lose control of my body,
And my mind at the scene,
As my mind, whisper's your name,
And it sounds like a dream only me to blame,

your name rolls off my tongue,
Like a sweet melody
that only I sung,
My friends say I must be blind,
To the unspoken words,
Deep within our mind's,

You're in your office all alone,
I practice speaking
to get the right tone,
I walk in and spoke
out your name,
A tear rolled down,
I sensed my name,

I opened my eye's to see what's there,
The question I see, I just couldn't bare,
I apologised once, And I apologised twice,
And the kiss I received was oh so nice,

We talked all night and spoke out are problems,
Then we realised there was no problems,
We both finished are long talk,
"Sara" he spoke the word sounds sweet,
I'll take the offer for dinner, where shall we meet,

To my unspoken question,
I said once before,
He waited for my answer, my eyes fell to the floor,
I walked to the door in complete silence,
How's about now I said,
And I thanked him for his kindness