This was the first fanfic I made, despite the fact that I first posted Misty's Miracle here.

This fanfic was made originally at as a blooper side story, but was remade into a fanfic. So I'm not really breaking the rules when you think about it.

It was actually made before Ru/Sa came out in Japan. Which was a few years before I started Misty's Miracle.

Note also that this story is a trilogy. This is Part 1: The Pokemon Super Bowl.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or any of the charcters except for Jonathan, he is my own creation and idea.

The Trials of the Pendant

The Pokemon Super Bowl


"Hello everyone, and welcome to the First Annual Pokemon Super Bowl!" Said an announcer, with brown hair and glasses, from his place up at the top of the stadium. "I am your host, Jonathan. Coming to you live from the Indigo Plateau. We have gathered the strongest and most powerful pokemon in the world. The prize is this!"

He shows a mysterious black pendant.

"I found this rare one of a kind pendant when I was exploring with an archeologist. According to the carvings on the wall, this mysterious black pendant was made to hold a power that all the pokemon in the world fought over. It is also said that only the most powerful pokemon can wield its very power, so we have gathered the most powerful pokemon in the world, to compete for this power! They have come from all over the globe of their own free will." He said as he explained everything.

"Now, as a look for you fans who are watching this on your television, he are the competitors who will be competing!"

A screen then shows up from behind the announcer.

"The pokemon have been split up into teams. On the Red/Blue/Yellow side is, Dragonite," A huge orange dragon appeared on the screen. "Zapdos," A large yellow bird with spiky wings appeared next. "Articuno," A blue bird that was the same size as Zapdos appeared. "Moltres," A huge red bird appeared. "Mew," A small pink pokemon with a cat-like head, a dog-like body and a silky flowing tail appeared. "And Mewtwo!" A six-foot tall pokemon that had a near human face appeared. He was white skinned with a purple belly, and a tail that was long and purple appeared.

"And, on the Gold/Silver/Crystal side is, Raikou," A tiger pokemon appeared. "Suicune," A goat like pokemon appeared. "Entei," A dog like creature with braces on its ankles appeared. "Celebi," a green pixie like creature appeared. "Lugia," A giant silver colored bird with a fish like tail appeared. "And Ho-oh!" A giant phoenix that reflected the seven colors of the rainbow appeared.

He then turned back to the television screen.

"Here are the rules. The pokemon will be split up into one-on-one battles. There is no time limit. The pokemon who is left standing moves on to the next round. However, just because you are the last pokemon standing, doesn't mean you'll win the prize. Your overall team score will have to be more in order to win it. The point system works like this... For every successful hit you make, you get one point. For every win, you get seven points, and if there is any unsportsmanlike conduct going around, you will lose four points."

He then turned back to the screen.

"Now, by complete random, let's pair up the players!" The screen starts flashing all of the pokemon in different places. They all stop at the same time and the matches are chosen.

"So the match-ups are Zapdos vs. Raikou, Articuno vs. Suicune, Moltres vs. Entei, Dragonite vs. Celebi, Lugia vs. Mew, and Ho-oh vs. Mewtwo! Now, at complete random, the order of the matches will be chosen."

Once again, the pokemon flashed all over the screen. Soon, the order of the battles was chosen.

"The first match has been chosen folks. It's Zapdos vs. Raikou! A match between two electric pokemon? This is going to be incredible folks! I suggest you don't miss it!"

End Prologue

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