Potential in Smallville

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Timeline: Post "Chosen" but takes place during the end of Chloe's junior year. The season finale did not happen, although Pete did leave. No one will be brought back from the dead.

Full Summary: BtVS/Smallville crossover. When Willow activated the potentials around the world, Chloe Sullivan started to experience certain changes within herself. "Why do these dreams seem so real?" "How was I able to heal myself so quickly?" "Where did all this strength come from?" She keeps her new changes to herself, until the scoobies come to town offering her guidance. She is taken to the new and improved Watcher's Council where she trains for the entire summer. When she finally goes back to Smallville for the start of her senior year, she will see that a lot of things have happened that will need to go on her, now deserted, "Wall of Weird."

Pairings: There will be no pairings in this story, only mentions of past couples. (Ex: Angel/Buffy or Buffy/Spike or something along those lines)

This fic is based off the challenged proposed from by JadeHunter.

Chapter One: Awakening

Sunnydale, California

As the gigantic crater, that was once Sunnydale stopped crumbling, the speeding bus had started to slow. When the bus stopped, a woman jumped off the top. Her name was Buffy Summers, a vampire slayer, the original vampire slayer that fought bravely for the past seven years of her life. She and her friends were the cause of the collapse of Sunnydale. With the help of her best friend, Willow, who was a Wicca, she was able to harness the power of the scythe that Buffy had found. With the power, Willow was able to make the hand full of girls that Buffy had taken down into the Hellmouth, slayers. They were no longer potentials waiting for the power of the slayer to find them, but they were all given the power. The slayers were able to hold off the threat, the Turok-Han, until Spike, an ensouled vampire, used the power of the amulet that Buffy had given him to wipe out all the Turok-Han.

While Buffy was standing there looking at the crater, her friends were getting off the bus to see the damage that they caused.

"Looks like the Hellmouth is officially closed for business," Faith, the other original chosen slayer said as she was walking up towards the rest of the Scooby gang.

"There is another one in Cleveland," Giles, Buffy's watcher and father figure said. The comment quickly gained glares from the Scoobies. "Not to spoil the moment."

"We saved the world," Xander, Buffy's other best friend added.

"We changed the world," Willow said, and walked up behind Buffy. "I can feel them, Buffy. All over. Slayers are awakening everywhere".

"We'll have to find them," Dawn, Buffy's sister said.

"We will," Willow said.

"Yes, because the mall was actually in Sunnydale, so there's no hope of going there tomorrow," Giles said, relieved.

"We destroyed the mall? I fought on the wrong side," Dawn said, clearly put down that her shopping was going to be cut short.

"All those shops gone; The Gap, Starbucks, Toys "R" Us. Who will remember all those landmarks unless we tell the world about them?" Xander said.

"We have a lot of work ahead of us," Giles said, already formulating ideas of what to do next.

"Can I push him in?" Faith asked, not understanding why the Watcher wanted to jump into a new adventure so quickly.

"You've got my vote," Willow said, sounding serious.

"I just want to sleep, yo, for like a week."

"I guess we all could, if we wanted to," Dawn said.

"Yeah," Willow smiled, "the First is scrunched, so... what do you think we should do, Buffy?"

"Yeah, you're not the one and only chosen anymore. Just gotta live like a person. How's that feel?" Faith asked happily.

"Yeah, Buffy, what are we gonna do now?" Dawn asked.

A smile appeared on Buffy's face as she just stared across the crater. She turned to her friends, the smile gone, and with a look of determination, Buffy got straight to work. "We need to find these slayers and fast before they do something stupid."

The Scoobies nodded in unison, knowing the work they were gonna have to do. "First things first though," Buffy began again, "we need to find a hospital for these slayers. Anyone know of a place we can go?"

"There's always the Los Angeles, we can meet up with Angel after we take the girls to the hospital," Willow said.

"Good thinking and while we are at the Hyperion, we can come up with a plan for our next move."

"And Xander," Buffy looked over to her one-eyed friend, "No deadboy jokes."

"Ruin my fun," Xander said as he kicked pebble and pouted like a little boy.

Smallville, Kansas- The Talon

The Talon was known as the social hub in this town where it would appear not much would happen. The residents would tell a different story. This is the place that breeds things that are not normal. The people who came in contact with the meteor rocks that rained down on the town years ago have had their DNA altered. People were given abilities that were only believed to have existed in stories. To influence others into doing things and even people who could shape shift as well as teleport.

The Talon was packed, as usual, and two friends, Chloe Sullivan, resident news reporter, and Lana Lang, co-owner of the Talon, were discussing their plans for the summer. They were both used to the strange happenings of Smallville, especially since some of the problems involved themselves.

"So you decided to go to Paris after all?" Chloe asked.

"Yea, I went with my heart and that's where it led me; Paris," Lana replied.

"Well, I can't say I'm not upset of this, but I support you decision," Chloe added, "But was your decision made based off of a certain farm boy that we know?"

"Clark might have played a little part, but I really want to do this."

Before Chloe could make a remark, something came over her. Her hand went to clutch her head as something powerful hit her. She hadn't felt anything like this before and didn't know what to do. Whatever this was, it felt good. She felt stronger than she ever had before. With looks of confusion from Lana, Chloe reassured her that she was okay and said goodbye and congratulated Lana for getting in the school in Paris.

Chloe rushed out of the Talon, almost breaking the door off its hinges. She needed to go someplace she could rest and then try to find out what happened to her. Instead of going to home, she went to her safe haven, the Torch.

The Torch was the Smallville High's newspaper that was run by Chloe. It was her dream to one day work at the Daily Planet and the Torch is where her investigative reporting began. Chloe entered the room and immediately sat down trying to focus her thoughts. She somehow ran all the way to the school from the Talon without stopping to take a breath. That scared her and she didn't understand how she was able to do it. She had a feeling that whatever she was going to look for on the internet would take time, but finding out the juicy things was what Chloe lived for.

Los Angeles California- Hyperion Hotel

"So now that everyone who is able to is gathered, should we start this meeting?" Giles asked the Scoobies and the Angel Investigations gang. The people there consisted of: Buffy, the chosen one, Giles, her watcher, Willow, lesbian Wicca, Faith, second called slayer, Xander, key guy, Dawn, little sister, and Andrew, master storyteller of the "vampyre" slayer. From the AI gang: Angel, first ensouled vampire, Wesley, former Watcher to Faith and former rogue demon hunter, Lorne, empath demon, Conner, Angel's teenaged son, Gunn, the muscle, and Fred, the brains behind AI.

"We would Giles, really, but you know we can't start them without the doughnuts that Xander went to get," Buffy said playfully.

"This is true," Willow added, "I refuse to talk without a donut in my hand."

Giles began to put up an argument, but with Willow's resolve face firmly set up, he knew his words would do nothing.

"Fine, we will wait, but I'm only saying that in hopes that he will bring back my favorite kind." Everyone started laughing at what was said, but the instant Xander walked through the doors of the hotel, he was left dazed by the amount of people who just attacked him.

"Nice to know that you did start the meetings without the doughnuts," Xander said. "If Cordy was here she would be shocked to know that I am useful after all. With the key guy getting doughnuts, meetings would never take place and we would all be doomed."

The people who knew Cordelia laughed, but quickly became quiet as they remembered why the seer was not with them. After being pregnant with Jasmine, Cordelia went into a coma and had yet to come out it. Other remembered her, as well as the heroes who were lost in the countless battles. Jenny, Doyle, Tara, Spike, many potential slayers, and many potentials-turned-slayers. Giles was the first to break the silence.

"I should probably start by saying thanks to Angel and his crew for taking us in, but we won't be staying much longer, we just need to find ourselves."

"Don't worry about it. You guys can stay as long as you want to. We've got enough room," Angel, the vampire said.

"No," Buffy stood up, "Giles is right. We need to get organized and find another place to stay. There will be more and more slayers turning up and we need to find a place to house them all." She turned her eyes to the Scooby gang and asked, "Anyone have any suggestions of where we should go from here."

"How about we rebuild from the ashes?" Andrew asked.

"If this leads into you talking about some comic book, you will experience some moderate pain," Buffy threatened.

"No pain of any degrees will be fine," Andrew shivered at the thought, "I was trying to say, why not rebuild the Council where it last stood, or at least somewhere close to it."

"You actually made a good suggestion!" Xander said. "You see, Buffy, there is a reason why we kept him with us."

"Okay, so we rebuild, but when we do, it's going to be done our way," Buffy took over once more. The big rule change will be pertaining more to the new watchers if anything. A slayer will be able to have a social life and no tests that involve losing powers will be taken." The last comment was directed at Giles, who remembered all too well when he was forced to give Buffy the Cruciamentum test, in which she lost her powers and had to fight an insane vampire who kidnapped her mother. "The slayer will have more freedom and will not go fighting until she is properly trained by us. It wouldn't hurt if the new watchers knew some semblance of self defense."

"Buffy?" Willow asked surprised. "You said semblance, do you even know what it means?"

Buffy turned her head toward Willow, but was not angry, but smiling. "I heard it from a television show I watched one time. I thought now would be a good time to use it." Everyone in the room laughed.

"Uh, not that I'm trying to rain down on your parade or anything," Fred, the shy Texan said, "But how are y'all gonna afford all of this? Everything you own was in Sunnydale, which is now a crater. I doubt anything survived during all of that, but you never know, your things could be waiting--- I'm sure that Willow could probably do a spell to retrieve your things, but she would need supplies and we are running low on things so I don't know how you would do it. But it's not likely your stuff survived, so it's going to be hard to rebuild with no money." When Fred finished, everyone in the room stared at her.

"I think I'm seeing someone who can rival Willow and her babbling," Dawn said. This caused both the redhead and the brunette to blush.

"The Council had other accounts across the world, and I'm sure we can access them with the combined knowledge of everyone, so I don't think money will be a problem," Giles said trying to get back on track.

"So that's the plan then?" Buffy asked. After a series of agreements, the arrangements were made. Willow would try to break into the Council accounts and they would get plane tickets for England. The AI gang would check up on the slayers in the hospital and contact Buffy as soon as they were able to leave the doctors care. While they were in England, the plans for constructing the new and improved Council would be made, while Willow worked on located the slayers around the world. This, of course, would happen after the Council had been established.

The problem with this method was the slayers all over the world were panicking at what had happened to them. No one was there to explain to them what they were and what their job was. Some of the slayers were already getting into trouble since they felt they were stronger than everyone else so they should use their power for bad things. Other tried to deny having this gift they called a curse. There were some, like Chloe Sullivan, who just had no idea what was happening.

The internet had done nothing to help her earlier that day. She could find nothing even similar to her condition. She eventually went home defeated and decided to call it a night. When she fell asleep, she regretted it. She had nightmares about evil creatures. All the nightmares that she was having had one thing in common; they all involved a single girl fighting them. She didn't know why she was having these nightmares, but knew they were connected with had happened to her that day at the Talon. She was determined, now more than ever, to find out why she was changed.

End Awakening

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