Potential in Smallville

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Timeline: Post "Chosen" but takes place during the end of Chloe's junior year. The season finale did not happen, although Pete did leave. No one will be brought back from the dead.

Full Summary: BtVS/Smallville crossover. When Willow activated the potentials around the world, Chloe Sullivan started to experience certain changes within her. "Why do these dreams seem so real?" "How was I able to heal myself so quickly?" "Where did all this strength come from?" She keeps her new changes to herself, until the Scoobies come to town offering her guidance. She is taken to the new and improved Watcher's Council where she trains for the entire summer. When she finally goes back to Smallville for the start of her senior year, she will see that a lot of things have happened that will need to go on her, now deserted, "Wall of Weird."

Pairings: There will be no pairings in this story, only mentions of past couples. (Ex: Angel/Buffy or Buffy/Spike or something along those lines)

This fic is based off the challenged proposed from by JadeHunter.

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"Blah" means speech

'Halb' means thoughts

Chapter Ten: Graduation

Chloe's Room (September 20, 2004, Monday)

Chloe was exhausted. She wasn't even sure that would be able to make it her room from the elevator! If it weren't for said elevator, she'd still in the Magicks library dead on the floor.

She couldn't blame anyone but herself for the fatigue. Willow was running her ragged with the magic lessons, but if Chloe had spent more time practicing instead of doing midnight patrols, then she'd be fine. What was worse was Willow telling Chloe that she would have a final of sorts.

This was about a month ago and Chloe was still being lazy about it. She chose the task herself because of its benefits. She was excited about it, but that was before she got homesick and dove into learning more about defense.

She arrived at her door and could hear her friends from the inside. They were being loud, as usual, and Chloe groaned.

She really needed sleep and she knew her friends weren't going to let her off that easy.

"You look like hell," Dana told Chloe as she walked into the room.

"And you look like a, I can't even think of a clever comeback," Chloe said as she fell face first onto her bed after dropping her bag full of books on the floor.

"Is Willow trying to kill you?" Alicia asked.

"It's not her fault, it's, well actually, it's yours," Chloe said pointing to Dana who feigned shock.

"How so?"

"You were the one who kept forcing me to sneak out of the Council to patrol!"

"Yea, I did it because you always complained about how Matthew never let you out! You could have said no."

"I hate it when you're right," Chloe said throwing the pillow on top of her head.

"Yes, well I love it," Dana laughed.

"So, what are you stressed for?" Bianca asked.

Instead of lifting her head like a polite person would do, Chloe merely pointed to her bag, with her head still under the pillow.

Bianca walked to the bag and picked it up. "How many books do you have in here?"

She started pulling books out and looked at the titles. She wasn't into the whole witchcraft thing, so the names flew over her head. She passed the books to Alicia who then passed them to Dana.

"I may not know a lot on the subject, but the common theme of the titles look like changing the appearance of things," Alicia said.

"You wouldn't be wrong," Chloe said lifting her head, causing the pillow to fall off the bed. "Stupid pillow, you'll make it back to my bed eventually."

"Wow, laziness," Dana said. "But anyway, what are you trying to change the appearance of?"

"Myself," Chloe sighed.

She received bewildered looks from her three friends. Chloe shrugged and began to explain, "Willow wanted me to do this magical final, I guess you could call it. I got to choose something advanced--"

"You mean more advanced than what you already are?" Dana smirked.

"Number one, just because Willow is personally teaching me, doesn't mean I'm the most powerful person out of the Wiccan slayers and number two, yes, a little more advanced.

"I decided to go with a glamour. People think it's easy, but let me tell you, it's anything but! Calling on the magic from Gods much older than you are is not something you want to deal with. And actually getting the spell right is something completely different."

"We've seen you change other things before, so why is this different?" Bianca asked.

"It wasn't a person, namely myself. I half-assed those objects. I can't half-ass myself, because I might actually turn myself it someone with, well, half an ass!"

"And that would be bad," Dana nodded.

"Not to mention that, but also, this glamour would really help out when I'm being chased down by some meteor freak. I could easily turn into someone else and walk away clean."

"There is that, but you could also turn into Clark and see what he's been hiding from you," Dana said. "You know, south of the border."

"Wow, I so did not want to hear that from you," Chloe said, along with Alicia and Bianca.

"To make up for my laziness I've been cramming everything. When I'm not cramming, I'm practicing, which doesn't usually turn out well," Chloe said getting back on subject.

"When are you supposed to perform?" Alicia asked. "I'm sure with enough time that you'll get it."

"It's tomorrow," Chloe answered nervously.

"You're screwed," Alicia said flatly.

"I'm very much aware of that, so that's why I'm going to sleep now, wake up early tomorrow, and cram some more. So, if you'll excuse me--" Chloe stopped talking and fell back to her soft bed and closed her eyes. She fell asleep, even without the use of her pillow.

Courtyard (September 21, 2004, Tuesday)

Chloe's eyes darted back and forth across the book in her eyes. She had been doing this since 7 this morning. It was currently 10 and her resolve wasn't stopping. She was determined to pass this little obstacle!

After reading the words, Chloe felt the spell would be simple. It was just a glamour. People perform them all the time and they never seemed to lose a significant amount of energy. Surely she could do this with no problem.

Chloe's chest rose as she was overcome with a strong sense of courage. There was no way she couldn't do this. The Gods themselves would be proud to lend their power to her for this little feat of magic.

As Chloe was praising herself, Willow walked into the courtyard.

"Whenever you're ready, Chloe, the others are waiting for you."

Chloe's courage vanished without a trace at Willow's words. "Others, what others?"

"The other slayers who are going to be performing spells," Willow answered.

Chloe felt her nervousness coming back, but Willow caught the look on her face.

"Don't worry, Chloe. You've trained and grown so much. You can do this easily," Willow said taking Chloe by the shoulders. "And besides, some of the girls are performing things you can already do."

Chloe started to feel excited again as they made their way to the auditorium, which the courtyard was located next to. When Chloe walked in, a slayer was already doing her spell. It was not some beginner Wicca as Willow led her to believe.

The girl was pulling the Earth up below their very feet.

"Elemental magic, Willow?" Chloe asked accusingly.

"We only touched lightly upon the subject because I wanted to you to be able to learn control," Willow said.

"And we're back to control!" Chloe yelled remembering back to her first days at the Council when her teachers forced her to learn the basics of things she already knew.

"When we go back to Smallville, I'll teach you," Willow offered.

"I'm holding you to that," Chloe said.

Chloe watched as the elemental girl put the ground back to the ground and applauded at her successful attempt. Controlling the elements was a tough thing to do, but the girl seemed to have no problem with it.

After the girl was finished, another girl stood in her place. She seemed nervous and Chloe figured, after the last girl, who would want to go after her?

The girl performing was a beginner and her attempt was levitating herself. She only partly succeeded because she lifted herself from the ground, but only a few inches. She came crashing back down, but stood and kept her dignity.

Chloe was next, and though she felt bad for the previous girl, she was glad she didn't succeed in something big. The pressure was off her a little, but it was still there.

She stood in the center of the room, with all eyes on her. She focused on Willow's face and behind her, Matthew, her Watcher. Without him, the glamour she was going to perform wouldn't have been made possible.

Chloe focused on all her magic. She could feel it rising within herself. This part was all too familiar. Pretty soon, she could hear the voice. The voice was asking what she needed and why she needed it.

The request was made and spell was granted. Chloe would have been happy, but when she had gotten permission to use the God's powers and change something before, it didn't work out. She had no telling if this was truly going to work.

Chloe's eyes were still closed, but she could hear the clapping from the slayer and Watcher's in the room. She opened her eyes and she came face to face with Matthew, who stood, with his mouth open, in shock.

Without looking down at her appearance, Chloe knew the spell had worked. She had successfully turned herself into Matthew.

She walked over to Willow who hugged her and Chloe thanked her for all her training.

"I merely pushed you in the right direction, you did the rest," Willow shrugged.

"Why me?" Matthew asked.

"Thank you for being proud," Chloe said still in his form. "I chose you because I had no one else to think of."

"That's wonderful, but could you please turn back into yourself?" Matthew asked feeling unnerved at seeing himself, just more feminine.

With a grunt, Chloe snapped her fingers and she became herself again.

"Nice flair with the snapping," Willow complimented.

"Wait, that's not how you turn back?" Matthew asked confused.

"No, all I had to do was reverse the spell, which basically meant giving the power back to the being I took it from. The snap is added for effects."

"So what you going to do now that you passed this test?" Willow asked.

"I'm gonna go mess with my friend's heads!" Chloe yelled excited before she turned back into Matthew and ran from the room.

"Before I say how it's not believable that she's being me, how was she able to perform the spell quickly the second time?" Matthew asked Willow.

"Simple," Willow said, "the more she performs the same spell, the easier it is to get the power from the God or Goddess. Plus, if you do it enough, the God or Goddess will get used to you and will let you use as much power as you need."

"I can only imagine what she'll use that spell for," Matthew whispered.

Chloe's Room

"So, I'm going to ask you once more," Matthew said in a strict voice, "who orchestrated these midnight patrols?"

"It was Chloe!" Dana finally answered the man. "We told her it was a bad idea, but she forced us. You may not see it, but she's a pushy little person!"

With a snap of his fingers, Matthew became Chloe again. "I was the one who set everything up? I know I pushed you into a corner, but I never set up the plans!"

"Chloe? I take it you passed the test?" Bianca asked.

"Yes, I did, but Dana, unfortunately, did not."

"How do you see that?" Dana asked.

"You failed the best friend test! Whenever an adult is trying to catch you in a lie, you dodge the question know matter what."

"I must have missed that lesson in class, because I learned when an adult, who happens to be a Watcher, meaning they have "connections" threatens you, you tell the truth."

"I admit that I shouldn't have said I'd use my contacts to do bodily harm, but that should have been a key hint that I wasn't the real Matthew. Does he really seem like the type of person to do that?"

"You're gonna have to work on that," Bianca said. "When you walked in, you had you're old walk, making Matthew seem a little like a 'mo."

"'Mo?" Alicia asked.

"Homo," Dana answered.

"I'm gonna have to study a select group of people to be able to emulate them perfectly," Chloe said.

"Key people," Dana said counting with her fingers, "Buffy, Willow, Faith, Lex Luthor, Clark, and your father."

"I understand the first three, but why Lex, my father, and dare I ask, Clark?"

"Well, Lex actually does have connections, so that could work in your favor. You could use your father for petty things. His signature on something, or parent teacher conferences that you don't think he needs to know about. Or even, with your reputation, getting out of jail."

"Somehow, someway, I agree with you. But why Clark?"

"You told us that Clark is always at the scene of things or they come to him. If you're him, maybe you can figure out why, or better yet, turn into him and have some fun in his body!"

"I'd rather you didn't talk anymore about Clark."

"Oh, then I guess you don't want to hear that he called while you performing your spell," Dana said nonchalantly.

"Everybody out, I have a phone call to make!" Chloe said as she grabbed the phone off the table.

Her friends knew the routine and they left the room so Chloe could speak with the object of her affections.

"Hello?" Clark answered his phone.

"Hey Clark, it's me!" Chloe sounded too enthusiastic.

"Hey, what's up?"

"I'm fine, are you alright, though?" Chloe asked. "You sound out of breath."

"I'm fine, I just had to run to reach my phone," Clark lied.

"I just called to answer your call."

"I never called, Chloe."

"Of course you didn't, my friends decided to play a trick on me," Chloe said bitterly.

"Well, now that called, how are things there?"

"Good, I passed one of my final tests today," Chloe said happily. "I'll be home soon."

"How soon?" Clark asked.

"I'm not sure exactly," Chloe lied. She already had her plane ticket packed away in a safe place. She's boarding the plane on Saturday and will be home that day.

"It's nice to hear from you Chloe, but I have to go," Clark rushed and the line went dead.

Chloe held the phone in her hands and sighed. It was definitely about time she got over someone who wasn't going to show her any special attention.

Graveyard (September 23, 2004, Thursday)

"Here, vampires, I'm waiting for you," Chloe called into the night. "I've got a nice little fireball spell I've been dying to practice on you."

Fire was the only element Chloe felt a little sure of being able to handle. The fire in the Magicks library, so long ago, was a trial run. She had practiced since then, but never against a person. Even when she did practice, it didn't put out the very best results.

Chloe walked out of a clearing, back into a wooded area. She walked silently, since her taunting wasn't attracting anymore. She heard a twig snap behind her, but she kept going forward as if she didn't notice it. Soon after she noticed the first vampire, she heard another sound from her left.

She was being hunted, and she doubted the two vampires were alone. There had to be another, Chloe just felt it. The smell of fresh blood from her right confirmed her suspicions. The three had to be fairly new, because no veteran vampire would make this much sound.

Chloe pulled her stake out from the inside of her jacket and threw it at the vampire to her right. She didn't need to see that it made contact with the vampire. She ran toward him and found her stake embedded into his shoulder. The vampire was pain, though he was trying to pull the stake out.

"I'll just take that back," Chloe said pulling the stake out and rammed it into the vampire's heart.

"What you doing? Humans aren't supposed to fight back," another vampire said from behind Chloe.

She whipped around and faced the two vampires she heard earlier.

"And vampires are supposed to be sneaky when they're hunting, I guess we both failed our classes," Chloe quipped.

The vampire who spoke charged at Chloe, who sidestepped and plunged the stake through his back. He was dust in the wind within a matter of seconds. Chloe turned to face the last vampire and smiled.

"Do you wanna join your friend here?" Chloe nodded to the pile of dust at her feet.

The vampire was shaking and started backing away from Chloe. He turned and ran, but Chloe was prepared. She threw her stake and made sure it hit his heart.

"What a wonderful graduation present you gave me, Buffy," Chloe said. It was a free patrol by herself. And this time, she didn't need to sneak out. She could walk through the front doors tonight and not have to use a kitchen window.

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"How was the patrol?" Dana asked as Chloe from her bed.

"I staked three amateur vampires, but no demons," Chloe said sadly.

"I don't know why you're so sad about that, but good for you," Alicia said.

"It's a nice feeling to stake vampires, especially those who don't know that I was made to kill them."

"Ain't that the truth?" Bianca asked.

"I see you looking at that phone," Dana said to Chloe, "we refuse to leave."

"I was just going to call Lana, you can stay if you want to."

Chloe listened to the other line ring and waited patiently for Lana to answer.

"Hello?" Lana asked.

"It's Chloe, I just wanted to tell you that I'll be going back to Smallville within the next few days!"

"Chloe, that's great! I guess now would be the perfect time to tell you that I'm already back in Smallville!"

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Chloe asked shocked.

"I've been so stressed lately that I must have forgotten. I'm surprised Clark didn't tell you, but he's been a little distracted with--" Lana stopped herself as she realized that Chloe probably didn't know about Clark's recent relationship.

"What was that?" Chloe asked.

"Nothing, look, I have to go because I've been seriously deprived of sugar, I'll see you sometime next week, okay?" Lana asked.

Before Chloe could say anything, Lana hung up the phone.

"Okay, that was weird," Chloe said to her roommates as she looked at the phone.

"What happened?" Alicia asked.

"Well, Lana went back to Smallville, but it sounded like she was about to say something about Clark being with someone."

"From what we've seen of him, we doubt he's in a relationship," Dana said. "He looks like the type of person who needs to be approached by a girl."

"Well, there was Alicia," Chloe said.

"I never dated Clark," Alicia said confused.

"No, someone from Smallville. They, kinda, dated, but Alicia got all possessive and whenever someone got too close to Clark she went all murdery on them. It helped that she could teleport, but she was stopped. Last I heard, she was at Belle Reave doing time."

"We have no clue what you just said, but we get that Alicia was some other girl who was crazy," Bianca said.

"Don't worry, I'll figure everything out soon enough!" Chloe said. "After, of course, I get some sleep."

"Yes, sleep up, because you're gonna need all your strength for tomorrow!" Dana smirked.

"What are you talking about? I'm packing tomorrow."

"Don't ruin it for her," Alicia smacked Dana upside the head. "You just sleep and don't worry your pretty little head over anything… at all."

"Something is going on here and I plan on finding out," Chloe said before she laid back on her pillow and closed her eyes to fall into dreamless sleep.

Delta Airlines (September 25, 2004, Saturday)

'What a night last night!' Chloe thought to herself.

Her friends were definitely right about getting enough sleep. She had packed, but only in the morning and to the mid afternoon. During the rest of the afternoon, Chloe had a graduation of sorts, thrown by the Scoobies. Well, it wasn't just for her since she wasn't the only slayer leaving, but she still felt special.

She got her very own short sword and it never left her side, which made some people weary, but her best friends could have cared less.

The party didn't start until much later, when Chloe was brought to a club, thinking a demon was attacking the people inside. It was just Dana and herself. Chloe burst through the door, only to find a bunch of slayers partying in her honor.

When she entered, everyone turned to her and cheered. Chloe hadn't realized she knew this many people, but Dana reassured her that most were there just to party.

Throughout the night, Chloe was approached by many people who gave her gifts. She didn't know what she did to deserve them, but she wasn't going to complain. Many of the gifts would prove to be very usual. Most of them were weapons, some were even offense and defense spells.

The night ended when someone, a Wiccan slayer, convinced the bartender to serve alcohol to underage teen girls. Chloe wasn't one to be a party pooper, so she joined in on the festivities, but she kept the drinking light. Dana, on the other hand, couldn't control herself.

Chloe had a great time with her friends, even if she was the one who had to carry Dana home because she drunk too much. Chloe slept soundly that night, though Dana was puking in the bathroom, and nothing could have been better.

"We're arriving, we're arriving!" Willow shouted to Chloe.

The plane ride was smooth, except for the minor bouts of turbulence and Chloe was thankful Andrew wasn't there to grab her arm.

Border of Smallville and Metropolis

"First stop, the Talon, if and only if, Clark isn't there," Chloe told Willow as drove down the deserted road. "I don't want to ruin the surprise of seeing him before I show up at school."

"Of course, you slayers like to surprise people a lot, don't you?" Willow laughed.

Her smile vanished as she turned to out of the window. Willow felt something strong in the air, but she didn't know what it was.

"Do you feel that?" Willow asked Chloe.

Chloe shook her head no, but she concentrated on finding the feeling. What she felt overwhelmed her. It was too strong and it got stronger the closer they got to town.

"Pull it back, Chloe, don't let it consume you," Willow warned.

Chloe broke her concentration and was breathing hard. "What was is it?"

"Can't you see it?" Willow said looking at the town.

Chloe looked in the direction Willow pointed, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. She only saw the buildings of Smallville as they drove closer. "What should I be seeing?"

"The darkness around the town," Willow gave a half lie.

There was a darkness surrounding the town, but that wasn't it. Chloe could see it, though it was a dim tent. What Willow also saw, that Chloe could not, was the town being stained with blood. Chloe wasn't as connected as Willow, and for the moment, that was a good thing. If she could see what Willow saw, Chloe would be too sick to want to enter the town.

"We're gonna have a hard time ahead of us," Willow told Chloe.

"But we'll make it through, right?" Chloe asked. "You always have before."

"Our luck has to run out sometime, right?" Willow said as she continued driving. "We'll handle what comes our way, don't worry."

End Graduation

End Potential in Smallville, for that matter!

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