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A note to readers: If you read the English version of Death Note, you'll know that the main character is named "Light." However, we started this story before the English manga was released and therefore refer to him as "Raito," or the direct translation from the original Japanese. Neither of us can get into calling him Light…O.o Also: this story was written by two people, Liz (me, the main poster) and Ren, thus the username "lizren." Just...so you know...XD


"And what are you going to do after L lets you into his hotel room?" Ryuuk asked Raito curiously.

"Seduce him. The plan is simple and brilliant. Once I execute it he will let down his guard and I'll be able to extract his true name," Raito answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

Ryuuk looked amused. "Can I have another apple?"

Glaring, Raito tossed the big blue death god a Fuji apple from his bedside cabinet. Clearly the simple death god did not understand the sheer brilliance of his plan. L was always moaning about how Raito was his first and only friend, revealing to Raito his complete dependence on anything that showed the slightest bit of interest in him. And Raito could use this to his advantage.

"I don't even know why I bother telling you my plans," Raito muttered darkly as he left his room with Ryuuk trailing a few feet behind. The Death Note felt heavy and ominous in Raito's jacket pocket, and he smiled forebodingly at what he was about to do.

This is it, he thought to himself. This is when I'll finally eliminate L. The preparations were complete, the arrangements all made. He had called L on his cell phone a few hours ago, instructing L to meet him at the Tokyo Hilton. L had been slightly wary of agreeing to be alone with Raito in a high-end hotel (and rightly so), but hadn't been able to resist Raito's charm in the end. That'll be his fatal flaw… Raito mused to himself again with a smirk.

They were scheduled to meet in room 122 in only an hour and a half's time, and Raito planned to catch a train to the hotel. Shortly, the time of his glory would be coming.

Without any disruptions, Raito arrived at the station on time and then made his way to the hotel. He smiled to himself as he unlocked the door, took off his jacket, and laid down seductively on the bed. L would be arriving any minute now.

Just as Raito predicted, a timid knocking sounded at the door a few minutes later. Using as alluring and gentle a voice as possible for a man such as himself, he called "Come in! The door's open." Raito could barely contain his excitement. This day would go down in history once Kira was the supreme leader of the world.

The door swung open, revealing L looking confused and rather uncomfortable. Shoes looked almost out of place on his usually bare feet.

"Oh, Ryuuzaki, you look tired. Why don't you have a seat," Raito said, still trying his best to look and sound enticing. L blinked and leaned forward, staring wide-eyed at Raito.
"You seem different, Yagami-kun," he said with a little suspicion in his voice. But, naturally, Raito had expected this.

"Yes, well. I've had a change of…heart," He disguised a malicious laugh with a small cough, which he hoped sounded cute. Anything to get L soft enough to throw caution to the wind and reveal his secret…

"Oh?" Ryuuzaki said, cocking his head slightly. "Then what's this meeting about. A hotel is a very strange place to meet alone, Yagami-kun."

Raito smiled. I've got him right where I want him, he thought. "Oh no, I didn't invite you for business," he said aloud. "I invited you as a…well, you know…as a friend."

L's eyes widened, but he seemed unable to speak. Suppressing more malicious laughter at how beautifully his plan was working, Raito put on a pleading pout that he hoped no man could refuse.


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