We're back (in spite of popular demand) with ANOTHER ENDING!!!! When will it end? NOT TIL JUDGEMENT DAY.

Chapter 17/ Ending D: The Lord is My Shepherd????? How many fandoms can you spot in this chapter.

L blinked and sat up, looking around him curiously. Last he remembered, he had been about to seduce Raito into either confessing that he was Kira or having really great sex, possibly both.

But now a bright mist surrounded him, and it was completely silent. He couldn't see much of anything, but he knew he was lying on some sort of floor…and he was completely naked.

"I don't have my whipped cream anymore," he murmured sadly, opting to focus on the mundane rather than the more inexplicable circumstances in which he found himself.

He'd barely finished speaking when a new can of whipped cream materialized out of the mist, along with a neatly folded pile of clothes.

He put on the clothes (which fit him perfectly!) and grabbed the whipped cream. As he stood up the mist dissipated, fading and morphing into some sort of large, domed hall.

"Wow," he breathed, suddenly registering where he was. "King's Cross Station!"

"That's right," said a familiar voice.

L turned, coming face to face with his oldest friend. "Watari!"

His mentor and assistant nodded with a smile. "Yes, I'm here."

"But…" L floundered. "Kira killed you!"

"That he did," Watari agreed ruefully.

"So…" L paused to think things through. "…I'm dead too? Kira…k-killed me?"

"On the whole, I think not," Watari answered.

"But how can that be?" L asked. "Where am I, then, if I'm not dead??"

"I can't be entirely sure, L," Watari answered. "I think Kira—"

"Raito," L interrupted, "Kira is Raito." In his last moments before waking up in this place, he remembered Raito's cruel smirk on the bed, and a journal…

Watari faltered. "Is he now?" he murmured. "That's a pity. I finally thought you might find happiness with someone else." He gave L a shrewd look. "You were happy with him, weren't you?"

"Yes, but…I knew it wouldn't last if he turned out to be Kira." L looked away, trying hard not to think about all the fun he'd had with Raito over the last few months. He'd been so fun to tease…and torture…

"I don't understand how he found out my name," he continued. "He had to, to have killed me, but I don't remember ever revealing it."

"That's of no matter now," Watari told him. "What's important is that he failed. You are not dead. You have a chance now to go back and stop him, and he will not even suspect assault from you because he thinks that you are dead."

"What about you?" L asked almost tearfully. "Is there no hope for you?"

"Oh, I'm in a better place," Watari assured him. "Don't you worry about me. You have to take care of Raito. Remember, L, redemption is always possible. Forgiveness and justice can go hand in hand."

"Right," L nodded. "I see now what I have to do to stop men like him."

"The night is darkest just before the dawn," Watari reminded him gently.

"But the dawn is coming!" L swore with renewed confidence.

With that, his surroundings—and Watari—faded, and his reality reshaped itself into the hotel room he last remembered occupying before his death.

He was lying on his back now, on the bed. His new can of whipped cream and his clothes from his foray into King's Cross station were kind enough to accompany him on the reality-hopping journey back.

Raito was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing away from his latest victim. His face was drawn and marred by perhaps genuine regret.

L sat up very carefully, knowing the slightest movement of the mattress would alert his murderer to his presence. Once he had accomplished this, he sprang, wrapping his arms around Raito's neck and dragging him backwards down to the bed.

"Silly Raito," L purred, tying a stunned Raito's hand to the bedpost with Raito's tie. "Did you think I would die without a chance to ravish you? Silly, silly, silly."

He tied Raito's other hand to the other bedpost and did the same with his feet, so that his dazed and confused victim was spread-eagled on the bed.

Sitting back, he admired his handiwork, then realized that Raito still had his clothes on. Frowning, he went on a search around the room and found scissors in the drawer of the desk. He returned to the bedside and snipped off Raito's clothes, leaving him quite naked.

Smiling, he sat back. He looked at his kingdom he was finally there, to sit on his throne as the prince of Bel-Air.