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Cameron arrived late to the cancer conference, revolving around the harmful effects of smoking, and quickly took a seat in the back so that no one would notice. This conference had been Cuddy's baby for the last two months. When she wasn't yelling at House, she was tending to the conference's needs. Making sure that everything was planned perfectly down to the teensiest detail. The plan was that Dr. Wilson would introduce himself as the head oncologist of the hospital, introduce Dr. House for his speech (that Cuddy made him give for a week off of clinic duty) and then Cuddy would end the conference. The entire day Cameron could tell that Cuddy was nervous. She ran around the hospital barking orders, even to House. Cameron could tell that House didn't appreciate the stress that Cuddy was putting him under, but he hadn't retaliated...yet.

"... please welcome Dr. House." Wilson started to clap with the rest of the audience and walked to his seat on stage by House. Cameron for the first time saw House on stage and noticed that he was playing his new Gameboy. 'Cuddy is going to kill him,' she thought.

House heard his name called and looked up. "My turn?" he asked Wilson when he took a seat. House stood up and limped to the microphone. He briefly cleared his throat and unfolded a piece of paper. "Smoking is bad, so don't do it." House stepped back and folded his paper back, stuck it in his pocket, and went to sit back down.

The crowd sat still for a moment, they had no idea of how to respond. 'Was he really done or was he just pulling their chain?'

"Is that all you are going to say?" Wilson asked through clinched teeth. "I thought you said that your speech was going to kick my butt?"

"Ah, sure is and it did kick your speech's butt. You put people to sleep, I woke them up." House pulled his Gameboy back out and started to play. Cameron could see Cuddy tighten her fists on the stage; she knew that the stunt House just pulled was not appreciated by anyone, especially the Dean of Medicine. Cameron watched Cuddy walk up to the mic and finish the closing speech for House. Once she was done, the audience applauded and filed out of the room. Leaving only Cuddy, Wilson and House behind.

House looked up from his game and knew immediately he was in trouble. 'Better suck up,' he thought. "Great conference guys. I couldn't have said it better myself."

"Yeah, you couldn't; because you didn't say anything at all." Wilson responded.

"What? I went up there. I told them smoking was bad and not to do it. What more did you want out of me?" House started to get defensive. The two men just glared at each other before Wilson walked off.

"This is a new low, even for you Dr. House." Cuddy said before she followed Wilson out the door.


"It is that damn Gameboy. It, like, sucks him in." Wilson screamed. They all were in his office, except House.

"Yeah, I know what you are talking about," Chase agreed. Cameron had to agree. Three days ago Chase asked Dr. House if he wanted to take on the Robinson case and House freaked out on him because the question made him 'die'. In fact, just yesterday Cameron had decided to straighten up his office and placed the Gameboy in his briefcase while he was at lunch. When he returned he couldn't find it. He tore the entire office apart and when he still couldn't find it he went searching for her. He finally found her in the clinic with a patient, which then he accused her of stealing it. She explained where she had placed it and he had walked off, without even an apology.

"Either the Gameboy goes or House goes. You make it happen." Cuddy ranted and left.

"Yeah, but how?" Foreman asked and took a seat. He saw a brief smile spread across Cameron's face. "You have an idea?"

"Yeah, I think I do." Her brief smile turned into a mischievous one. "But I have to work alone." Cameron added.


Cameron walked down the hallway and knocked on the glass door. "Go away," she heard a voice say. She immediately opened the door and proceeded to go in. House had his head down, concentrating on the game. "Do you understand English?"

"More than you." Cameron made her way over to his desk. She stood behind him and looked over his shoulder. If there was one thing she'd learned about House it was that he hates it when people look over his shoulder. She saw him thumb the 'pause' button and set the game system on his desk.

"So if you understand English then why did you come in?"

"To deliver your paper work." Cameron said and placed the pile of work onto his desk.

"Game over," House's Gameboy said from underneath all of the papers Cameron had placed on it.

"Oh, no!" House screamed and pushed the papers on the floor. He picked it up and saw the flashing words 'Game Over.' "I worked so hard today on beating this level and now it was all for naught."

Cameron looked down at the Gameboy, then up at House. "I, I didn't mean to."

"OUT!" House screamed and pointed to the door.

Outside the office Foreman caught up with her. "How is that going to help? You just ruined all of his work for today. He's going to spend even MORE time on it now!"

"Exactly, Foreman, he is going to spend all night working on that stupid game. He probably won't even sleep. Which means that tomorrow will be a very hard day for him when I start 'Gameboy detox; phase one' on him."


Cameron arrived at House's office late to find that he was already in there, sitting at his desk, play his Gameboy. "Good morning House," Cameron said when she entered with his pile of mail. "Sorry I am late; I had a problem with finding your mail." She saw House give her an inquisitive look, "you don't want to know." Since House was already in his seat, which she normally sat at when sorting his mail, she debated on where she was going to sit. She needed something that was going to get his attention, or more precisely, take his attention off his Gameboy. Cameron walked around the desk until she reached House's side. She slid her body up on the desk and started to sort his mail. Cameron could tell that House was looking at her, or more accurately: at her legs that she had just crossed and 'accidentally' bushed against him. "House, will you hand me the letter opener over there." Cameron pointed to the other side of his desk.

"Sorry, busy." House mumbled and kept his eyes glued to the screen. His attention wavered, however, when Allison Cameron reached over the desk to get it herself, giving him an excellent view down the front of her blouse. Not even attempting to avert his eyes, he cleared his throat and said. "When they put my office here they told me I'd have an excellent view, but I always assumed they meant the trees outside. I must admit that this is a far-cry better." He turned his eyes to her face for an instant, the better to see that cute, embarrassed blush of hers, only to have her straighten, and then lean her face right by his. She whispered provocatively in his ear, "Trust, me Gregory you haven't seen anything...yet." He didn't even notice that she'd plucked his Gameboy from his hands until she'd stood up, wiggled her fingers in a cutesy imitation of a wave, said 'tootles' and skipped off down the hall. Realizing what she'd done, he attempted to curse her, but his throat was too dry.


Cameron triumphantly walked into the break room and tossed the Gameboy on the table. Both Foreman and Chased looked at the object and then up at Cameron.

"Well aren't you going to shower me with admiration and praise?" Cameron asked jokingly.

Chase was the first to stutter a response. "Th-That's amazing! How'd you do it? He keeps that thing on him constantly!"

She rolled her eyes. "Well, I walked up to him and asked him 'pretty please with sugar on top' and he handed it right over"

"Seriously?" said Chase in shock.

"No stupid." interjected Foreman, "you sure you're a doctor? But seriously, how did you do it?"

"A magician never reveals her secrets," she said with a wink.

"Well then, lets take it to the roof and throw it off." Foreman said as he started to get up from his chair.

"No, I think I am going to hold onto this for save keeping." Cameron said as she placed it in her lab coat pocket and walked out.

"You don't think she slept with him for it, do you?" Foreman asked Chase.

"Now who is being stupid?" Chase responded.


House sat at his desk and replayed the scene over and over again. He was trying to figure out what just happened. Deep inside, House knew that Cameron had seduced him by using her womanly powers; he just was not ready to admit to it yet. He was NOT supposed to be attracted to her. It was a weakness, and Gregory House was NOT weak. He had to get her, his dignity and his Gameboy back. "Allison Cameron, this means war!" House said to himself.