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Title: Hanyou Her, Hanyou Him

Summary: Finding an injured miko, the gang helps her. Late at night, the miko goes to Inuyasha and tells him, "For helping me, I shall grant you a single wish..." and what does he wish for? For Kagome to be Hanyou. InuKag

Disclaimer: NOT MINE! It belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure

Aging: Kagome: 16 --- Inuyasha: 18

Chapter 37: Everlasting Story

"We'll have some of our own."


A loud shriek pierced the night sky and a very tired hanyou woman groaned as she rolled out of her futon, her mate pressing his ears tightly against his head.

"Kagome…" He moaned as he groped around for her but sighed, knowing she was out of bed and in the nursery room already, nursing their son, Muteki. He sat up, clad in his hakamas sweat trickling down his body. It was the middle of summer and their five week old son, Muteki, was harder than they thought he'd ever be.

Shippo rubbed his eyes as he walked into his parents bedroom, yawning. He insisted on sharing a room with his brother but now thoroughly regretted it.

"Get him to be quiet…" Shippo yawned as Inuyasha ushered him over.

"Block him out and go to sleep," he said as he fell back down onto his futon, his first son lying down beside him.

"Kind of hard to…" Shippo murmured as they heard Muteki quiet down. The heat and hunger was getting to the poor child and as much as Inuyasha loved him, he valued his sanity too.

Kagome sat beside an open window in the nursery, whispering a story to her son. She fanned him as he sucked on her breast, drinking the warm natural milk. Kagome felt her sons tiny fangs press against her breast and smiled as she caressed his head. She looked out the window and saw a full moon transcend amongst the stars.

"There once was a girl," She whispered as Muteki's golden eyes stared up at her, wariness never entering his state of being, "and a boy." She continued as Muteki looked back at his mother's chest, his ears tweaking, signaling he was listening to his mother. Kagome paused as Muteki frowned; his ears started tweaking fast, telling his mother in his own way that he wanted to hear her voice. Kagome smiled as she stroked his hair even more.

"The girl fell into a well one day while trying to get her cat, Buyo, out of a well for her brother, Souta." She whispered, remembering what she last saw of her kid brother, his childish smile, his messy hair, his glowing eyes…. She felt how Sango must've feel when Kohaku left. She didn't have her baby brother anymore, though he was alive in his own time and living a good and possibly awesome life, she was still a part of him, and he her.

"As she fell into the well," She whispered, fanning her son with a large leaf, "a strange blue light started to engulf her and she fell into a world that wasn't hers."

Muteki raised an eyebrow, rather cutely, to signal that he was curious and he wanted his mother to continue. Kagome laughed softly as Muteki continued drinking.

"She walked about and found a boy pinned to a tree, a sacred tree that means so much to her, even today, called the Goshinboku. It was a spiritual tree that saved her on more than one occasion. She met a boy pinned there, not moving, nor living. He was in suspended animation."

Muteki made a growl in the back of his throat, telling his mother he didn't understand whatever the heck she just said.

Kagome raised a brow before explaining, "Suspending animation, meaning unmoving yet alive."

Muteki patted his mother's breast, saying he understood. Kagome was amused at how smart this little kid was. "He was in suspended animation and she found him extremely beautiful. How the wind caressed his cheeks, how his hair blew in the direction of the wind. He was one with the forest yet he was a firefly, something that stuck out."

Kagome looked out the window again, feeling a cool midnight breeze splash against her features. She saw the branches of the tree bow towards the east, where the wind was blowing at and she felt a stir in her heart. Though the entire pack had said how much they missed the day, just retelling the story to her son at midnight was a different feeling. Anything that ever happened to her and Inuyasha was near or around the time of midnight.

When Kaguya kidnapped Kagome, it was midnight.

When Inuyasha saved her from Kouga and the Birds of Paradise, it was just past midnight.

Mantan and Hiten, it was midnight.

Centipede Mistress, midnight.

Cursed ink painter from hell, it was midnight.

Battle against Sounga, Midnight.

The attack on Crimson Horai island, it was midnight.

This time of the twenty four hour cycle was special to her, mainly because anything remotely romantic or tragically romantic happened at midnight. Reminiscing the past with her son at midnight was different, much different.

"The girl carried a special jewel in her," Kagome continued, her son letting go of her breast. Kagome pulled her kimono closed and placed her son on he shoulder, rubbing his back so he'd burp, "a jewel that every demon and half demon- and even human wanted. A large centipede attacked her and she ran to that boy pinned to the tree and she released him from his trap. To repay her, he saved her, but in the process of saving her, she shattered this jewel into hundreds of pieces that scattered throughout the continent."

Muteki purred as he snuggled into the crook of his mother's neck. Kagome wasn't pay attention anymore, something about this story needed to be told, and she was going to do it.

"So that girl and that boy started a journey to find the jewel," she whispered, more to herself, but Muteki continued listening. The sound of his mothers soft voice was soothing and he'd give up his cradle to be with his mother and the soft hum of her honey-like voice any day, "they met many companions, including his brother, a lecherous monk, a more than normal violent taijiya, a rather childish kitsune and of course, a love-sick wolf." Kagome giggled as Muteki pulled back and looked at her. She glanced at him and smiled softly, kissing his cheek before easing his head back onto her shoulder.

"The wolf fell in love with the girl but the boy that she released didn't like it too much. He was jealous, but he too had a lover and he often went to visit her. Whenever he went to visit his undead girlfriend, the girl from the future felt really jealous. It was a cycle that way. They went through many obstacles to find the shards of the jewel that was shattered, from clouds, to valleys, to graveyards to mystic islands. All to find and restore the jewel she had shattered so long ago."

Muteki yawned as he snuggled against his mother, the heat cooling off.

"Every time they found a piece that resembled a piece of the circular jewel, it was stolen, and on more than one occasion too. Eventually," Kagome remembered a not so long ago event, "they caught their long time arch enemy. The boy and the girl had fallen in love and had mated also, marking themselves as the property of the other. The bad guy though, used this to his advantage and tried to get to the girl, but the boy wouldn't let that happen. He killed him before he could harm his mate. She was happy and they had the jewel back, after a full year of traveling, but the question of her going back to her family also came. She left her family in a different time to be with the man she loved and that was another problem all together."

By now, Muteki was totally lost, but it didn't matter. He loved his mother's voice. Absolutely loved it.

"So she went to her time and wished her best friend back to life," she whispered, "and returned to the past with her mate. She found out she was pregnant and…well," Kagome glanced at her half asleep son and smiled a tiny smile as she got up off the hay chair and walked to a small cradling futon, "it's an everlasting story," she whispered as she placed Muteki down, "it'll never end. Kagome and Inuyasha's story will go on till the day they die…" She murmured as Muteki cuddled with a small teddy bear Kagome had in her long forgotten pack from the future. She glanced at Shippo's futon and saw that he was gone.

'Probably in my bedroom,' she thought ruefully as she sat down on Shippo's futon, staring at Muteki's sleeping form.

"As long as you and Shippo are here," She whispered to Muteki, "this story won't end…"

Kagome woke up early the next morning to find herself back in her own bedroom. She shot up awake and saw that nobody was there and frowned. She couldn't smell Shippo and Inuyasha or Muteki. Their scents were lingering and she twitched.

"Where are my boys?" She murmured as she got out of the bed and tied her hair in a bun before slowly walking outside. They weren't there either so she took a long sniff of the air and smelt a lingering scent of her three boys. She tracked it, to the best of her ability and found herself in a small clearing, which she never saw before. There was a small waterfall and a hot spring at the base of the fall. Rocks crowded the edge of the spring and beyond the rocks were soft dewy grass. Trees blocked any outsiders to enter this area and also provided shade. The water glistened in the rising son as she saw Shippo back floating in the water, Inuyasha, with his top off and red hakama's on, sitting in the water, with his back against a rock and Muteki in his arms. He lazily put Muteki half way into the water so the water hit his belly button before lifting him up, and repeating his actions.

This caused a loud giggle to come from his son.

"Hiding from me, eh?" She inquired as she walked up to them. Muteki recognized that voice anywhere and instantly shot his hands out in the direction of his mother.

"Gaannn!" He said in whatever language that was and Kagome giggled as she took her son from her mate.

"Come to mommy!" She squealed as she sat on a rock, hugging her naked baby tightly. "How are you, Muteki?"

"Burt!" Muteki squealed and Inuyasha raised a brow.

"Burt? Where does the kid learn these things?"

"He's my smart baby that's why!" Kagome grinned. "Aren't you Muteki? You're smart aren't you?" She laughed as she blew onto Muteki's chubby stomach, creating a farting noise. Shippo laughed along with Inuyasha as Muteki looked down at his stomach before grinning toothily. At five weeks old, the child grew his fangs, yet his other teeth remained yet to grow.

"You get that from daddy don't you?" Inuyasha smirked as he sat down beside his mate. Kagome rolled her eyes.

"Oh god! It's mommy he got it from. Daddy is an inconsiderate jerk."

"Only for you." He laughed as Shippo swam around the hot spring, loving the family time.

"I bet Muteki even outsmarts Shippo-nii-chan, ne, Shippo-nii?" Kagome called over as Shippo rolled his eyes.

"I'm the oldest Okaa-chan," he grinned cheekily over, "Muteki needs two hundred years to outsmart me."

"But as soon as Muteki is two hundred years old, you'll be two hundred years older." Inuyasa retorted.


"Shippo-nii is too smart for his own good." Inuyasha remarked dryly as Kagome whacked her mate.

"Just because our kids have brains and you don't, please don't insult them. They take after Okaa-san, don't they?"

"Okaa-san doesn't have brains in that head," he knocked Kagome's head, "she has air. Filthy stinky dirty dusty air."

"This filthy, stinky, dirty, dusty air filled head knows that the earth revolves around the sun, space is continuous, math and science walk hand in and, humans evolved from single celled organisms, and," Kagome's eyes twinkled, "I also know that Inuyasha is a," She playfully gasped, "doo doo head!"

Shippo cracked up as Inuyasha raised a brow. "The hell, doo doo head?"

Kagome whacked him again. "No swearing!"

"But you called me a doo doo head!"

"That isn't swearing," Kagome said mischievously, "I'm just expressing my emotions through synonyms of words that would be unsuitable for the virgin ears of our sons. If you don't understand and comprehend my words, then I highly suggest you consult a thesaurus or find Miroku to decipher my words and intellect dialect for you."

Inuyasha had stress lines streaking down his face as he tried to understand what Kagome said.

"Repeat that?" He asked, "Except slowly, clearly, and in a language that I understand."

"I was speaking Japanese numskull."

"Talk feudal Japanese, not some modern day Japanese!"

"You're just an idiot." Kagome snorted as she threw Muteki in the air and caught him. Muteki laughed as Inuyasha frowned in annoyance.

"You're the idiot!"

"I won't lower myself to the standards of you," her eyes danced in the light, "to insult those who are the actual brainless fools to make myself feel smarter and more intelligent, when in fact I do acquire much more brain power and stamina then you could ever in your years of existence."

"I'm gonna bonk you, wench."

"Let's see you try!" Kagome challenged as she held her son close to her before glaring at her mate, obviously playfully. Inuyasha, calmly, took Muteki out of Kagome's arms and placed him on his lap. Kagome raised a brow in confusion as Inuyasha fisted his hand and lightly bonked Kagome's head.

"There," he smirked, "didn't even need to try."

Kagome's eyes widened. "YOU DONKEY'S BUTT!"

Inuyasha snorted as Muteki and Shippo cried in laughter. Kagome crossed her arms and stood up, huffing away. Inuyasha laughed even harder, wiping a tear off his face before standing up.

"Let's go sweet talk your mother with our skills boys," he grinned leading the way, "we are, after all, gorgeous taiyoukai men!"

"Miroku!" Sango growled dangerously, "You said roses, not violets! Why are we using violets now?!"

Miroku twitched. The wedding preparations really got Sango moody and she was quite unlike herself. Not that it mattered… it was just, different- yeah that's it.

"Does it matter?" Miroku rubbed his temples. Sango sighed as she sat down crossing her arms.

"I suppose it doesn't," she admitted, "it's just- this it he only wedding I'm getting and well," She looked up at Miroku with a sad smile, "my family isn't here and I just want to make this the best that anybody- anybody can get…"

Miroku sat down beside his fiancée and wrapped his arm rightly around her shoulders. "Listen," he whispered, "your family is here." He brought his hand to her chest and she was getting ready for the worst but she was surprised as he merely pointed at her chest, "they're in your heart Sango." He whispered as he looked her directly in the eyes.

"They live in your memories and your hearts, and even though Inuyasha, Kagome or I haven't witnessed your family, we've seen your brother and he lives in our hearts as well. Their bodies are gone, yes, but their souls, memories and spirits linger within us."

Sango looked at Miroku who smiled softly, "Plus," he added, "aren't we your family now?"

Sango smiled, a bit of relief in her sigh, as she hugged Miroku. "I'm sorry. This is just so- I'm getting married… for sure this time too."

Miroku laughed. "Not some strange thing like that other prince guy who wanted to marry you because he saw you at the age of ten."

"No," she whispered huskily, "for real this time." And Miroku's lips descended onto hers.

Sesshomaru sat on his bed, thinking things through as the sun rested high above his castle. It's been months since his brother gave him advice and Kagura stayed at his house, almost a year now and he had to admit, more to himself than anyone, that he was attached to her. She changed him, no doubt about that, he was open about his feelings now more so than ever. He felt compassion, guilt, anger (he always felt anger but what the heck), kindness, and most of all, love.

He loved her.

She, Kagura, had this aura of power around her that drew him to her. Especially her kind yet demanding way of showing she cared. She treated Rin as one of her own and fit nicely amongst his brother and his pack. Acceptance was crucial in the dog way of mating and Kagura seemed to master that without even knowing she did.

Sesshomaru stood up definitely, coming to a conclusion in his head. He walked out of his room to find Rin squealing as Kagura created tiny twisters of air, chasing Rin around the castle.

"Kanna," Sesshomaru said as the albino girl stepped out of the shades.


"Take Rin to the village and keep her there all day…"

Kanna raised a brow but did as the taiyoukai said. Kagura merely twitched as her sister and daughter left the castle. She slumped her shoulders down.

"You dislike me having fun," She accused as she made to move to the courtyard when Sesshomaru caught her wrist.

"We've put it off for far too long," He whispered, winding her to him, crawling up her arm as her heart started beating rather rapidly. He placed her in front of him, one hand on her arm, the other one of his hand on her shoulder.

"It's about time I listen to Inuyasha's advise," he said, in the same low and husky tone, finding it weird, even to himself, that he was capable of such acts, "Kagura," he spoke, bringing his face entirely too close to her face, the caress of his breath sliding past Kagura's cheeks, "will you mate with me?"

Kagura could've fainted and gone to heaven at the moment but God didn't play so kindly. She stared up at his shining golden eyes and felt herself become excited. She eyed his lips dangerously before trailing her eyes back up to his eyes. "What do you think?" She murmured as she leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. That was all Sesshomaru needed.

He wrapped his arm around her waist, and deepened the kiss.


Kagome was smiling broadly as she had her five month old son sitting on her hip. It was the night of the new moon and all three of them, Inuyasha, Kagome and Muteki were in human form. Muteki had short spiky black hair during his human nights with dark brown eyes. His had normal ears, no claws and looked rather human. He was wearing a formal white set that looked rather like Inuyasha's red haori hakama set, except Muteki's was much more ironed out and looked clean and neat.

Inuyasha was wearing black hakamas and a grey haori top. He had, for once, socks on with sandals and his hair, thanks to Kagome, was brushed back. Kagome wore a pale pink slender and silky kimono that shone brightly under the stars and contrasted with her dark and raven hair. Shippo wore something similar to Inuyasha.

Why, though, were they dressed up?

It was Sango and Miroku's wedding.

Inuyasha stood beside Kagome, as the entire family rested by the Goshinboku. Sesshomaru, and his newly formed mate (Sesshomaru hadn't told Inuyasha, but Inuyasha had smelt Kagura all over Sesshomaru, for more than one time. Inuyasha had, modestly, smirked to himself, thanking himself on giving his brother such wonderful advice), Kagura had decided to meet up with Kagome and Inuyasha, as well as the pups, at the Goshinboku. From there, they would proceed to the village, where everybody was preparing for the union of an ex monk and a taijiya.

"How are they doing the ceremony?" Kagome asked as she allowed Muteki to suck on her pinky finger.

"How else wench?" Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "In a Japanese way."

"Back when I lived in my time," Kagome murmured as she looked at Muteki who looked up at her cutely, "a lot of people did it the Christian way."

"Christian?" Inuyasha raised a brow.

"Never mind," She whispered quietly, "so they're going to do it traditionally? San-san-kudo, the sake and then offer up Sakki twigs?"

"Something like that," Inuyasha nodded, "from what Miroku told me, they're gonna change it up just a bit."

"Change up a marriage ceremony?" Kagome cocked her head, "How are they going to pull that off?"

"I don't know," Inuyasha said impatiently, "he didn't specify. Where the crap is my brother?"

Kagome giggled lightly, Inuyasha was controlling his vulgar ways for their sons, how cute.

"Right here, impatient hanyou." Sesshomaru stoically replied as he arrived with Rin and Kanna in front of him and Kagura, who were holding hands.

"You sure you ain't gonna catch her cooties, oh lord and master Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha teased as Sesshomaru frowned.

"Shut up."

"Let's go," Kagome said impatiently, "honestly Kagura, if it weren't for us, they would've killed each other."

"I agree one hundred and ten percent." Kagura smiled as she walked with Kagome, Kanna, Rin and Shippo in the middle and Inuyasha and Sesshomaru brining up the rear. Kagome shot a glance at Shippo.

"Doing alright, kiddo?" She raised a brow.

"Yes," She nodded as Inuyasha sighed.

"Shippo walk with your mother." He instructed as Shippo complied right away.

"What was that for?" Sesshomaru raised a brow.

"Shippo has it for Rin," He whispered to his brother, "she's his mate."

Sesshomaru opened his mouth in a silent oh before shaking his head. "This inter mating thing is going to be the end of us. They're technically cousins."

"Yet they don't touch blood." Inuyasha countered. "Shippo and I had this same conversation some time ago. If Rin was your blood daughter and Shippo my blood son, then I would hurt him for even thinking of mating with her. They aren't related in any blood way so it's just words that they're cousins."

"I see Kagome has given you brains."

"I would laugh if I wasn't busy walking." Inuyasha murmured dryly as they continued to walk.

"I see your insult system has also died.

"Shut up before I hurt you."

"You don't even have the tetsusaiga with you, human."

Inuyasha merely snarled, knowing his brother was right, and continued to walk.

'Some things never change,' he thought inwardly as he saw Shippo walk between Kagura and Kagome.

Kagome squealed as she saw her best friend wearing a white kimono with a large white headdress. The village all sat as Kaede, the high miko in the village, was going to perform the ceremony. Kagome patted Muteki's back as he snuggled against her shoulder. Shippo sat beside Inuyasha, watching his aunt and uncle getting married. It was two years now, almost, and finally, happily ever after came true.

Kagome smiled as Inuyasha tightly wrapped his arm around her tiny waist and pushed her closer to his body. The ceremony began as the stars twinkled beautifully in the night.

"Finally," She whispered as she saw their two close friends being minded in heart, soul, mind and spirit, "it took them longer than us."

"Well," Inuyasha spoke up, "we've known each other longer than they've known each other."


Muteki had fallen asleep and Shippo cuddled against his father, softly snoring. The marriage ceremony had ended and the village still lingered about, congratulating the newly married couple. Sango was beaming in delight as Miroku had a very lecherous smirk across his face.

Marriage meant honeymoon.

The sun started rising and Kagome, Inuyasha and Muteki pulsed three equal times before their demonic features returned. This was normal for the villagers so they didn't heed the transformation. Sango approached Kagome, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kagura and the sleeping Muteki and Shippo and Rin, with Miroku behind her.

"Congrats Sango!" Kagome whispered as she saw her son's ears tweak. Sango and Kagome side hugged, as to not squish Muteki, as Sango smiled happily.

"I'm so happy!" She breathed.

"You should be," Inuyasha nodded, in a hushed voice, "you two have been courting for far too long."

Miroku smirked. "Let's finish the entire courting ritual with a binding of our own?"

Sango grinned as she leaned in against Kagome. "Tell you something?"

Kagome raised a brow.

"I'm looking forward to… later this day."

Kagome stifled a horrified giggle as Miroku lifted Sango up bridal style. "We shall see you later!"

"Such hentais," Kagura shook her head.

"That's Miroku and Sango for you," Inuyasha rubbed Kagome's waist.

70 years later…

A (who appeared to be) seven year old Muteki and a one year old Inume, along with a teenage Shippo all sat in front of two headstones, their palms pressed firmly together (Inume was in Kagome's arms though… not kneeling in front of the headstone…). Kagome, who hadn't aged a day, sobbed as she pressed her head against her mates. Three adults also sobbed as they clung onto their husband or bride.

Miroku and Sango had passed away six and four days ago. Sango had died six days ago and unable to bear the pain, Miroku had died four days ago. They were buried beside each other by their house in the outskirts of the village.

Makato, Serenity and Chiiho, Miroku and Sango's two daughters and one son all sobbed as they knelt by the headstones. Serenity and Chiiho's husbands both tried to comfort them as Makato hugged his wife tightly, trying to contain his tears.

"This is what sucks about being demon," Kagome whispered.

"You have to let your best friends go…"

The years flashed to centuries and Kagome, Inuyasha, a seventeen year old Muteki, an eleven year old Inume and a seven year old Ryujin, along with a twenty four year old Shippo, with his mate, twenty three year old Rin lived happily in the future, Kagome's original time.

Because Rin mated with a demon, she fused with his lifespan. Rin and Shippo lived in their own quaint little house settled in the rural areas of Japan. Sesshomaru, his mate Kagura, and their six pups, Aya, the eldest girl, who was sixteen years old, the twin boys, Daichi and Daisuke, who were fourteen years old, another daughter, Hikari who was twelve years old, and then another son, Hikaru who was eleven, and lastly, a final son, Ken, all lived in the heart of Tokyo Japan in their large four story mansion. They ran the Taiyoukai Enterprise together, Aya helping her father whenever possible. Rin was still considered the eldest Takahashi daughter, so technically Sesshomaru and Kagura had seven kids.

Throughout time, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru needed surnames to go through life efficiently. They picked Takahashi, mainly because during the late seventeen hundreds, a woman named Rumiko Takahashi had found out their truth of being demons and had helped them rather than let them be known. She was like a mother to both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, so to respect her, they adopted the name, Takahashi.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Muteki, Inume and Ryujin lived in a small two floored house just outside of Tokyo, near the suburbs. Kagome had mastered camouflage so she hid her family and Sesshomaru's family's demonic features. As of right now, Kagome and Inuyasha were standing at the base of a set of high stairs.

"Here we are," she whispered, "where everything started…"

Inuyasha hugged her from behind, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"We have to… I've waited five hundred years to meet my mother…"

Inuyasha turned around to find his black Lexus parked a few feet down. He looked at his kids and ushered them over. He turned back to the shrine and started walking up, with his mate behind him.

"Are we sure?" Kagome stopped. Inuyasha smiled softly as he rung the doorbell. "Yes we are, wench." He whispered as the bamboo door slid open.

"Kagome…" she whispered. Kagome gulped as she suddenly got a strange wash of courage.

Hi mom!" Kagome smiled as she hugged her mother. Korari, eyes still widened, slowly hugged her back before pulling away. Inuyasha smirked as he watched the whole ordeal unfold. After so long, so many years… this had to be the hardest thing Kagome faced. Facing her mother again…

"But you- in feudal… how did… ugh…" Korari rubbed her temples as she ushered Kagome inside. Kagome laughed as she walked into the shrine, her physique that of her human self, black hair, normal ears, no fangs- nothing demonic. Behind her was her mate, Inuyasha, who too was in a human physique, black hair tied in a ponytail, no dog ears…

"You two haven't seem to have grown," Korari said, not sure of how they got there.

Kagome laughed as she turned around. "Muteki, Inume, Ryujin… come on! Meet your grandmother!" She called.

"But- what if she…" The eldest one started speaking.

"Muteki," Inuyasha repeated his voice stern. The boy with crazy silver hair that collected at the nape of his neck sighed as he walked inside of the shrine. He had small white dog ears poking out of his head and he crossed his arms, pouting rather cutely, his fangs peeking out from behind his lips. He had golden eyes like his father's hanyou form and claws growing out from his fingers.

"Oh my," Korari gasped, her heart racing.

Muteki smirked as he entered the house. This was going to be one heck of a day. His sister and his brother followed behind him as they all sat down on their grandmothers sofa.

"How did…" Korari blinked as they all sat down on the sofas. Muteki glanced at Souta who peered at him and his siblings. He looked back at his mother who sat with Ryujin on her lap.

"Well- we aren't really the Inuyasha and Kagome you know," Inuyasha said as Inume sat beside him, curling up between her father and her brother, Muteki.

"Huh?" Souta raised a brow. "You guys are like… clones or something?"

"You're still a dork," Kagome rolled her eyes, "no kiddo," She smiled, "we're the same Kagome and Inuyasha but we've lived for five hundred years." She turned back to Korari. "Your Kagome is in the Feudal era probably pregnant like a balloon with Muteki. I'm that same Kagome but I've lived through all that and I'm here now, kind of over 500 years old…"

After many explanations, Souta had understood, sort of, how Kagome and Inuyasha, along with his niece and nephews got there.

Inuyasha and Kagome went through so many things that led them up to this point that they relished the feeling. Not everything was granted to everybody, but rather, they had to earn that right.

Inuyasha and Kagome had earned the right to be happy.

After all, just as Kagome had said hundreds of years ago when Muteki was just a baby…

'This is an everlasting story… until the day we die…'

Kagome's thoughts, last line.

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